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Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Drowning Well hey, this wasn t half bad I had never read a Aqauman solo title before I keep hearing to read Jeff s run and I plan on it but till then I decided to check this one out At first i was unsure, the Rebirth issue was just Meh but the rest of the volume stayed pretty interesting I really enjoyed the interaction with Aquaman and the land dwellers which made for interesting reflection of today s society of trust and image based on reports and news People are scared of Aquaman Don t trust him It s mostly thanks to the reports about him when really he s just trying to be a badass king and hope that America gets that The back and forth conversations, the political side of it, and the end result are all pretty good The start of it is okay at best The first two issues are really just one big fight scene with Aquaman and Mantis it starts off fun enough but honestly seen it before, done it better It s just okay here and the whole time I kept thinking this start could be better Yes, the end of the battle leads to interesting paths for both hero and villain but the start could have had of a punch Overall I quite enjoyed my time with this volume Not love, but enjoyed, and that s a surprise for me This and Red Hood are the two surprise reads for me in enjoyment I will check out volume 2 Best word to describe this one is okay Started out pretty lame but actually got better as it went Really want to see where Abnett goes with the Black Manta story. A Part Of DC Universe Rebirth Aquaman, The King Of Atlantis, Has Never Found A True Home In Either Of The Worlds That He Was Born Of In His Undersea Realm, Aquaman Is Both King And Outsider And In The Surface World, He S A Hero And An Outcast In This Brand New Series By Fan Favorite Writer Dan Abnett Titans Hunt And All Star Penciller Brad Walker Sinestro , The King Of Atlantis Attempts To Broker A Peace Between Atlantis And The Surface, But This Noble Quest Might Force Aquaman To Finally Choose Whether To Live His Life Above The Waves, Or Below Them Plus, Black Manta Makes His Bloody Return And Seeks To Destroy Everything And Everyone Aquaman Loves Collecting Aquaman , Rebirth I enjoyed this story I felt like the new 52 was a better start, but very few can compare to Geoff Johns as a storyteller They are never going to let Aquaman just resolve his to kingdoms, Atlantis and the US, are they This will forever by this archetype I wouldn t mind seeing a different type of story than always this push, pull of Arthur s two halves I don t really understand why comic books set up their good guys to fight each other over and over It seems people love seeing the good guys fight each other as much as they like seeing them fight bad guys I get tired of it It s quite the trend right now oh well I never seem to be on trend, or rarely Hey, not everyone can be Usually, a country will either try and resolve a situation peacefully or maybe go to war, but they don t seem to take the approach of locking up the president or King of a nation I think this was a strange reaction It just seems like a set up to me and if an embassy blows up, usually the government tries to figure out who did it, not closing it down and cutting off diplomatic ties AnywayI think this was a good story I had fun reading it and I will continue on with it I think Aquaman is still one of my favorite in the DC wheelhouse Well, if they don t continue to ruin her character, Wonder Woman is my favorite, but they have messed with her and she s not as shiny, but the movie got her right, to bad the NEW 52 did not. It s just the same story over and over again, i can t remember the last Aquaman trade i read that wasn t the same story about Arthur being hated by everyone and everything, if he s not fighting with Atlantis he s fighting with the US, the story is over done, you can spin it as many times as you like it s still the same record I still don t understand why Aquaman is hated, Abnett does a good job setting up this plot of Arthur being framed, and even people hating him, if that is somehow possible but i don t get why the hate instantly Plus Arthur being so self deprecating calling himself the creepy fish guy i m like what the fuck is going on here, like Aquaman is one of my faves and this whole idea of everyone hating him is just stupid and it s boring as fuck to read I feel like i ve read this exact same volume before and then the end turns into a injustice volume, i ve already seen Supes and Aquaman fighting and it was done better in injustice Overall us Aquaman fans still aren t getting a break even with the rebirth title it s still the same old same old another disappointing volume. Next to Superman, the best Rebirth volume I ve read yet I like Abnett s take on the character Humans either fear him or think he s a joke And Aquaman and Mera s relationship is actually pretty great I really liked the political tensions of the book and the war brewing between Atlantic and the U.S Superman s confrontation with Aquaman was absolutely fantastic Received an advance copy from DC and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. this was a reread for me as a whole, this issue is a very good starting point of conflict and shows a clear problem between the atlanteans and the people who live on land arthur wants to make amends with the land dwellers but while he is doing so, there is an attack that frames atlanteans as the terrorists aquaman is thrown in jail and mera saves him like the baddie she is even though he asked her not to he KNEW she would do smth tho, it s not her to not they fight the military together and superman shows up they kick superman s butt and then have a meeting in atlantis about how to handle this all while this is happening, n.e.m.o is planning attacks.such a creative story and a well depiction of aquaman and mera, along with characters like tula, murk and black manta. This