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A Hindu Theology of Liberation This Expansive And Accessible Work Provides An Introduction To The Hindu Tradition Of Advaita Ved Nta And Brings It Into Discussion With Contemporary Concerns Advaita, The Non Dual School Of Indian Philosophy And Spirituality Associated With A Kara, Is Often Seen As Other Worldly, Regarding The World As An Illusion Anantanand Rambachan Has Played A Central Role In Presenting A Authentic Advaita, One That Reveals How Advaita Is Positive About The Here And Now The First Part Of The Book Presents The Hermeneutics And Spirituality Of Advaita, Using Textual Sources, Classical Commentary, And Modern Scholarship The Book S Second Section Considers The Implications Of Advaita For Ethical And Social Challenges Patriarchy, Homophobia, Ecological Crisis, Child Abuse, And Inequality Rambachan Establishes How Advaita S Non Dual Understanding Of Reality Provides The Ground For Social Activism And The Values That Advocate For Justice, Dignity, And The Equality Of Human Beings The inconsistency between Advaita philosophy and the current social practices related to women and the dalits among the Hindus is presented quite well The so called devout followers of Hinduism need to reexamine the various ways in which their ways are inconsistent with the concept of Parabrahman and the principle of ahimsa.

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