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Afterlife (Afterlife Saga, #1) Afterlife Just Some Gothic Nightclub Where Gossip Is Fuelled By The Presence Of A Rich And Unearthly, Handsome Family Or Afterlife The Strange Place Where Time Seems To Stand Still And Guests Feel The Presence Of Something Powerful Held Within The Confines Of The VIP Keira Is New To This Small, Cold Town And Is Running From A Past That Seems To Feast On Her Darkest Memories She Finds Living With Her Sister Away From English Soil To Be Just The Ticket To The New Life She Is Trying Desperately To Find So When The Offer Of A Job At The Infamous Gothic Nightclub Afterlife Comes Along She Thinks That Lady Luck Has Finally Found Her That Is Until Its Seductively Dark And Forbidding Owner Dominic Draven Sets Eyes On Her All At Once She Is Captivated And Plunged Into A World She Never Knew Existed But The Deeper Her Obsession With Draven Becomes, The Harder It Is To Decide Should She Stay And Continue To Work Within The Shadows Of The Supernatural Or Should She Run From A Madness She Thinks May Consume Her Warning This Book Is Amazingly Addictive, With Its Dark Mystery, Haunting Horror, Seductive Twists And One Sexy Dark Lord That Has The Reader Drooling Every Time The Name Draven Appears On The Page My Good Reads group poll was rigged so this book book would win book of the month I believe this was for the sole purpose of sellingbooks I will not be reading it out of principle and if I could have returned the book I would have. Dear, sweet merciful Jesus, where even to begin, to start untangling the catastrophic mess that is this novel.Let s start by saying that it s long..too long for the wrong reasons From page one, the author launches herself in filling the pages with descriptions of Kiera s surroundings, down to the details of her every step I wouldn t mind, if it wasn t for the fact that those bits of information weren t important to the story Yet, when she reaches something that could get you emotionally invested in the novel, like conversations with supporting characters, she simply glosses over them in a way that gave me a headache, and made me think, What s the point of all this If you manage to get yourself further then chapter one, you will be launched in a world filled with contradictions, and scene changes that will give you whiplash I could have ignored even that, and soldiered on, if i didn t slam head first in to a wall of unoriginal content so extreme, it bordered on fan fiction The contradictions made little sense all together and made it extremely difficult to follow the story At first Kiera loves her sister s house, next thing she say s it s creepy She moved to give herself a new life away from her past, and her scars, describing how people take extra care around her because she is emotionally fragile But, the emotional fragility is nowhere in sight, as her mind is focused on gossip and trivial nonsense, like outfits and clubbing When it focuses on something else it s on a guy Kiera in one chapter loves hiking and the outdoors, in the next chapter is a clumsy person that isn t focused on physical exertion She is this fragile flower, and an introvert that also leaves her phone number to the first person she meets, and goes clubbing She is supposed to be shy and socially awkward, but then gets a job working nights as a waitress in the hottest club in town See where i am going with this How the hell am i supposed to know who is this character, if the author herself had no idea She is supposed to be a young woman, but from her conversation you get the feeling that she is twelve.This happened because the author aimed for naivety, but overshot, and got stupidity Small example She meets some girls at college, escorted by the most popular guy around, that is giving her his undivided attention, and the girls are giving her an evil eye She says that she doesn t understand why The author wanted to portray that her character is above the usual social and gender grouping, and the conflicts that come with them, as an individual that is so blissfully selfless and unaware of her physical appearance Then a few chapter s later, she describes Cassie as being hormonaly overcharged, as she ridicules her slutty behavior So, she understands, but is just playing stupid All for our benefit Gee, thanksyou shouldn t have.The entire novel was in a dire need of an editor So dire, it was on the floor, thrashing, bleeding and screeching like a stuck pig for one The scene changes were so rapid and unconnected you had to do a double take sometimes, just to know where you are One sentence, she is in the club, working, trying not to look at the Dravens, followed byAGAIN With my imagination, I should write horror stories for a livingThe sentence after that, she is choosing an outfit from her closet, at home.The wholeI should write horror stories for a living.., is a backhanded compliment from the author to herself, for writing this novelin case you missed it There are further things that were annoying, but if i write them all down, my review will have the same page count as the novel So let s just stick to why i gave upKindly note that i would have given up sooner, if i didn t have to shovel trough a mountain of furniture descriptions to get to the key points of the story This is a Twilight, Vampire Diaries hybrid, without even an attempt of concealment of the key elements of the two All the hype about the Dravens seen it all before as all the hype about the Cullens in twilight All the awe, all the gossip The black raven stalking the heroine Well hello Damon Salvatore The whole cheesy I m there but not there when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night to watch you sleep thing Seriously I mean, seriously , meeting on a beautiful meadow in the mountain crap, hello Edward, where the hell have you been lately Overall, the story is a catastrophe, it s not thought trough, it s juvenile and completely over the top The behavior and actions of the leading character is impossible to follow with your IQ still intact I guess that there is an audience for this somewhere out there, but i am happy to report that i am not one of them The rating for this book is very high, and pushed me into reading it The only thing i can say was thank god it was given to me and i