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A Million Years in a Day Since it s still August and therefore still History Month for me, I spiced things up with this hilarious non fiction book Basically, it goes into detail about our daily routine and where many things come from by looking at one day a Saturday, thank goodness, or we d have had to talk about work URGH.The chapters are divided into hours of the day, starting at 9 30am and ending at midnight We look at getting up, the concept of time, bathrooms and bowel movements, clothing sadly, nothing about shoes, I would have liked a sub chapter about them , pets, communication and news, eating, alcohol, social interactions, dental hygiene and many other things.While looking at our habits, the author doesn t just pick one continent, country or time period but ALL OF HISTORY Which gives a unique look at our evolution, progress and setbacks, and makes for a compelling study.What makes this book so unique is the author And I don t just mean in the audio form I used he narrates it himself and is REALLY good at it Greg Jenner has a fantastic sense of humour that makes this book so very entertaining while being extremely informative This adds to the prejudice of Brits always being funny after he himself scolded his countrymen for actually helping a prejudice by being the tea enthusiasts everyone says they are lol I knew quite a lot of the facts he was talking about and will have to look one up in particular because I learned about it slightly differently yes, I m talking about the sponges on a stick Romans used instead of toilet paper , but it was still great to hear about it from him and in the context he presented the facts Some other things I simply know because they are part of my daily life like how dinner is perceived in Italy a social event rather than just getting nutrients into our system and I really think that every chapter has things people recognize from their own daily routines which makes this so relatable and therefore thrilling.Many other facts I had not known about like Genghis Khan actually counteracting global warming by killing so many people no humans meant no farming meant forests regrowing meant oxygen or the staggering amount of people being killed due to extreme alcohol consumption less than two hundred years ago Thus, I was constantly entertained and curious.Of course it was sometimes a bit unappetizing to read about certain things like the chapter about oral hygiene, but it was so very interesting Humans have always been a weird bunch so there are a lot of almost incredibly funny ironic anecdotes to tell like the actual historical figure poop merchant who died when his toilet seat broke and he drowned in his own excrements I mean, you just can t make this stuff up DAnd Greg Jenner always had a joke to crack about Trump, about Jane Austen, about Star Wars, and anyone who can work that into a non fiction history book deserves all the credit I can give.Moreover, I love how in the acknowledgements the author pays tribute to historians and how they work discovering, then sharing their discoveries so all can use that knowledge to further build upon those findings and therefore, like on a staircase, steadily progressing And let s face it some discoveries are just too good to be true humans have always been a weird bunch He also included a fantastic reading list at the back with books he used for research that I will have to check out Historical tidbits, humorously collected and compellingly presented How do the ordinary things done in a single day compare to those of 100, 1000, or 10,000 years ago Topics include Time, Toilets, Food, Pets, Communication, Clothes, Beds, Alcohol and Dental Hygiene Recommended Not intended to be a complete history of everything and anything, this still has a lot of information while also being quite a bit of fun I listened to the audiobook version, read by the author, and the wit is perfectly presented Additionally, Jenner has a link on his website to the extensive bibliography, in case you want to delve deeper into any particular subject 4 stars, rounded up for the audiobook version.I would recommend this book to anybody, and especially my dentist Wonder if I can find a copy before I see him next Monday For what this is, a witty accounting of technological progress through recorded history, it s quite excellent.Of course, you must be naturally curious and willing to put up with a lot of excrement jokes, too, but hey That s what history is all about A never ending avalanche of shit.Well, maybe I m mostly talking about the Medievals, but the Renaissance and even the Romans were pretty gross.Oh my Don t get me wrong, it s not all about social advancement without soap or where to put your feces We ve also got telephones and clocks, too Yay You see, it s not entirely accurate to boil down our technological advances to clean linen and bums Just mostly.Seriously, this should be a must read for anyone interested in history and science, but if you re already pretty conversant, it s still a fun read just for the wit. A clever idea for giving historical refs to our daily lives, so that the subject of breakfast touches on the history of domesticated chickens, bread, meal traditions etc Very much in the amusing overview that gives you funny facts school of Horrible Histories for adults Unfortunately it falls between two stools it just isn t very funny to my mind, and I am unconvinced how reliable the history is e.g the old spend a penny cones from the toilets at the Great Exhibition story has been comprehensively disproved but here it is again Also needed an editor, if only to remove all the