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Aquaman, Volume 1: The Trench I admit I m one of those people who used to scoff at Aquaman, seeing him as a character long out of date and too cheesy to continue into the 21st century So it s a pleasant surprise that I read The Trench and not only enjoyed it but was genuinely impressed with this character and his world as presented by the skilled minds of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis.My opinion of Aquaman is widely shared and the character has been mocked on popular comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and Family Guy so it s good to see Johns address these in the opening chapter of the book It seems no one in Aquaman s world really respects him either He s constantly being made fun of by law enforcement officers and members of the public, stoically ignoring their barbs and saving their ungrateful lives anyway While some superheroes have a hard time with the public because they re alien Superman or perceived as criminals themselves Batman , Aquaman may be the first superhero whom the public acknowledge as a hero but don t take seriously because his very existence seems so silly It makes for an interesting perspective in comics, one I ve never seen before.Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is living with his girlfriend Mera aka Aquawoman a mermaid who is able to control water in all its forms psychically in Amnesty Bay on the East Coast of America where he grew up with his now deceased father Sea monsters from beneath the trench of the Atlantic Ocean emerge and begin abducting the townspeople of Amnesty Bay en masse, taking them down to the depths to feed to their queen Aquaman to the rescue Johns sets up the world of Aquaman nicely, especially for new readers to the character like me , as he retells part of Aquaman s story in flashbacks along with the fragments of the backstories of important characters like his dad, Dr Shin, and Mera Johns doesn t explain Atlantis or why Arthur has chosen not to become King of Atlantis but this is hinted at as being addressed in future books.Having seen Aquaman in action, I buy his superhero status fully and found myself engrossed in his story He s a sympathetic and likeable hero with a lot of potential for further adventures Johns and Reis treat him with dignity and seriousness and anyone who thought of him as a joke beforehand will think differently after reading this at least he s no mock able than any other superhero The Trench is a brilliant start to a great character With Johns and Reis in the driving seat, I ll definitely pick up further books in this series Aquaman is one of the surprise must reads of the New 52. You Need a Glass of Water Or Something Whoa I can t believe how many of my friends have read this book Aquaman, eh I always took him for a second banana, not sure why Maybe his sparkly green and orange outfit didn t look like major league material Or maybe his ability to talk to fish and ride around on over sized seahorses didn t seem like the kind of super power that makes children s hearts beat faster these days Anyway, the thing is my friends know what they are doing, of course well, in this case, anyway Seriously, this book is great I think what I like best is that it does not try to turn Aquaman into some kind of hipster or mega tough dude, but instead insists on his oft ridiculed identity naysayers be damned Not only does Aquaman still wear a sparkly green and orange outfit, but kitschy coloring gleefully highlights its effect Admittedly, Aquaman does not ride around on any seahorses is this volume, and we also learn that he actually controls fish telepathically rather than talking to them which is manlier, I guess , but that s beside the point.The thing is, this comic book does not deny Aquaman s identity Instead, it makes his public image issues a running theme throughout the book a brilliant plot device, as it turns out it not only comes with lots of dramatic alienated hero stuck between human and Atlantean culture How s it feel to be nobody s favorite super hero as well as humorous potential I can t believe we just got upstaged by Aquaman The boys at the station are never gonna let us hear the end of this , but also helps define our hero as a principled, stoically patient guy with an admirably unflinching attitude very likable indeed I ve heard bad things about Geoff Johns s writing, and I think the only Johns book I had read before this was the first volume of his New 52 Justice League relaunch which did not do much for me, to say the least This book, however, completely changes my view of Johns as a writer It works extremely well as an introduction to Aquaman and his world, has a big heart, a great attitude, a sense of humor, and delivers refreshingly noncynical old school superheroics that are just plain fun from start to finish In short, Aquaman, Vol 1 The Trench is well written, and the story is complimented beautifully by Ivan Reis pencils and Rod Reis colors bold and a little cheesy, just what the doctor ordered And I just ordered Volume 2 in my library The King Of The Seven Seas Aquaman Returns To His Very Own Ongoing Series For The First Time In Years At The Hands Of DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns, Who Reteams With GREEN LANTERN Collaborator Artist Ivan Reis Between Proving Himself To A World That Sees Him As A Joke, Aquaman And His Bride Mera Face Off Against A Long Buried Terror From The Depths Of The Ocean Collecting Issues I am very sorry to report that, regretfully not so spoiler alert , Aquaman does NOT die an embarrassingly agonizing death in this book, gasping and flopping around on dry land while the other members of the Justice League laugh, point, and throw fish food on him Because, if