didn t spend actual money on it I would have been mourning it otherwise. WIN A SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF AFTERLIFE NOW OVER AT PERUSING PRINCESSES ENDS 2ND SEPTEMBER 2013 Mobile Cell phone friendly link It s official, I totally get the term Crave the Drave now, he has just jumped into my top ten book boyfriend list, OMG ladies, ladies, ladies, if you like your boys on the paranormal side, this boy has the lot The good, the bad but definitely not the ugly.This book is an investment and I m not just talking about the cost of purchasing it, which I hasten to add is an absolute bargain for the kindle considering how long this book is, and yes, I am talking about the length here, it s a marathon read and one that if I m honest, starts a little on the slow side However, please don t let that deter you because this book is absolutely BLOODY Brilliant.Keira the heroine, tells this tale in first person and it starts with her emigration from Northern England to New England in the United States, to be reunited with her doting older Sister who has married a lovely American gentleman called Frank It is apparent from the offset that Kiera has gone through a terrifying ordeal and this move is the start of a new chapter in her life Her arms are covered in scars, she is haunted by nightmares but all the while her character is incredibly elusive with all the shady details Regardless of this little fact, her character is incredibly likeable I warmed to her quickly as I like strong female leads, and she proved her worth countless times throughout this book.Kiera makes a friend in the local gossip queen who is also a goth, who introduces her to an extensive nightclub called Afterlife Run by the incredibly beautiful and wealthy DRAVEN family Upon her first night at the club, she spots Dominic DRAVEN as he enters the club in what is traditionally known as his once in an annual visit, however she can t help but feel she has seen him before in her dreams Frank, her Brother in law has connections to the club as he supplies the security and manages to get Keira a barmaid job there Slowly, Kiera starts to question her sanity as reality and dreams start to intertwine and her alarming obsession with Dominic becomes overwhelming, especially when she is then asked to work the VIP area.From here on out, an interesting story unfolds and Kiera comes to realise that not everything is as it seems at Club Afterlife Take into the fact that Kiera has a gift of her own since the age of 7, although thisof a curse, she can t help but feel that this is actually a place where she belongs However, as events take an epic turn, Dominic has no choice to give in to the pull that he feels towards Kiera, and as it turns out, she is so muchthan the broken girl from England, she just doesn t know it yet.Without giving anythingaway, this book is written beautifully, the words flow effortlessly and the authors gift of pulling you into each scene is breathtaking Her imagery is vivid and although a little wordy, I felt so engrossed in the story and due to the length, it gave all the characters room to grow and connect with the reader By the end I was grinning like a teenager, holding onto my seat for dear life, and begrudging the fact that I read the first chapter of book 2 but am yet to have it in my hands I cannot wait for the sequel, this is definitely a saga worth investing in if you love urban fiction Great, Great read. 30 new members to a group, who all happened to have JUST joined GR and happened to have all voted for the same BOM Sounds a little suspicious don t you think. I have total respect for anybody that can finish a novel I really do I have tried enough times and cannot finish a damn thing, so hats of to those of you that can I have read all 3 of the instalments so far in The Afterlife Saga, and whilst i think that the writer has good ideas and potential she desperately needs an editor on board now to refine her storytelling, structure and characterisation This felt like a draft She clearly wants us all to fully realise her setting but we are bombarded with so much description that the pace isn t right I had to push through to finish A professional editor could really take this to the next level.Also the two central characters of Keira and Draven don t feel believable to me at all, and neither does their love for one another At times their actions are cringeworthy I am very intrigued by some of the secondary characters though,so than the leads. I Need book 2 I Have just read a 500 something bloody book in a day i have cooked with said book in my hand changed my kids nappy and ironed The story follows Kaz as she is running from her past in England, she arrives in the states to the complete glee of her sister to start over.She Gets a job working as a waitress at a nightclub, and soon starts to fall deeply for her boss, her eyes are opened as much is revealed with some brilliant twists thrown in.I have read some reviews that this book goes on a bit before we get to the juicy bit has no one heard of foreplay Anyway when it finally does happen and oh does it it comes with a few scary truths that the whole book beforehand had let us glimpse at giving us time and room to make our own predictions before the big reveal.There where some hilarious moments, i was howling with laughter, i love characters with dry wit Well, how was I supposed to know you had your very own bat cave And considering it didn t look like a bloody door and I ve had a knock to the head, maybe you could cut me some slack But along with the funny we see the heart wrenching and sometimes down right scary parts tooI love it when i find a book series i think i am going to love this book ticks all the boxes Some of the supernaturals im not so keen on, but the book still rocks I read the author was Dyslexic and i have to say she wrote one amazing book and a huge thank you for doing so.. I started reading this book because of all these great reviews here on GRI have to say that I am not sure I understand why so many people love this bookI mean really, there are people saying that this book changed their livesor that they only started reading because of this book.I am sorry but just didn t see it.I couldn t get past the amount of exclamation points that were in this book, and all the