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All the Bad Apples Idk anything about this book BUT i m willing to read this book just because of the cover,,,, hOW CAN A PERSON BE THIS BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND All the Bad Apples has everything you should expect from a Mo ra Fowley Doyle novel beautiful atmosphere, blurred lines between the magical and the ordinary, and queer characters At the same time, it s so much darker and angrier than usual.This felt like the bookish equivalent of a scream.You might think this is a story about a lesbian who has a very traditional catholic father and who is grappling with the consequences of her older sister s disappearance and what might be a family curse, discovering her family s history in the process It is, and yet it s not All the Bad Apples is a story about the crimes of the catholic church, a story about the women whose truths are still buried and untold, a story about Irish history from the point of view of those who are always erased It s a story about how necessary the separation between church and state is, about how we shouldn t take our victories against bigotry and patriarchal systems for granted.This book made me realize is that I m kind of tired of reading about Americans problems I don t live in Ireland, but for various reasons, what they went through is much similar to my country s problems Reading about European countries from a modern European point of view is so refreshing, and I m glad this book exists.This also meant that for me this book was a lot horrifying to read than usual And even if you don t know what it means to deal with catholic fundamentalism, I recommend reading the content warnings at the end of this review.So, why not a higher rating Because and this has happened with the other novel I ve read by this author too by the end of the book, I felt like I didn t know any of the characters.Deena is a lesbian, her best friend is a bisexual and biracial black boy, she meets a girl who is also queer during this novel, and there s the beginning of what could be a romance I always want to get invested in Fowley Doyle s mostly queer found families, but I never manage, and mostly in the second half the parts about history took over the book, so that the present storyline started to feel stagnant It still surprised me, though I would have never seen any of that coming On the historical parts I loved their message and the point they were making, they just weren t that interesting to read The problem with multi generational stories is that I often struggle to get invested in anything historical and with so many characters, but that s on me that on the book.I would recommend All the Bad Apples to all of those who enjoy Leslye Walton s novels and liked the inter generational aspect of The Astonishing Color of After.Content warnings for the present storyline homophobia challenged, and mostly at the beginning, but it s there right from the first chapter , frequent mentions of what is rud to be a suicide, controlling parent, bullyingTrigger warnings for the parts about family history incestuous rape implied , rape of a minor implied , institutionalization, physical, emotional and religious abuse mostly told, not shown , one of the main characters ancestors got burned alive for being gay a witch again, told not shown , and we re also told about forced pregnancies, abortion, mothers separated from their babies, death of a baby, suicide, a lot of misogyny and bigotry I hope I haven t missed anything but there was a lot. Such an impactful story with messages and writing that are bothhaunting Full review to come ARC received at ALA This book is a very Fowley Doyle story If you ve read her before, you ll know exactly what I mean she infuses her twisty whimsy, her magical storyweaving, her mysterious realism into a narrative that has deeper, darker, roots In ALL THE BAD APPLES it s about women, it s about shame, it s about family.Full review to come on release date I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review. ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewI fucking love this book It s easily one of my favourite reads of 2019 All the Bad Apples follows Deena, who undertakes a quest to find her missing older sister when she vanishes on her seventeenth birthday apparently in response to the Rys family curse The curse falls on the bad apples of the family Those who cannot be nice, normal girls The ones who have sex outside of marriage or who desire other women or act in any other way outside the norm for their gender Set in Ireland in 2012, against the backdrop of what is still a rigorously Catholic country though things are gradually changing for the better the repeal of the 8th amendment making it legal for women who need to to get abortions is a big step in the right direction The strictures and attitudes might seem farfetched for 2012, certainly for 2019 They re not There are still plenty of people, both in Ireland and outside of it, and in the western world at large, who think like the repressive and conservative characters in this book I speak from experience having been raised Irish Roman Catholic it s a special blend of fundamental religious indoctrination and superstition at it s worst At it s best, it resulted in me meeting some of the best, kindest and most tolerant people of my life but honestly the way it was practiced when I was a child and teen, Catholicism was not calculated to bring out the best in its followers This isn t just about religion This is about a system that has been allowed to grow in a way that marginalises women, poc and LGBTQIAP It s not so much that s it s anyone s fault, it s that it s everyone s responsibility to try and improve matters to question to speak out Moira Fowley Doyle does an amazing job, via the medium of the Rys family history, of tracing the origins of some of these attitudes There s no judgment, despite the rage underlying parts of the book Fury I shared in fully, having come from this particular Irish background There s a look at how the Great Famine shaped attitudes, how the English landholders mistreating Irish workers fostered a mindset geared towards intolerance when everyone you know is starving to death, it s very hard to find compassion for others sufferings From there, we follow the trail through a dark and damning history specifically backed up by the Catholic Church If you haven t heard of Magdalene Laundries, the church sanctioned mother and baby homes, the Christian Brother orphanages, you will Be aware that while it s not a gratuitous depiction, it pulls no punches It was something I knew a lot about and it still had me incandescent with rage