ellipses from the ends of paragraphsNot doing it for me, DNF. A fun book For example, I was unaware that the Tower Bridge in London used to have facilities that emptied out directly over the Thames, and the passing boats below Gross, but pretty funny when you think about it A good book for teens. The wonderful thing about history is that no matter how much you know, you can never truly know it all The scope is just too vast This brilliant book looks at a 24 hour cycle in our modern life and asks the question why do we do that and where did it come from Starting with getting up in the morning, it follows a person doing normal things..but looks at it from the perspective of Why are we so fascinated with keeping time blame the monks and their different calls to prayer to why do we eat eggs , why do we wear clothes , etc.Utterly fascinating and full of information that came as a surprise even to me I was aware of many of things, but there was a tremendous range of topics that I had little to no clue about This book was so well done that I went out and bought a copy after returning the library copy The author has a great wit and explains a great deal of topics easily and avoids pretentious I m soooooo educated language This is a good book for anyone who enjoys history or just wants to know why the modern world is the way it is I can t say enough good things about this book Even if you think history is boring shame on you for being a fool you will still like this book as it goes a long way towards explaining how nearly EVERYTHING we do has a historical reference and background I must also credit the humor, a few books in my life have made me smile but it is a truly rare book that makes me laugh out loud This is one of them HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Immensely entertaining and educational The author walks us through a typical day, and discusses the history of the key parts of the day from keeping time to brushing teeth to breakfast to food to going to sleep I really enjoyed this One Of My All Time Favourite Books About History Erudite, Witty And Packed With Things You Ve Never Thought About DR PETER FRANKOPAN, Author Of The Silk Roads A New History Of The World Structured Around One Ordinary Modern Saturday, A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY Reveals The Astonishing Origins And Development Of The Daily Practices We Take For Granted In This Gloriously Entertaining Romp Through Human History, Peppered With Amusing Pop Culture References, Greg Jenner Explores The Gradual And Often Unexpected Evolution Of Our Daily RoutinesThis Is Not A Story Of Politics, Wars Or Great Events, Instead Greg Jenner Has Scoured Roman Rubbish Bins, Egyptian Tombs And Victorian Sewers To Bring Us The Most Intriguing, Surprising And Sometimes Downright Silly Nuggets From Our Past Drawn From Across The World, Spanning A Million Years Of Humanity, This Book Is A Smorgasbord Of Historical Delights It Is A History Of All Those Things You Always Wondered And Many You Have Never Considered It Is The Story Of Your Life, One Million Years In The MakingThe UK Paperback Edition Is Revised And Updated With Extra FactsOTHER REVIEWS If You Find Yourself Secretly Relishing Your Children S Horrible Histories Books, You Will Love Greg Jenner S Jolly Account Of How We Have In Common With Our Ancestors Than We Might Think All Human Life Is Here, Amusingly Conveyed In Intriguing Nuggets Of Gossipy Historical Anecdote DAILY MAIL A Wonderful Idea, Gloriously Put Into Practice, Greg Jenner Is As Witty As He Is Knowledgeable TOM HOLLAND Delightful, Surprising And Hilarious, This Is A Fascinating History Of The Everyday Objects And Inventions We Take For Granted LAUREN LAVERNE Greg Jenner S Magpie Mind Takes You Through The History Of Who We Are And What We Do, Answering Tons Of Questions You Never Thought To Ask AL MURRAY Like Visiting The Most Wonderful And Cluttered Museum, Each Chapter Like Another Room Teetering With Illuminating Ideas And Information ROBIN INCE Hugely Entertainingfull Of Astonishing Insights HISTORY REVEALED MAGAZINE Jenner Has A Vivid, Colloquial Turn Of Phraselively, Funny And Completely Absorbing CURRENT ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE I was drawn to the idea of a book describing a day in the life and using this as the structure for investigations into how and why we do the things we do So many aspects of our ordinary day are completely taken for granted sleeping through the night, waking up at dawn or when the alarm goes etc Jenner goes through the evolution of our daily rituals.We get mini histories of topics as diverse as toilets, champagne, manners and dental hygiene.Humorous, clever, always interesting and never patronising, I learnt loads I also have a lot of respect for the research that has gone into a book like this, even if there are errors Hadrian s Wall is NOT in Scotland. 3.5 stars I feel as if the title put me in the wrong mindset for this book was devoted to the how humans learned how to use private bathrooms That is actually a subject I was extremely curious about I even looked for books that addressed the origin of private bathrooms, private bedrooms, private houses It wasn t easy to find information on that so, I should have been happy to find this But, I was mostly annoyed by the writing The author thought he was funnier than I thought he was Aside from not really liking his writing style, I did learn a lot about the history of wealth, power, clothing, bathing, the toilet, and So many of the histories tied back to Queen Elizabeth, which ended up being particularly satisfying.

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