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Aquaman The Waterbearer Possessing Tremendous Speed And Strength As Well As The Ability To Telepathically Communicate With All Sea Animals, Aquaman Reigned As The King Of Atlantis For Many Years But After A Group Of Powerful Sorcerers Gained Control Of The Fabled Underwater City, The Legendary Hero Was Deemed A Traitor And Forever Exiled From The Oceans Of The World Now With The Aid Of His Magical Hand, Aquaman Must Find A Way To Overcome The Spell That Has Turned All Marine Life Against Him And Liberate His People From The Tyrannical Sorcerers That Rule His Undersea Kingdom

About the Author: Rick Veitch

Richard Rick Veitch is an American comics artist and writer who has worked in mainstream, underground, and alternative comics.

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    Im reading all trades that came out from first crisis, so. 1985 And finally, in 2003, after thousands comics read in a row, i happen to find upon a marvel A unique The cringiest book i read so far A hippy dippy Aquaman May it be the last one 2 stars only because it started well, and dark Atlanteans with necroflesh powers is a cool idea Props for that villain department On the other hand, everything related to

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    First things, first, I like Aquaman He s basically Tarzan underwater, but nobody seems to know what to do with him, so finding a good Aquaman story is like finding a diamond in a box of crackerjack.This story begins after a pretty horrible Justice League story, but all you need to know is that something really bad happened to Atlantis and because of it Aquaman has been banished from Atlantis and the ocean itself.Now

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    Veitch s take on a sorely underrated character blew me away This is like Alan Moore s Superman story For the Man Who Has Everything , in that it shows Arthur Curry as a multi faceted human being as well as a massively powerful one Definitely needs to be read by people who think he s just another oiled up fop who talks to fish.

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    Decent book with nice artwork The storyline was above average but the writing left a little to be desired Aquaman is a highly recognizable superhero however the execution could have been better Overall, a satisfying read 3.5 stars.

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    Pretty sure this run s really only remembered these days for what happens later on with Manta which isn t collected in this volume Reading it, it s not really a surprise why The art s fine, and the writing s okay, working in Arthurian lore into Aquaman isn t the worst idea the recent movie did an excellent job with hitting some of the regular Arthurian story beats , but for the most part the execution is lacking Stuff happens, sure Arthur g

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    Really enjoyed this book and continuing on until the end of this storyline.

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    My first Aquaman read not impressed.

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    This TPB Aquaman The Waterbearer collects Aquaman 2003 1 to 4 and stories from Aquaman Secret Files 2003 Story by Rick Veitch, art by Yvel Guichet, Mark Probst and Joshua Hood Storyline continues in Aquaman 2003 5 to 14 which have never been collected reprinted in TPBs Numbers 15 to 45 are collected in four TPBs named Sub Diego, To Serve and Protect, Kingdom Lost, and Once and Future Numbers 40 to the last issue 57 are often listed as a separate title Aquaman Swor

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    I was totally trying to avoid the obvious joke here, but I can t I can t do it I m sorry, everyone.This is a fish out of water story, as Arthur is banished from the sea for crimes in a previous book The crimes themselves are well enough set up and the interesting part of this is always going to be how our hero reacts, anyway view spoiler In this case, Arthur Aquaman reacts by making contact with a magical water being who grants him a cool water hand to replace his cool ho

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    There is a very good reason there have been so many attempts at a successful solo Aquaman series The reason is that Aquaman just can t support his own title The character actually isn t that interesting His supporting cast are one note and his villains are normally pretty lame Now all this doesn t mean all the books are bad but there just isn t enough there for longevity Here, in I believe the sixth volume of Aquaman, the status quo changes for him and Atlantis, but its still pre

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