that had happened, this book would have gotten at least one star.I tried, Anne I really did I wanted to like this book and write a glowing review and tell the world that it s missing out on one epically awesome if sartorially challenged subaquatic hero Alas The world s not missing out What the world needs now, in addition to love, sweet love, is less Aquaman, please, deities of all stripes, less Aquaman.Look, this isn t completely awful As Aquaman yarns go, it s probably tops But, as high quality superhero tales go, it leaves something to be desired not unlike myself when it comes to being a partner in a three legged race I am terrible at those First and foremost, as near as I can tell, Aquaman had a personality lobotomy at some point that has transformed him into what you d get if a celery stalk got dirty with a cucumber in heat like, the blandest possible fregetable I think cucumbers are technically fruits, so I m hedging my bets here, though I guess we could just say vegetable if that factoid is inaccurate second, Johns tries valiantly to own the Aquaman is perceived by ordinary people in the DCU to be a crappy hero whose sole power is having limited conversations with flounder thing by having supporting characters crack wise about that perception, but those jokes are undercut by the fact that Aquaman shows himself to very clearly be an exceedingly powerful badass, which makes it just seem absurd that anyone would think he s anything other than that the main plotline, in which Old Scaly Butt and his lady friend Mera help defeat a strange race of scary looking sea monsters intent on stealing humans to bring back to their kids for snacks is kind of underwhelming and, lastly, for an interior artist, Ivan Reis sure draws some pretty cover images in other words, his stuff looks good, but if you took away the words, I d have struggled to figure out what was going on the visual storytelling certainly didn t blow me out of the water which, I think, is what Aquaman says when Mera refuses to get down with him on land hey oh So, while I d like to say it s me, not you, Aquaman it s totally you 110% you and I realize that s not mathematically possible, but that s how much it s Aquaman You and I just aren t meant to be But, maybe I ll see you swimming through the pages of JLA sometime I think we can still be cordial to each other I won t even call you Wanda any Well, maybe just occasionally 2.5 stars, and I ll generously round up out of respect for woebegone fregetables Anne, you re still awesome, though, even if I ll never understand your affinity for Arthur Curry, who I m pretty sure lists Background Merman 4 from The Little Mermaid as his only credit on IMDB. It s true The hype Thank Heavens.No really It is.This is the Aquaman story you ve been wanting, nay, been needing to read since, well, forever Geoff Johns gets Aquaman He really does.Okay, now that I ve got the lyrical waxing behind me This is a pretty fun story Yes, there is some fun poking at the fact that Aquaman has never been the coolest character in the DC Universe Thing is if this run continues in the same fashion, he might well become just that And then I m not even talking about Mera Highly recommended. Poor, poor Aquaman This is a superhero that gets absolutely no respect Green Lantern can do cool things with his ring Aquaman communicates with fish Batman has all sorts of cool gadgets Aquaman has a trident Superman flies Aquaman in the early TV incarnation rode around on a freakishly large seahorse Back during the DC vs Marvel crossover, Aquaman needed a whale to beat down Namor, his Marvel aquatic counterpart Fans voted on the outcome and in this case, the reason Aquaman won was not because he was popular, but probably because Namor was is an assh le Aquaman has always lacked gravitas In a previous incarnation, DC went as far adding long hair and beard and subtracting a hand via piranha and replacing it with a harpoon This will give anyone instant presence Right Geoff Johns does an admirable job at addressing the whole third rate superhero issue The humor here is most welcome I m not entirely sold on this New 52 revamp from what I ve read it s better than others , but I do like Mera, his wife Just don t call her Aquawoman. This is an excellent jumping on point for new readers looking to get acquainted with Aquaman You know what, the hell with that This is hands down the PERFECT jumping on point Because anyone familiar with Aquaman knows his dubious reputation, and Geoff Johns does a wonderful job of addressing that right from the start.Johns could ve given us a straight faced story where Aquaman looks impressive and every character in universe remarks at how awesome he is, and how he is so legitimate that no one would dare make fun of him But no, Johns takes a different route He embraces the ridicule, addressing well established points of mockery like Aquaman s ability to talk to fish and his apparent lack of usefulness on land I mean, Aquaman is being laughed at by characters within his own storyIt s that level of self awareness that really makes this book stand out.Johns doesn t tell us why Aquaman is a legit superhero, he shows us By the end of it, we ve seen numerous reasons why the New 52 Aquaman is a bonafide badass. Storyline Artworks I ve just hated every DC Extended Universe movie but for WW and JL, that with all of its flaws was at last an entertaining funny one for me, but James Wan s Aquaman seems really good and my wife has the hots for Jason Momoa worst character casting ever in my opinion, he was just perfect for a Lobo based movie, but I see all the ladies going to the cinema are than ok with him playing Arthur Curry s role , so it seemed not very nice to me watching that flick without having read one comic book about that