CAPITALIZATION of shit that didn t need to be capitalized.Ohh and the fact that even when someone was asking a question like WHAT the author didn t use a question mark, drove me crazy.ohh and the sex scenes need some major work.There were a few good parts to this book that made me smile, but after 82% and I am sorry but that is a lot for this book I had to give up The story line was extremely slow, and most of the time it was either describing everything in DETAIL, or it was the main female character talking to herself about how she was broken I don t mind a bit of shyness but she needed to buy herself some ballseven ovaries would give herof a spine I think some of this book could have been trimmed down so that the plot could be followed easier In the end this book didn t work for me, but to each his own But for my friends here on GR I don t recommend this book. Warning This review contains offensive language if you re offended by profanity.I made it a little over half way Which is longer than most of the books I have been reading lately So, I think that I gave it a fair chance before giving up on this horribleidea.This drags.onand onand on It is so very, very boring I don t know that you ever figure out what the hell is going on in this book, and like Keira, I found myself just not giving a fuck any Keira was PATHETIC What a waste of character There is so much that could have been done with her But she is left an empty shell of a woman, who lusts after a man for from what I can gather, nothingthan his looks She was dull, timid, insecure, so fucking clumsy, and stupid.Then she d go and do shit completely out of character just so Hudson could continue on this train wreck of a so called book.She was not witty at all All of her come backs were lame, and just earned eye rolls.There s no development for Mr Dominic Draven The only thing you get an understanding of him is that he is an overbearing, presumptuous, controlling, stalking, asshole Wow, how attractive He also had a thing for talking in a bunch of random languages as if that was meant to impress you.And how was he attracted to Keira, exactly Because she was too stupid to live.There was no development to the romance Basically, Keira has some unnatural obsession with Dominic that is completely one sided Then all of a sudden Mr I can t give you straight answers without any actual reason other than You re not ready decides he s going to kiss her one time, while she s in a state, thinking she is being held against her will, and she s like, you know what Sex sounds like a great idea, even though I don t know if I can trust you, since you lie to me over and over and over again, while treating me like I m less than the shit on your friend of a friend s shoe I am so confused as to how this book got decent reviews This thing was terrible.I was annoyed with how the American characters in this book did not sound American at all They sounded just as English as Keira This really ruffled my feathers Why bother making this take place in a country that you have no idea how to show a reflection of From the beginning, and throughout the middle of the book, you are overburdened with useless information.I don t give a shit about her clothes I don t give a shit about her bathroom I don t give a shit about this stupid clearing that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I don t give a shit about all these rooms she will never set foot in again I don t give a shit about these dreams that amounted to nothing I don t give a shit about her grandfather and his working habits I don t give a shit about her fucking scars that kept being brought up but not explained until I was too far gone to care about it any So, honestly, this bullshit about her just dismissing what she sees and experiences got old REALLY fast.The stereotyping did not help this book at all Your idea of Gothic was terrible Everything was described as gothicjust yuck If you don t know what you re talking aboutjust don t.Plot holes out the ass The plot was, actually, pretty non existent Everything in this book was disjointed and made absolutely no sense So much time was spent telling you about useless shit Any time the book seemed to pick up and get interesting, it would plummet back into boring, dragging, bullshit Hudson was seriously in need of putting a lid on her senseless rambling This book was boring enough as it was The writing was horrible Just absolutely terrible Honestly, why was the majority of this book spent on Keira s insecure monologue There is NOTHING attractive about that Nothing Stop telling these fucking girls you write for that they will get these incredibly sexy people by being horribly plain, insecure, nitwits Let s think about this for a second If a friend thinks you are in danger, they keep you in the dark while trying to warn you I don t know what kind of friends Hudson keeps, but that is not how a friend would behave.I was such a fan of how many times Kiera conveniently fell into someone s arms Fucking ridiculous.I came to the realization that Hudson didn t know the meaning of a lot of words she was using Complicated was one Racist was another I hate to break it to you, but Homo refers to being gayBeing gay has nothing to do with your skin colour Since when did royal mean attractive Don t know if you ve looked at the English royals latelybut they re butt ugly.I justyeah Yuck Absolutely do not recommend to anyone. Wow, just where the heck do you start for this book It s one of those books, it slow burns into your head and leaves you reeling and your senses alive It s so evocatively visual and captivatingly written I am so glad I read this book.Draven is just one cool alpha male, his strength and charisma just drip feed off the pages and Keira is a great heroine, feisty but also damaged, she leaves you quite emotional in places These two are a great pairing.All the characters in this book have a purpose, there is no inconsequential waffle, everything means something as do the actions of the characters as you steam you way through this riveting read building to a great ending well that isn t an ending, it leads you straight into book 2 and me I cant wait to lose myself for another day or so devouring the next book yes I know I won t be able to put it down.

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