one started off rough Rough art, painful dialogue but it did turn it around some by the end No where near Johns stuff but has a chance to be good. Don t tell Anne she ll defecate herself , but this is the first real, actual, solo Aquaman story I ve ever read Note it s not that Anne would defecate herself because this is the first real, actual, solo Aquaman story I ve ever read it s just that she does so habitually, and I fear any sudden movements might prompt another bowel explosion And, like the first woman goodly enough to allow me to practice the manly arts of love on her, I m underwhelmed On the one hand, the story takes itself very seriously, setting Aquaman up as a noble and righteous king torn between two worlds and struggling to do right by both on the other, it tries to self deprecatingly acknowledge the ridiculousness of making a righteous and noble figure of a dude who talks to fish and wears a hideous orange and green, skintight, scaly outfit The dissonance is distracting, and, other than some cool moments under the water where, as Bobby Generic once pointed out, the fish don t stink , the bulk of this story involves a lot of punching for questionable reasons and completely disproportionate responses from everyone from the U.S Chief of Staff to the Big Blue Boy Scout himself by which I mean Superman, not Papa Smurf, though rumor has it that he once took Aquaman in a best two out of three arm wrestling contest with, the story goes, both arms tied behind his back.If this is a representative example of the typical Aquaman tale, I ll just say what the aforementioned taker of my virginity told me upon being offered a second go No, thank you it s not that I m full, it s just that I don t want any Also, that thing you did, with the twisting It wasn t seductive, it just kind of hurt And when you move your hips like that, you look a little bit like a lopsided spinny toy Also, you have no ass It s possible that the entirety of that quote is not applicable here, but I leave that up to you to determine, dear reader Side note Anne, or others, if there are actual good, compelling Aquaman stories I should read, please let me know Atlantis has built a dry land embassy on the Massachusetts shore to strengthen relations with America But xenophobic Atlantean terrorists calling themselves the Deluge, as well as Aquaman s nemesis Black Manta, seek to destroy any attempt at peaceful co existence Time for Aquaman and Mera to hit stuff I ve only read a handful of random Rebirth issues so Aquaman, Volume 1 The Drowning is my first full Rebirth book Given how popular Rebirth has been with readers, putting perennial second place comics publisher DC s sales within swiping distance of market leader Marvel s whose own sales have nosedived dramatically in the last year , I was hoping that meant the quality would be sky high and unfortunately it s not, at least for Dan Abnett s Aquapants.I thought Rebirth was a return to the pre Flashpoint continuity, ignoring the New 52 years entirely, however the New 52 Throne of Atlantis storyline when Aquaman s half brother Orm Ocean Master flooded the coasts and invaded the land is referenced as the basis for America s fear of Atlantis in this book So it looks like Rebirth is a return to classic canon while also incorporating the New 52 timeline fair enough but no idea how that works given that the New 52 was a continuity reboot that wiped out classic canon The story is so uninspired Black Manta is being Black Manta, causing mayhem, this time in the new Atlantean embassy, because he wants revenge against Aquaman like he always does Abnett s just spinning his wheels, it s like reading tedium in comics form Then things get dumber with the Deluge terrorists obviously not standing for Atlantis sinking a US ship and once again creating tension between the two nations Rather than talk through the problem like adults, Aquaman and Mera mostly Mera behave like roided out meatheads, punching everything and everyone, making a bad situation even worse I feel like anyone with a higher than double digits IQ is gonna be not only bored but frustrated with how stupid everyone behaves especially as the escalation could ve easily been avoided if anyone stopped to think for a moment But then we wouldn t get Aquaman and Mera punching Superman which is apparently what Dan Abnett DC think readers want Duuuuuuuuh, I wants me comix to reads like me Injustice game Aquaman behaves weirdly out of character particularly in the Superman fight, suddenly being insecure about his place in the Justice League, ranting about being the creepy fish guy and not getting respect the Superfriends cartoon exists in this world Aquaman is a joke is the same tack Geoff Johns took in his first Aquabook and it remains a silly detail That said, Abnett doesn t have Johns blockbuster vision and pacing and the book doesn t have Ivan Reis sharp pencils because Aquaman ships every 2 weeks, a number of artists are required to keep up with the demanding schedule so the visuals throughout look rushed and keep changing.Mera is poorly written too Here she s angry, stupid and overly aggressive, which doesn t tally with the character we ve seen in previous books Given her behaviour here and Aquaman s negative reaction to it only makes their engagement even baffling Remember DC Universe Rebirth 1 The only story point in that issue for this series was Aquaman proposing to Mera And that s basically what Aquaman Rebirth is a series without any real direction, drive or purpose I suppose there s enough backstory here for it to be a decent jumping on point for new readers, which is one of the main selling points of Rebirth, but it s not a book that s gonna make anyone fall in love with the character or even entertain on any level I got nothing out of this one except for yawn after yawn A disappointing beginning to my Rebirth odyssey and another terrible Aquaman book to add to the pile

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