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Aquaman This raises an interesting question would you sacrifice a few hundred thousand people to save billions Aquaman comes face to face with such a situation when a large part of San Diego sinks into the ocean This story does a good job of making Aquaman and his powers seem relevant and powerful There were two things that I didn t care for though First, the villain in this arc was a bit disappointing Second, there were a few too many scenes of gore than I cared for Lighten up of the gore, DC With the new Justice League movie coming out, I wanted to read something highlighting Aquaman I ve not read much with him, unless he just happen to be a character in a larger story Well, earlier this year, I watched Throne of Atlantis, and learned that, despite what The Big Bang Theory suggests, Aquaman does not suck underwater In fact, he s pretty downright formidable I was surprised by how dark this comic was However, it didn t feel as though it was dark just for the sake of being dark like so many modern comics can be The storytelling was always on point, and it definitely had me turning the pages, wondering what was going to happen next I also really enjoyed Martian Manhunter and Batman s cameos The art wasn t my all time favorite, but, still, this is a pretty solid graphic novel. A Devastating Earthquake Hits San Diego, Leaving Thousands Dead But Someone Survived The Cataclysm And Their Survival Will Require Aquaman To Take On A New Role That Draws Upon All His Experience As A Hero And Leader Of A Nation Written By Will Pfeifer TEEN TITANS And Illustrated By Patrick Gleason BATMAN AND ROBIN , AQUAMAN SUB DIEGO Is The First Ever Collection Of This Classic Story Collects Issues Of AQUAMAN Fun story for the King of Atlantis frustrating that there aren t trades of his published Since this is New 52, the character has a sense of history that gives him weight, without making him feel unapproachable too complex for the new reader The plot of this volume is straightforward much of San Diego just falls into the sea one day, and Aquaman must investigate why while helping the survivors adjust to life underwater It s quick, enjoyable, unusual, fresh Some of the art is surprisingly graphic decaying bodies and fish nibbling on gore but uniformly delightful Also, because this is DC, there s a Batman cameo. Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason deliver a very good Aquaman tale full of heart, heroics, and tragedy I enjoyed the fact the book moved fast into how the disaster changed everything instead of the actual event The book could have used a little exposition, especially for new readers but it was still a fun read Gleason s art, especially the aquatic life scenes was very good Overall, a treat. This was pretty cool I loved the concept of there being this new underwater city that used to be San Diego The issues with the government later in the comic made sense to me The art wasn t my favorite in this for whatever reason I feel like Aquaman is basically underwater batman He s really broody He wasn t really that interesting to me, though I m not sure if I ll read any of this Aquaman There were a few really cool fight scenes I liked the way Aquaman used his powers sometimes Loved Lorena Would have liked to see her be able to do I think Might pick up comics just to read on her. This volume was a vast improvement from Aquaman The Waterbearer New Edition Aquaman I will admit that the New 52 Aquaman still is my favorite so far in my journey through various story arcs This, however is one of the best I have read besides the New 52 I have yet to read the Rebirth and Classic Aquaman lines, but their time is coming. Easily my favorite Aquaman story Aside from Batman bc obvs , Aquaman is probably my favorite member of the Justice League, and it s due entirely to this kinda old run by Will Pfeifer that DC has finally had the good sense to start collecting, umpteen years later I dunno what kind of favors Pfeifer has called in recently he s not exactly a well known writer, but this year has seen both his Aquaman and Catwoman series resurface in new collected editions, seemingly out of nowhere Since both of these runs were must buys for me back in the mid 00s, I m very happy to be reading them again because let s be honest, there s no way I m digging those single issues out of the longboxes at my parents house anytime soon.As the title indicates, in Sub Diego the city of San Diego is earthquaked into the ocean but instead of killing off the populace, the incident triggers a mysterious citywide mutation that causes San Diegans to become water breathers And what s an underwater city without an underwater king Sub Diego is basically a clever contrivance to give Arthur Curry a relatable way to do what he does best One of the many reasons that Aquaman is the butt of every joke isn t just because his powers seem ineffectual it s because he is essentially an alien ruling over an alien world, which doesn t give the reader much to invest in SD raises the stakes on all fronts there s now a palpable human element, an immediate mystery that needs solving, a disaster that needs response, and the waters have become unfamiliar and terrifying Somehow, brilliantly, Pfeifer applies a very Batman esque formula to Aquaman, and it works like a dream while still feeling entirely true to the character.Like his Catwoman run, here Pfeifer balances a skill for interesting central concepts, and for one and done monthly adventures in each issue, you get the drama of long form narrative and the zing of an action serial There s sea monsters, scuba pirates, and tons of Arthur running around and mixing it up with all the members of the JLA who piss him off hint all of them The art is also excellent Patrick Gleason s line has a exactness and fluidity that makes me think of Doug Mahnke It s clean without feeling house style Sub Diego was originally sandwiched between a not very good semi mystical whatsit run by Rick Veitch that s been in trade for years despite no one liking it, and Kurt Busiek s Arthurian Knight of the Whatever run that s also been in trade for years despite no one liking it The problem with most Aquman storylines is that they ignore the retro cool that makes him fucking great No matter how many times he s reinvented, Aquaman will be forever ingrained in the fanboy hivemind riding around on the back of a seahorse, with perfect hair, gleaming orange armor, and a dolphin for a friend The fully this imagery is embraced, the better he gets 66 Batman, for example, is still a badass, and Saturday Morning Aquaman is still a tough as nails warrior king Pfeifer, for my money, is the only writer in recent memory who really gets this without compensation or apology , and I m glad his series is finally seeing the light of day. Pick this up at Balti Comic Con along with few other great graphic novels I have been reading a lot the New 52 Aquaman books They have really given me an appreciation for the character of Aquaman So I was really looking forward to reading a Pre New 52 Dc comic story arc for the character I hope after reading this book DC Comics will release reprints of the best Aquaman stories I will begin by stating the obvious that I am a newcomer to this Aquaman story arc But what really works well here is that did not have know what occurred in the issues before this collection The basic premise here has our hero Aquaman investigating the sudden sinking of San Diego California into the ocean There is a lot of death but somehow Aquaman discovers survivors that for some reason are now unable to breath on land but in water This plot was extremely interesting and the mystery was well paced in keeping me on the edge of my seat The artwork is not bad There some great surprise appearances by other DC Comics character which include Batman and the Martian Manhunter This story was great enough to make want to read others.

About the Author: Will Pfeifer

Will Pfeifer was born in 1967 in the town of Niles, Ohio He attended Kent State University and graduated in 1989 He has resided in Rockford, Illinois since 1990, with his wife, Amy.Pfeifer, along with his comic writing duties, is the assistant features editor at the Rockford Register Star He also writes a weekly DVD column for the Sunday paper.

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