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Aquaman: Death of The Prince La L Nea Cl Sicos DC Se Enorgullece De Presentar Una De Las Obras Clave En La Evoluci N Del G Nero Superheroico, Justo A Tiempo Para Resaltar El Protagonismo De Aquaman En El Universo DC Gracias A El D A M S Brillante En Este Volumen, Paul Levitz Y Jim Aparo Enfrentaron Al Rey De Atlatntis Con La P Rdida De Su Hijo A Manos De Manta Negra Uno De Los Mejores Trabajos De Jim Aparo, In Dito En Nuestro Pa S Hasta Ahora

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    It s no secret that pop culture loves to pick on Aquaman Well, if you ever wondered what he did to earn such mockery, here is your answer This is classic Aquaman, for better or worse.With this book you re getting a collection of standalone Aquaman adventures from 70 s, as well as an overarching and heartbreaking story about the royal family of Atlantis Most of the standalones follow a similar structure Aquaman

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    For my review of Adventure Comics 435 437 and 441 452, please see the individual issues.This collected edition is called Death of the Prince but I have to say that little of these issues had anything to do with Arthur Jr s death Aquaman was filled with rage that fueled his journey for many of the later issues but there were a lot of single issues that could have been culled to make a focused story I really enjoyed the M

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    The current onslaught of collected comics from my childhood is enough to make my head spin If you had told the childhood me that I would be able to purchase a collected Aquaman paperback in my adulthood, I would have told me I was crazy Why would anyone do a thing like that And yet, here we are.This is really an amazing piece of work as a collected piece of my youth, I should say The story itself, written by a half dozen or so tal

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    The series starts off a little slowly, stuck in that 70s sort of comics style, but once it gets going, it s very impressive The story s a page turner, and Aquaman s a complex character than I d expected Great art, too.

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    Obviously this is very old, so if you can t stand the writing style of comics from this era, then you won t enjoy this But for anyone else, this is a pretty foundational chapter in Aquaman s history that fans will find some interest in The title and cover of the book are a rather large spoiler for the entire story, but I suppose it s several decades old, after all The story itself brought Aquaman out of the hokey Silver Age and into the tragic, grou

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    This is a great collection of stories from various DC comics from the 70s There is a lot of history in these stories Relationships are built, destroyed, and repaired It s a great read if you can find a copy.

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    Es atendible que un comic vaya perdiendo frescura con los a os Su contexto temporal lo determina y no es materia de juicio Sin embargo, si es posible reconocer que un comic antiguo pueda ser simpl n y apegado a f rmula Una cosa no implica otra y por eso, en toda poca, hay comics mejores que otros.Esta saga de Aquaman en particular es bien mala Tiene una premisa interesante para poner en juego, la que da t tulo al mismo, y no deja de ser valiosa como punto de evoluci n p

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    a good, comprehensive collection of Aquaman solo stories from the mid 70s ranging from appearances in Adventure Comics and the short lived revival of Aquaman s own magazine, this volume also includes back up stories featuring Mera and Aqualad, all of which are integral to the overall theme of this collection most of the art is by the great Jim Aparo, but the writing duties fell to many different men Paul Levitz, David Michelinie, Paul Kupperburg, and Steve Skeates the artwork of

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    So wish 2.5 was an option.So this proves Aquaman is the worst husband ever, so if you ever feel like you are failing in your relationships remember you probably never ran off for months leaving your wife during a horrible family crisis Win for you Doohicky, super villans say doohicky Hey Aquaman, if you catch Black Manta maybe you shouldn t let him go Just saying I can say it s very real, many fish were killed in Aquaman s exploits.

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    An attempt to grapple with heavier subject matter, particularly the death of Aquaman and Mera s son, the rushed nature of most of the stories the majority topping out at 12 pages limits the emotional pull and characterization Entertaining, but hardly definitive.

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