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Agnes and the Hitman Take One Food Writer Named Cranky Agnes, Add A Hitman Named Shane, Mix Them Together With A Southern Mob Wedding, A Missing Necklace, Two Annoyed Flamingos, And A Dog Named Rhett And You Ve Got A Recipe For A Sexy, Hilarious Novel About The Disastrous Side Of True Love Agnes Crandall S Life Goes Awry When A Dognapper Invades Her Kitchen One Night, Seriously Hampering Her Attempts To Put On A Wedding That She S Staked Her Entire Net Worth On Then A Hero Climbs Through Her Bedroom Window His Name Is Shane, No Last Name, Just Shane, And He Has His Own Problems He S Got A Big Hit Scheduled, A Rival Trying To Take Him Out, And An Ex Mobster Uncle Asking Him To Protect Some Little Kid Named Agnes When He Finds Out That Agnes Isn T So Little, His Uncle Has Forgotten To Mention A Missing Five Million Bucks He Might Have Lost In Agnes S House, And His Last Hit Was A Miss, Shane S Life Isn T Looking So Good, Either Then A Bunch Of Lowlifes Come Looking For The Money, A String Of Hit Men Show Up For Agnes, And Some Wedding Guests Gather With Intent To Throw Than Rice Agnes And Shane Have Their Hands Full With Greed, Florists, Treachery, Flamingos, Mayhem, Mothers Of The Bride, And Most Dangerous Of All Each Other Agnes And The Hitman Is The Perfect Combination Of Sugar And Spice, Sweet And Salty A Novel Of Delicious Proportions

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    Despite its flaws this made me smile, and I really liked the humor in here A fun story.

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    To Do List, she thought Feed cast of thousands, several of whom are killers and one of whom is an underage dognapper now living illegally in my barn Plan flamingo wedding Remember not to screw hitman s brains out again even though he s really hot Find nice normal guy without gun permit Take revenge on the sleazy bitch who s trying to swindle me out of my dre

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    your ass is grass and I am a John Deere super classic riding lawn mower with a V6 engine and a double cutting blade, do I make myself clear Agnes Crandall a k a Cranky AgnesDon t you just love Jennifer Crusie s dry sense of humor Things turn south for Agnes Crandall s wedding catering business when a dognapper invades her kitchen holding a gun Agnes whallops him ups

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    I gave 4 stars to a romantic, comedic, murder mystery Amazing, but so was the book It was the great combination of setting, mystery, especially the characters starting with Agnes.Angry Agnes is pretty, a wonderful cook, wears black rimmed glasses She s smart an author really a nice person, but she tends to see red occasionally a dangerous combination as she spends a lot of time

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I enjoyed Crusie Mayer s first book Don t look back as well but this was better Agnes and Shane were wonderful Just enough baggage and angst to keep the chemistry lively I thought the supporting cast of characters was awesome My favourites being LL and Garth I wouldn t class this as a mystery or romance but there is enough of both to satisfy readers of both

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    Warning written as a reader not as an author.Agnes is a cranky southern lady, who cooks mostly Italian, go figure and writes a cooking column for a local newspaper Despite the fact that the best way to the man s heart is through his stomach, Agnes has been unlucky in love Her current beau is no exception from the get go, her fiance is pretty much a douchebag While some people might have a problem

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    This book was a pleasant surprise It s a great mix of chick lit and suspense Full of murders, cooking, mobsters, and wedding prep a combo that worked, believe it or not, and gave me plenty to chew on, keeping track of it all It even earned a few chuckles from me which is not easy, since I hardly ever get things that are supposed to be funny.

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    The StorylineAgnes is not your normal chick lit heroine The fact that she s known as Cranky Agnes could give you an idea The fact that she s used a frying pan in ways than just cooking I ll give you a hint, one guy now has a metal plate in his head could also give you another idea There s also an incident with a meat fork but I won t spoil the fun for you Or maybe it s the mental conversations she has with her thera

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    5 stars Have you ever read a book that you finish but within 2 4 days you are ready to read it again This is that book for me I have loved several books in my lifetime This book was easily one of my favorite books ever.I think between the humor, violence, humor again, romance, friendships, minor characters, and even the dog, between it all I fell in love with this book Agnes is a cookbook author She also has a column about coo

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    2 stars Some readers may find this fun, but it wasn t my kind of humor It had a slapstick quality.Brenda does many awful things to Agnes and others throughout the book Other bad guys are also doing bad things But nothing is provable so no cop does anything or they don t look for evidence The purpose is to give Agnes setbacks and problems to solve Her responses and reactions are the best part of the story Agnes is free with her anger She

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