And yet for all that, this is a remarkably hopeful novel all about reclaiming the past good stories, bad stories, hopeful and despairing stories, family stories but most of all women s stories and then building a better future out of knowing the past It had a certain amount of creepiness which I rather relished And I enjoyed all the references to Irish history and mythology it made me quite homesick at times Deena is a sympathetic character, flawed but adventurous There s no moustache twirling villains here, but also no quarter given for anyone who goes on to perpetuate a cycle of oppression and abuse just because they ve come from one themselves I loved the friend group that formed around Deena, and her family dynamic fell into strange but true and utterly believable territory I ve loved all the authors books but this is the best one yet Highly recommend TW neglect, abuse, rape off page , abortion, teen pregnancy, anti LGBT attitudes always negatively portrayed and institutional abuse infant death off page hey btw, The Day After The Funeral All Our Mourning Clothes Hung Out On The Line Like Sleeping Bats This Will Be Really Embarrassing, I Kept Saying To My Family, When She Shows Up At The Door In A Week Or Two When Deena S Wild And Mysterious Sister Mandy Disappears Presumed Dead Her Family Are Heartbroken But Mandy Has Always Been Troubled It S Just Another Bad Thing To Happen To Deena S Family Only Deena Refuses To Believe It S TrueAnd Then The Letters Start Arriving Letters From Mandy, Claiming That Their Family S Blighted History Is Not Just Bad Luck Or Bad Decisions But A Curse, Handed Down Through The Generations Mandy Has Gone In Search Of The Curse S Roots, And Now Deena Must Find Her What They Find Will Heal Their Family S Rotten Past Or Rip It Apart Forever 3.5 disappointed how this book used the d slur and not in a good way to refer to the mc before using the word lesbian and she never referred to herself as a lesbian like..please can u just have ur LESBIAN mc use the word lesbian once i begRep lesbian mc, biracial black bisexual side character, wlw li Rating 4.5 StarsThe Rhys women were cursed, and upon their 17th birthday, all the bad apples fell from the family tree You d know them a mile away The ones who don t look like the others, don t act like the others The ones who don t conform, don t follow the rules.The ones who dress differently, love differently, think differently However, Mandy was determine to break the curse, and while tracing the family s history, she disappeared They had a funeral, but Deena didn t believe her sister was dead, and when a letter, written in Mandy s hand arrived, Deena was determined to find her and bring her home.This book was part mystery, part history, part family drama, and part coming of age Fowley Doyle had characters, who were struggling with their identities, while she also explored the dynamics at play in a very complicated family and the many factors that contributed to it The star of this tale, though, was the Rhys family history, which included some of the most brutal injustices brought against women and children of Ireland.Through fictional accounts, I learned about the oppression and abuse these women faced The author approached all topics unflinchingly, from the murder of the lesbian lovers and the imprisonment of young unwed mothers in Magdalene Laundries to the abortion ban, which was only repealed last year My heart ached for the Rhys women, but all of this was even powerful and haunting, because I knew it was based on reality.The delivery of the family history packed an even bigger punch, because Fowley Doyle created an atmosphere with touches of magic, that just amplified the mood She also did a great job of keeping me unbalanced, and I surprisingly enjoyed it It all added to the tension that was building as Deena and her friends raced to the end of the world to find Mandy and get to the heart of this mystery.It was a wild ride, which was horrifying at times, but ultimately gave way to some hope for the future by educating us about the past ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Originally posted to I Should Read That I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a spoiler free review.I absolutely loved Spellbook of the Lost and Found when I read it back in 2017 Ever since then, I ve been a big fan of Doyle s fantastic, dream like writing All the Bad Apples was a hugely anticipated book for me, and I m so pleased to say that I loved it even than I could have hoped.What I love about Doyle s writing is the way she uses her atmospheric, beautiful, and dreamy style to wrap larger themes into her stories Spellbook deals with the assault of one of the friends at the party All the Bad Apples deals with the treatment of Ireland s women throughout history Each section of the family tree explores a different period of time and a different trauma that women suffered From wealthy landowners taking advantage of their tenants, to wise women providing abortions amid whispers of witchcraft, through the modern mother and baby homes and the anti abortion laws that put the lives of women in serious danger, Doyle does not shy away from the most shocking and appalling parts of history that many of us would rather forget ever happened Although this is not a book for the faint of heart see content warnings below , it is a fiercely feminist book that harnesses female rage.Deena is such a fantastic character and a great conduit for this story I feel that with the way the story is told, Deena could have been a very flat character that is only meant to move the story of her family s history along However, she was a well fleshed out character that had so much agency and power One of the best parts of the story for me was watching her become comfortable with her sexuality after she accidentally comes out to her sister and religious father at the beginning of the book The Deena from the beginning of the book is quite different from the Deena at the end of the book All the Bad Apples is a scream of rage and feminine fury that so perfectly encompasses the feelings of anger and frustration that so many women are feeling right now Haunted by the ghosts of Ireland s past, All the Bad Apples is a book that will linger in your mind long after you turn the last page.CW incestuous rape of a minor off page , abortion, homophobia, abuse, forced pregnancy

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Mo ra Fowley Doyle is half French, half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband, two daughters and two cats Mo ra s French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endings.Mo ra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh