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Aquaman, Volume 2: The Others 2018 reread review So I am reading again Geoff Johns New 52 Aquaman run, right after watching the movie.All I can say now is that Volume 2 is a huge potential to become the main plot for an Aquaman sequel The story focuses on Manta amd The Others, a band of heroes who worked together before with Arthur Curry to protect the sacred artifacts of Atlantis from those who wanted to use them for evil things.Volume 2 is effective in further expanding the Aquaman lore in a way that it can be appreciated by both new and old readers Johns writing is made in such a way that the narrative itself is not convoluted.Previous review Less ambitious than The Trench, the second volume of new 52 Aquaman manages to deliver high quality action with less amount of seawater than the first The introduction of this Others group is a bit of a letdown Black Manta though is a huge redeeming factor Manta is the right villain to explore not just Aquaman s powers but his morality as well Artwork is superb as usual Black Manta s helmet is sick Chugs along at a good clip, with less time spent on exposition and on fast action.Black Manta has usually been a decent arch villain for the various incarnations of Aquaman at least, I m going by the Saturday morning cartoons where he always sat with the League of Injustice or whatever the supervillains team was called , and he s pretty crafty and driven here Giving him a good reason to hate Aquaman is a massive improvement here over Johns usual M.O where even the heroes just arbitrarily fight each other for no good reason.Here, it turns out that Aquaman has as much reason to be considered the bad guy, and if not for the fact that Johns is writing everyone as a dick in the New 52, this would be a really nice twist on the usual dynamics.I am getting pretty tired of the six years ago motif though Are we telling the stories of a universe that started a year ago, or are we trying to eat our cake and have it too Just tell a straight ahead story for once These incessant flashbacks are getting in the way of pacing, and there s a certain minimum level of talent the storyteller should have before he s allowed to fuck around like this Tarantino, maybe Johns, not so much The other thing that s irritating because it s distracting from the momentum is anytime Johns reveals a momentous moment there s another MacGuffin, Aquaman or Here s the reappearance of a character we barely know, has had three lines so far, and is someone to whom we readers have absolutely no connection While the art and writing make it clear I m supposed to care about these revelations, all they do is remind me what a fanboi Johns is and how much he enjoys playing with these things that probably mean something to a reader who s followed thirty years of this character Which I haven t.In this regard, I m completely with Sims Wilson and fellow GR reviewer Sam Quixote isn t this New 52 supposed to be a reboot, free of the decades of history since the last DC wide reboot And if so, why are we expected to notice or care about these details that haven t been sold on camera Lordy, and here we go with another version of the I gotta do this alone man with testosterone poisoning of the brain stupidity Green Arrow does this in Lemire s rendition, and probably Johns does it elsewhere too in a solo book, for a hero who s a member of not one but two teams, he s being a blockhead tool to not accept help from anyone else.I m with Anne though, that at least Mera is a kick ass character Take charge, no fear, and no whining Does what she likes, has a modicum of agency, and has a power set that s not a weakened version of Aquaman s.However, the climactic view spoiler redemption scene is terrible like something out of a high school play, what with everyone repeating you ve changed Arthur, and we haven t And Aquaman saying he ll kill Black Manta hide spoiler Long Before The King Of The Seven Seas Joined The Justice League, Aquaman Was A Part Of Another Super Team The Others These Young Costumed Adventurers Traveled The Globe, Each Trying To Find Their Own Individual Road To Redemption Six Years Later After A Grisly Murder, The Others Are Reunited They Know Only One Man Could Be Responsible Black Manta Aquaman Must Lead The Charge To Stop His Arch Nemesis, But Will The Years Have Fractured The Others Just Enough To Keep Them From Bringing This Villain To Justice By The Critically Acclaimed Creative Team Behind Blackest Night Geoff Johns And Ivan Reis, Aquaman, Volume The Others Is The Heart Stopping Heart Stopping Follow Up To The New York Times Best Selling Aquaman, Volume The TrenchCollecting Aquaman It s been awhile since volume one, even though I liked it Volume two is every bit as good I was never really into Aquaman, but Johns made him interesting to me Granted, than half of that is because of Mera And she remains every bit as cool and kickass in this volume I d read just about anything with her in it, as long as she remains like this.There are several other new characters, and a few that are, I think, new to New 52 There s The Others, Aquaman s previous almost, not quite team Some good ideas here, as far as the characters go, and even though most of them don t show up on the page for terribly long, I still got a good look at their personalities I think this was also Black Manta s first real go since Flashpoint, and I liked where Johns was going with this The hatred between him and Aquaman was very real, and the reasons behind the feud made sense and were dramatic without being over the top Who knew that I would end up liking Aquaman this much It helps that the art is really, really good, and that Aquaman is pretty easy on the eyes. 3.5 5Volume two of this new Aquaman reboot is better than the first one In this one we meet The Others, a group of super heroes from Aquaman s past who resurface after one of them is killed by the bag guy of the volume, Black Manta I found this story worked really well because I got to know about the past Aquaman and the Aquaman he is today because of that In the first volume we barely got to know much about him and is difficult to get invested in someone you don t know We finally know how Arthur s father died and why he is so angry with Shin and this add a few layers to the characters Now they are not just randos I m gonna start using this word a lot, ya os aviso whose s motivations who don t know because the writer hasn t told you Like I said, difficult to get invested I didn t know anything about The Others but it wasn t difficult to get their dynamics and sort or who they are Black Manta and Aquaman were placed in similar situation, each seeking revenge for something the other did this is who wars get started, morons but in the end, Arthur leaves the better man Duh The flashbacks did show me a different Arthur and now I feel like he is a person or a fish , a fishon , you know what I mean instead of just a random hero which it what he look in the first volume.So, let s consider this a succeed and move on.P.S Me da que me ido bastante por los cerros del beda pero son las dos y media de la ma ana, mi cerebro est atontado. Another than good volume of Geoff John s New 52 run who revitalized Aquaman from lamest superhero ever to a cool one.Loved the storyline, Black Manta is just the perfect nemesis to Arthur Curry, the Others are a cool team and I could stare to Ivan Reis awesome artworks for hours, but sometimes John s cinematic script seems going on autopilot and some of the supporting characters fleshing is close to zero.Again, this was a surprising good reading for me never thought I was going to read and appreciate an Aquaman comic book in my life funny details about that in my previous review of Aquaman, Volume 1 The Trench. So last year I read volume 1 of New 52 Aquaman And I thought it was pretty good I also said I d read volume 2 if Comixology ever had it on sale.Well, guess what Comixology have it on sale And like volume 1, volume 2 was also pretty good I liked volume 2 a bit than volume 1, which is why it gets 4 stars instead of 3 It s a very visual book and Geoff Johns lets Ivan Reis s art do a lot of the work Which is cool because Reis s art looks good.There s also some mythology building here with The Others, who are a superhero team Aquaman used to hang out with before he made better friends and started hanging with The Justice League At it s heart though, this is a revenge story Black Mantra wants revenge of Aquaman for killing his Father, while Aquaman also blames Black Mantra for his fathers death So classic superheroes with dead parents issues.I m also going to probably check out the rest of Geoff Johns Aquaman Because I quite like it. 3.5 starsThis was still good but not great like the first one In this, Johns delves into Aquaman s backstory He introduces the Others who seem really cool , Aquaman s family history, his big revenge seeking thing, and one of his biggest enemies Black Manta.As a new Aquafan, I liked this because it introduced me to who Aquaman really is The first volume was great and drew me in, but this volume explored of the complexities and motivations of his character.Of course, Geoff Johns s storytelling and Ivan Reis s artwork definitely made it worth reading too. Re read 2016Eh.Ok, this is my least favorite volume of Johns Aquaman And the reason for that is my extreme dislike of The Others I justno I don t care for them.This was still a pretty good story, though Manta and his backstory with Arthur was much better than I remembered it being He s not just some dork in a weird helmet, he s a dangerous man on a mission for revenge.So, yeahvery cool This one might have been kind of a low er point for me in this title, but it s still a great book.Original review 2013A good follow up to Aquaman, Vol 1 The Trench The Others are an interesting group of heroes I ve never read about any of them before, so I have no idea if they were created for this story, or older characters that have been revived Anybody Anybody I thought they were a cool addition to Aquaman s backstory, though.At any rate, Arthur s past catches up to him, and he s forced to reveal some things about himself to Mera that he was hoping to keep to himself Turns out Arthur might not have always been such a goody goody Yes Black Manta shows up, does evil stuff, and proves to be a worthy nemesis for Arthur I m happy with that entire storyline, including the reason they hate each other.Mera is still the bad ass Little Mermaid Love her Is it possible for her to get her own title Just an ideaAnyway, if you hated volume onedon t bother But if you enjoyed Johns version of this New Aquaman, don t miss out on this one Wha ppen Where did all the fun go Looks like Johns put Aquaman on autopilot as soon as the very enjoyable first arc was done, as Vol 2 The Others does not have much to offer beyond by the numbers superhero action, a bunch of one dimensional characters I ve never seen before, and an extra helping of TA shots.

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Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4 During that time, he also began his comics career

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