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An Inconvenient Mate (Breeds #25) Listening Length Hours, MinutesIsabelle Martinez Was Instantly Fascinated By The Sexy Coyote Breed She Met At The Bar, But Her Sensual Flirtation With Him Was Cut Short When She Saw The Man Who D Attacked Her Arrive At The BarBreed Enforcer Malachi Morgan Was Entranced By Isabelle S Mix Of Shyness And Boldness, And He Was Determined To Chase And Play With His Sensual Prey But He Could Tell She D Been Hurt Before By A Man, And He Vowed That Isabelle Was Now His To Protect And Love, Even As If It Meant Going Against Her Family And His OrdersThis Audiobook Is Sold Individually While Text Formats Are Included In The Tied With A Bow Anthology

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    Breeds 25Coyote Breeds 3Featured Couple Malachi Coyote Isabelle Human This is a very important story for the Breeds fans It is actually the beginning of a storyline that involves the search for a very significant rogue breed Graeme or Gideon who will have his story told in book Bengal s Quest It is also the beginning of the end for Amber s story line Jonas daughter who needs to be cured Her story started a few books before and it will end a few books after this one.A Native American Reserv

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    An Inconvenient Mate is the 25th book in this series at this point you would think that I should be tired, and after Navarro s Promise I almost quit but my self nagging personality made me go and buy Tied with a Bow, the anthology where you can find this novella, and give the series yet another chance I m glad I did it because this story is good, maybe not first books good but at least good enough to keep me entertained.The novella is about Malachi and Isabella Malachi is an agent in the Burea

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    I read this book as part of the compilation in a few short hours It was a quick and easy to read novella with many Breed characters popping up Considering it was a novella it wasn t as plot oriented as many of the other books in the series Both Isabelle and Malachi give in to the mating heat early on I do wish their story was longer and the drama was a bit action packed but again it was only a novella I enjoyed it enough even though in the short amount of pages there was still lots of sex and I w

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    I liked this one Malachi was really hot, I generally don t like insta love but with mates, there is a decent reason for it so it is ok I also like some of the other reviewers have been getting a little bored with the angst of does he love me does he not back and forth that sometimes goes on and on for a bit too long I liked that Isabelle was shy but decided to be bold and put herself out there when she saw this hot breed in a bar I like the intrigue of Gideon, I thought that the guy they were after wa

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    I really enjoy Lora Leigh s novellaswell done.

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    3.50 3 StarsNot bad for a novella Since it s a short story a lot of the repetiveness was avoided I liked Malachi and Isabella s characters There wasn t just breed issues, but family issues, too, in this story A little info was given regarding the breed they re hunting.

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    I forgot how sexy and dirty these books can be I m always conflicted by the romances with the wolf or coyote breeds Their physical traits from the animal DNA is kind of hot but also has me thinking, wow this is uncontrollably close to bestiality With their knotting their females and the pre semin stuff It s hot and then gross at the same time LOL

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    Bueno, parec a que por fin la autora retomaba la historia del asesino casta que comenz y aparentemente olvid en el libro de Cabal para luego resultar que no, que esta b squeda solo era una cortina de humo para empezar una nueva historia en la que est n buscando a otro casta renegado disferente que al parecer busca a 3 adolescentes bueno, lo eran cuando desaparecieron, ya no, que sino no pueden ser protas de esta serie de libros No s si tirarme de los pelos o qu De momento lo dejar en o qu , ya que lo han dejado en pl

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    I like this series, but it is just getting so off track This short story put things back in line a bit I love the novellas and am liking them better than the full books at the moment I can only hope from this story that questions will finally be answered soon and the on going plot line will be resolved.

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    Writing was off Bored

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