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A Wager for the Widow 4.5 I m not a romantic novel reader in general, but the author was recommended by a friend, and I read her first book This is another real page turner every chapter leaves you wanting read just one Highly recommended. I SUPPOSE A KISS OF GRATITUDE IS OUT OF THE QUESTION Widowed Lady Eleanor Peyton Has Chosen A Life Of Independence Living Alone On Her Rocky Coastal Outcrop, She S Cut Herself Off From The World Of Men Until William Rudhale Saves Her Life And Demands A Kiss As Steward To Lady Eleanor S Father, Will Knows The Desire He Burns With Is Futile But He Ll Still Wager He Can Claim Eleanor S Kiss By Midwinter Yet When The Tide Turns Will Realises Vulnerable Eleanor Is Far Too Precious To Gamble With Can He Win His Lady Before It S Too Late Bloody loved this I would like a William please Or an estate of my own where I can totally secluded Or both I don t usually read mills and boon, but I like the way this is written it just feels like a really good historical romance It s so well researched that you don t notice the history if you know what I mean nothing jarrs when you read it Would recommend it to everyone x A compelling, poignant and highly engrossing Medieval romance from an outstanding new author of historical romance, A Wager for the Widow is the second mesmerizing novel by fast rising star Elisabeth Hobbes.The widowed Lady Peyton cherishes her life of independence where she is the mistress of her own destiny and nobody s subordinate unlike many other women of her time Eleanor s life on her secluded island might get lonely at times, but she wouldn t have it any other way She loves pleasing herself and not having anyone to answer to and she is not exactly overjoyed when she is summoned by her father, Lord Edgar, to the family home over midwinter Well aware that her parents are keen to see her married off again, preferably to a man of great rank and fortune, Eleanor is not looking forward to being paraded around like a prized heifer by her mother and father However, being a dutiful daughter, she knows that she has no choice but to do her parents bidding Eleanor might be dreading leaving her home, but her trip to her parents castle is livened up by a daring adventurer who asks her for a kiss Being a well brought up genteel lady, Eleanor naturally refuses After the death of her husband, she had vowed to put affairs of the heart behind her and to concentrate on leading a life unencumbered by marriage or emotional attachments Yet, little does Eleanor realise that she is going to be seeing a lot of the shameless stranger who had asked her for a kiss for William Rudhale is none other than her father s trusted steward and right hand man William never imagined that the beautiful girl he had flirted with on the ferry was his master s eldest daughter After having had his heart broken by the woman he thought he was going to be spending the rest of his life with, the scarred steward had thrown himself into his work and into making his fortune William is determined to become his own man and to be answerable to no one but himself Distraction of any kind is the last thing he needs and he keeps his relationships as brief and as casual as possible But the arrival of Eleanor Peyton has changed all that The enchanting noblewoman has unleashed feelings deep within him which he had thought long buried However, Will knows that, as a mere servant, his feelings for Eleanor are futile for a future for the two of them is out of the question.Unable to stop thinking about Eleanor, Will wagers that he can claim a kiss from the woman he cannot stop thinking about by midwinter If Will loses the wager, he forfeits a great chunk of money that could transform his fortunes and get him closer to the riches he aspires to, but he soon realises that his feelings for Eleanor are priceless.With a vast social chasm dividing them, will Eleanor and Will manage to carve out a future for themselves Or is their love doomed to fail Elisabeth Hobbes is a wonderful storyteller who effortlessly makes Medieval England her own with her vivid, colourful and compelling descriptions of the past in her second novel for Harlequin Historical, A Wager for the Widow A stirring, emotional and highly emotional tale about letting go of the past, putting your heart on the line for the second time and finding the courage to love again, A Wager for the Widow is a fantastic historical romance that sweeps readers back to the past and enchants them with its intoxicating blend of intrigue, adventure, passion and pathos.Eleanor and Will s love story is beautifully written, heart warming and wonderfully rendered and I couldn t help shedding a tear as these two independent, vulnerable and flawed characters vanquished the demons from their pasts and found the strength to embrace love again.A first rate historical romance from a writer to watch out for, A Wager for the Widow is a must read tale readers cannot afford to miss This review was originally published on Cataromance. This is another delightfully fun, high octane and emotionally deep book from Elisabeth Hobbes, and one that I hugely enjoyed.I did really enjoy the story itself, I know that Hobbes says this is of a Christmas book and I can really see that, it isn t as dark or heavy as the other books I have read from her which is what I have come to expect from medieval romance, and it s a pleasant change It s different but in an entirely good way It s a great read and as we ve to come to expect from Hobbes, she sprinkles her unique charm across it and she has created an alluring and thoughtful story.The Wager for the Widow is perfect for those starting out in medieval romance and those who have just come across Elisabeth Hobbes, it s a fresh and classy romance with that medieval edgy ness that I love about this era, as always with this author, highly recommended. I enjoyed this book From the very first page it had me hooked The hero s entrance is incredibly memorable, as is he I also enjoyed the fact that the tables are turned in this novel The heroine is high born, while the hero is a bit of a commoner They both have incredible flaws that make them relatable to the reader, even if they are from another time The dialogue is snappy, the romance and sexual tension is tangible, and the plot just seems to flow from scene to scene, carrying the reader along eagerly You definitely want to know if the hero and heroine will conquer their doubts and fears and will end up together.Another great performance by Elisabeth Hobbes Loved this book and can t wait for from this wonderful author I d enjoyed Hobbes first novel very much this is even better, I think The fact that the heroine is a young widow allows her freedom and the blossoming relationship with her Father s Steward is gripping, capturing the tensions and exhilarations of a love affair Once again, Hobbes charcaters are brilliantly realised and the period has obviously been well researched I m now impatient to read her Third novel Highly recommended Elisabeth Hobbs is most definitely an author to look out for Her second historical novel will sweep you away into an era full of attitude, poise, rules and romance of course Fresh, fast paced and elegantly written with characters that stand out and command attention A WAGER FOR THE WIDOW is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages Certainly Recommended5 5 Stars

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