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A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy, #1) First Book In The Dead Trilogy A Long Time Dead Asks Is Forensic Evidence Incontrovertible How Would You Feel If Forensic Evidence Incorrectly Incriminated You In The World Of Crime Scene Investigation, Roger Conniston Is One Of West Yorkshire Police S Finest But His Chequered Past Catches Up With Him When Forensic Evidence Implicates Him In The Death Of A Young Woman Arrested For Murder, Conniston Must Prove The Evidence Was Planted And Manipulated But How Can He Do That From Inside A Cell, Especially When His Prime Suspect Is A High Ranking Police Officer, And Not Even His Friends Believe Him

About the Author: Andrew Barrett

Hi everyone,My name is Andrew Barrett and I live and work in West Yorkshire.My work focuses on the world of Scenes of Crime Officers SOCOs or CSIs I try to offer a unique insight into this often dark landscape after all, I ve been doing it as a career for over twenty years.Thanks for looking,Andy

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    I believe this is Andrew Barrett s first novel I read his recent titles four in total before reading this one, and had this come first I would likely have rated it higher The book is a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, but I m happy to report that Mr Barrett s later writing gets better and b

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    Fantastic Thriller I already knew that Andrew Barrett was a great Author after reading The End of Lies which is an amazing story This book is just as good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it One thing he does really well, is putting the time into each of his characters, and their backgrounds This certainly shows with so m

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    Where to begin Roger Conniston is a SOCO with the Yorkshire police He is up for promotion along with his friend Chris They re both being trialled for the job He is also secretly following Inspector Weston, who he knows is dealing in stolen weapons, with a view to seeing him arrested.A couple of murders where women have th

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    This book is an exciting and complex tale about a SOCO working towards a promotion He has problems at home and further problems with work colleagues, one of whom he is convinced has been dealing in guns The story unfolds and with it the richness of the characters and their interactions with one another There are two murders in t

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    I really enjoyed this, crime from the perspective of the soco, will be reading of the writer

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    I adore this author s Eddie Collins series, so want to read everything else he s written I ve had this a while, having got it for free, possibly by joining the mailing list, or maybe just from I was leery that his earlier work wouldn t be as good as his recent offerings Sadly, this proved to be true.Set in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1999 I m n

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    I liked the story the author told but found the first half of the book quite frustrating There were many named characters plus acronyms of organizations which I had to keep flipping back to make sense of However, the serial killer storyline united with the domestic problems of the two lead characters made the book a mystery worth reading.I received

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    Another great story as has come to be expected by Barrett I love the twists and turns Just when you think you have it figured out, you realize you don t LOL

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    Slow burning, but fascinating If you like the details of a police procedural, then this one is right up your street It might not have the pace of some thrillers, but the story line is good, the characters are well defined and all too believable, and the quality of writing is above average Stick with it and I m confident you ll enjoy the ride.

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    Another winner from Andrew Barrett I don t know when I ve found an author that I enjoy as much as I do Mr Barrett I have done nothing but read his books for the last 3 weeks I only wish he could write as fast as I can read.

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