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Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors On October A Plane Carrying A Team Of Young Rugby Players Crashed Into The Remote, Snow Peaked Andes Out Of The Forty Five Original Passengers And Crew, Only Sixteen Made It Off The Mountain Alive For Ten Excruciating Weeks They Suffered Deprivations Beyond Imagining, Confronting Nature Head On At Its Most Furious And Inhospitable And To Survive, They Were Forced To Do What Would Have Once Been Unthinkable This Is Their Story One Of The Most Astonishing True Adventures Of The Twentieth Century

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    i read this when i was 14 totally scandalized.

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    The survivors had neither sensationalized nor sentimentalized their own experience and it seemed important for me to tell the reader what they had told me in the same matter of fact manner Piers Paul Read I remember watching the film adaptation of this book when I was quite young, and being so impressed with the resilience of the h

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    In October of 1972, a chartered plane carrying 45 passengers and crew left Uruguay to travel to Chile A majority of the passengers were made up of young men who were part of an amateur rugby team going to Chile for a game Others included family and friends Over the rugged Andes, the pilot made a fatal error, and the plane crashed into

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    Not gonna lie I read this book because I wanted to read about how they ate the people That is what hooked everyone to this story, isn t it I saw the movie to see how they ate the people It s what everyone remembers and why we remember the Donner party all these years later Dude, they ATE THE PEOPLE In the book, they had already eaten the f

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    I was a little obsessed with the movie Survive , the first version of this story when I was a young girl while my younger brother was appalled I ve also seen documentaries and the newer version of the movie Alive in the 90s Now, finally I ve read the book I m glad I did What a shocking story of survival, courage, endurance, and spirituality Th

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    Haunting, haunting book I read this too long ago to give a proper review but the account itself has stayed with me for years Amazing story of survival against incredible odds Not for the faint hearted but truly gripping.CONTENT WARNING Some strong language and traumatic events And by that I mean, plane crash, avalanche, death and cannibalism

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    This was the frightening yet amazing true story of a team of rugby players trying to survive in the mountains against the dangers present Only sixteen survived and were able to tell their story.

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    I read this when it first came out in PB, so many years ago, mid 70 s I d give it 5 stars because I still remember it so clearly, but I never wanted to re read it It was well done, but pretty gruesome Stranded for 10 weeks with not much else to eat but dead passengers some of them team mates injured, cold They tried a number of things, but finally 2 of th

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    Famous story of the Uruguayan rugby team that survived ten weeks in the Andes, largely because they ate the dead passengers.This is not a subtle book, nor does it bother with nuance It s a fast, vivid, and compelling read It shows its age mostly in its sexism Women are nurturing and irrational and must be hud and coddled men are brave and active, and when the

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    I purchased this book looking for the facts and an account of the Fairchild Andes crash What I got was an account, religiously biased, lacking certain facts when needed.Most of the passengers on the plane were related by being part of or supporting the football team of a religious institution So of course prayer and the talk of miracles would turn up But when sel

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