character in my life because I never liked him very much since I used watching the Super Friends cartoon when I was a kid and all the sit com internet jokes not much helped too.So, this New 52 relaunch seemed the perfect starting point for me, because of the good reviews here and Ivan Reis excellent artworks that I really appreciated while reading his works on Green Lantern two years ago, and it revealed being a real good choice.Loved how almost everyone in this volume makes jokes about Arthur, his battle name and the one of his wife Aquawoman Mera, their powers and their struggle to get the respect they deserve, Reis art is awesome, but Geoff Johns storyline was just somethin like he had a blast reading H.P Lovecraft and then quickly wrote aFather Dagon, Mother Hydra and their Deep Ones spawn attack surface feasting on people Aquaman, Aquawoman Mera stop them and meet Aquadog.The Mera centred final issue collected here, introducing Atlanteans next stotyline, was not as good as previous ones for me, but this first volume of New 52 Aquaman was still a very good read and a perfect starting point, making me like a lot the one I just thought being the least fan favourite superhero ever.Damn you, Rajesh Koothrappali, for making me delay from read this comic book early Great reading about Aquaman This TPB edition collects issues 1 6 from New52 s Aquaman Creative Team Writer Geoff JohnsIllustrator Ivan Reis DON T MESS WITH AQUAMAN This is the perfect book to read if you want to see redeemed the comic book character of Aquaman.Common jokes have made that people underestimate Aquaman and that s a grave mistake.Aquaman is a hybrid from a male human and a female Atlantean, and due his mother s heritage, he is one tough guy.If you re smartyou won t mess with Aquaman People tend to laugh about Aquaman just because his domains are the waters, well, just think what element covers two thirds of the planet and think again about laughing.You have to understand that since he can breathe under water and reaching the depts of the ocean, therefore his body can resist than a regular mortal, also a strenght way above of any normal man, and even he can perform jumps beyond of the ordinary The Trench is a great reading if you can re discover Aquaman and really understand what he can do and respect him as superhero MERA, SORCERESS OF THE SEAS Arthur Curry aka Aquaman isn t alone, he is living with Mera who is a full Atlantean and she can manipulate water, and if you aren t impressed, well, it seems that you forget that your body is easily 60% water.While Aquaman grew up in the land, therefore he knows everything about human society, Mera is just starting to learn how to interact with humans MAN OF TWO WORLDS Aquaman is just in the middle between human society and the vast realms of the oceans and just think that humans have barely explored a 5% of the oceans , so there are still many wonders, perils and things that humans don t know about the oceans, and soon enough Aquaman will realize that he still doesn t know many things about the oceans.A dangerous species from the bottom of the seas emerge and the coast isn t safe to anyone, even Aquaman and Mera Smart writing, by Geoff Johns, shows you the technical details of how Aquaman s powers really works, specially his famous telepathy Along with stunning artwork drawn by Ivan Reis, definitely this is Aquaman s fans must read.There aren t bad characters just bad creative team without imagination But you will find a top level team offering you a great Aquaman adventure. Re read 2016My friend Paul drew this picture, then sent it allllll the way across the pond to mehugs Paul Anyway, it inspired me to read all of the New 52 volumes again, because they were what first sparked my all consuming obsession with Aquaman And, yeah, I know you guys think I m silly, but he s hands down my favorite superhero of all time, and this volume was just as good as I remembered itmaybe better Original Review 2012Yes Aquaman is finally cool.Aquaman has been a punchline for years And why wouldn t he be I mean, he wears a green and orange sparkly outfit and talks to fish Instead of trying to do a cosmetic change, Johns addresses the issues that have been plaguing this character for years In fact, he centers the story around it.He s got major power, but everyone thinks he s a joke It s a running theme throughout the entire book However, somewhere in the middle of it all you stop seeing Aquaman and start seeing Arthur At that point, he becomes real to the reader.Raised as a human, and therefore originally rejected by Atlanteans, Arthur is stuck between two different worlds And neither one really wants him.Unlike DC s Namor, Arthur wants to help the surface world Land is just as much his home as the seamaybe so Unfortunately, no one takes him seriously Even beat cops ridicule his efforts to help That doesn t stop him from saving their asses, but it does give you a glimpse into what a thankless job he has been doing Which brings us to Mera Psst Don t call her Aquawoman. Unlike Arthur, she isn t one to grin and bear it.No She s of a Break Your Ass In Half kinda girl Sure, she tones it down for Arthur s sake, but her killer instinct is right there lurking close to the surface And it s a beautiful thing when she lets it out.I m going to go out on a limb and say that this one may end up being required reading some day It rivals Morrison s excellent re imagining of Clark Kent in Action Comics, Vol 1 Superman and the Men of Steel In other words, if you only get around to trying a few of DC s new titles, make sure The Trench is on your list.Unless, of course, you just rabidly hate Geoff Johns for no apparent reason Mike, I m talking to you.Get this review and at

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