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Aquaman, Volume 3: Throne of Atlantis Damn, Aquaman is a total badass What the hell alternate reality am I living in I have to admit I ve never been an Aquaman fan The whole talking to fish thing wasn t very impressive, but Geoff Johns has worked miracles with this character The story here was gripping, action packed, and emotional the art, meanwhile, was truly breathtaking, doing justice to every one of the great DC characters as well as the undersea world itself.For whatever it is worth, I m a huge fan of this Aquaman, as most superhero fans should be. Aquaman, Who Long Ago Lost Contact With His People, Must Watch As Armies Emerge From The Sea To Attack The Surface World The Justice League Answers The Call To Defend The Shores From The Invading Atlantean Horde But Whose Side Is Aquaman On With His Brother Orm At The Head Of The Undersea Army, Will Aquaman Stand With His Earth Bound Superteam Or His Own People Collecting Aquaman , Justice League Decided to do a re read after watching Aquaman Atlantis attacks the surface after some missiles inadvertently hit Atlantis There are so many great character moments interspersed between epic battles I loved Superman and Wonder Woman s first date It was delightful Amanda Waller trying to recruit Black Manta to the Suicide Squad How great was that Cyborg s sacrifice Theirs so much to love Johns masterfully reconstructed Orm s character He s actually a good king protecting his kingdom I really liked how Orm and Arthur really cared for one another and hated being on opposing sides Ivan Reis s and Paul Pelletier s art is sublime Even though their styles are different, they meshed really well together. I get it now Geoff Johns is the comic book Michael Bay Do you like massive, loud action scenes strung together with a nonsensical story Look no further than Throne of Atlantis, this summer s blockbuster s hit Ok, this whole review is going to look into why Throne of Atlantis is one big DUUUUUH so it s going to be packed with spoilers if you haven t read this yet and you re just looking for a yay or nay review, my answer is if you ve enjoyed New 52 Aquaman so far, you ll like this if not, it won t change your mind It s Geoff Johns being Geoff Johns and that s something you either like or dislike at this point Right, from now on here be spoilers Missiles from a military cruiser are fired at Atlantis precipitating an attack from the current King of Atlantis, Orm, who is Arthur s half brother In retaliation, the Atlantean army launches a massive tidal wave against the East Coast of America, putting Gotham and Metropolis under water, and follows it up with a land invasion Will the Justice League be up for the challenge Sigh here we go again, Papa Johns If you ve read your share of superhero comics, you ll know that most superhero fights, big or small, could be avoided with a simple conversation between the two combatants and, usually, this dialogue would then make fighting redundant as the problem is usually a trite misunderstanding That s what Throne is like, right from the get go Orm should ve spoken to the Justice League about the missile attack who could ve spoken to the US Military and Orm would ve discovered that the attack was unintentional and that starting a war would be a waste of their resources, not to mention lives Further, they could combine forces to find the real culprit behind the malicious attack a lot faster But no, that would mean no big splash pages pun not intended but very appropriate and no story , flimsy as it is So to war they go, manipulated easier than puppets I m going to skip ahead to the finale now because the middle is just one long fight scene between the Justice League and the Atlanteans in the unending rain Orm proves he s a tough dude because I guess that was important , the Atlanteans as well, while Hawkman even shows up at one point and DOESN T wreck the book which is a tiny miracle though his inclusion is pointless what s a winged dimwit with a mace going to do against a tidal wave There s some fine art from Ivan Reis who draws the Justice League issues and Paul Pelletier who draws the Aquaman issues yeah, both titles get splotched together in this book because DC apparently stands for Dumb Crossovers , even though the splash pages are busier than Oxford Street on Christmas week But the art does look stream lined and has this modern comics cinematic look to it with wide panels and splash pages, all of which complements the story well.So the incredibly stupid finale It s revealed that Arthur s exiled advisor, Vulko, is behind all this madness Who s Vulko He s an older gentleman who s rocking a ponytail possibly to make up for the lack of hair on top, has a bit of a belly, and spends his free time on the Scandinavian shore untangling fishing lines He s also nursing a grudge against Atlantis for banishing him and wants to see Arthur as the King of Atlantis because well, HE thinks that s who should be on the throne, even though no one else, including Arthur, thinks this way So that must mean Atlantis is a disaster right some kind of dictatorial nightmare for Vulko to go to such drastic lengths to change the leadership Actually, Atlantis is a very decent place under Orm s rule It appears prosperous and he s actually quite a progressive leader, taking a strong stance against superstitious nonsense and punishing those who would threaten children That s how Orm is introduced by the way, as a leader who cares about the safety and well being of his people and makes a good call by standing up to thug violence And he s the bad guy Vulko somehow it s never actually explained how he does this manages to get a US Navy Cruiser to fire its payload at Atlantis because he thinks, rightly as it turns out, that Atlantis will throw its full force in retaliation to the surface world and cause Arthur to choose to take the throne of Atlantis for himself Ok few problems with this How did Vulko know Atlantis would succeed in a war against the surface world, who count amongst their number Superman, the most powerful being on the planet, along with Wonder Woman, J onn J onzz, and numerous others It would be likely that Atlantis would lose this war and the city would be destroyed, so Arthur would never have been king at all as the throne and the people would no longer exist Also, whichever side lost, how does he know Aquaman s response to finding out this was all to manipulate him into taking the throne, would be to take the throne It d make sense that he would refuse any claim to the throne forever based off of the bloodshed this war has caused And, once again, Atlantis is ruled by a good king, Orm, who is reacting to an act of war a bit too reactively but then Johns isn t writing him with much intelligence Aquaman could well say, Orm is the king, he is my brother, I m in the Justice League, let s all just learn to get along, ok And next time, let s TALK FIRST before doing anything rash Maybe you re thinking, well, clearly Vulko s crazy, that s why his plan doesn t make a lick of sense you can t rationally explain a madman s ideas And you d be right, except that Aquaman validates Vulko s insane plan by accepting the throne of Atlantis and returning to be the king His reaction when he finds out that Vulko was behind everything is basically You did all of this just to get me back on the throne do you have any idea HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED I accept Wait what So I guess Vulko was right to do what he did His plan did work To be fair, the scene where Aquaman yells I AM YOUR KING is really funny so it was kinda worth it Meanwhile, Orm, whom I felt sympathetic towards after re reading parts of the book, gets locked up on land while Vulko goes to an Atlantean jail why Vulko s by far the worse of the two he should be punished the most by staying on land Already Arthur s first decision as new king is questionable it d be amazing if he turned out to be a worse ruler than Orm Everything about the plot of this book makes no sense when you stop and think about it for a moment It s just a lazy excuse to have a giant fight between the Justice League and the Atlantean army because big, dumb, loud action scenes sell comics This is why Johns is the comic book Michael Bay they both choose mindless action over everything else Like a Transformers movie, you can appreciate the energy and effort that s gone into making the book look flashy and attractive but look beneath the surface and it s a staggeringly stupid and failed attempt at good storytelling All that, and I didn t even mention how bizarre it was that Orm managed to defeat Superman, Wonder Woman AND Batman in one go And there s a Justice League Throne of Atlantis book The whole story is right here in this volume What, they throw in a couple extra Justice League issues and then duplicate this volume for a whole new volume What a ripoff Cynical, cynical DC. Another good volume in this series I had already read about half of this volume through Geoff Johns Justice League series but I preferred reading it in the context of Aquaman because it makes sense and it s easier to be empathetic towards Arthur.Basically the issues that Atlantis has underwater and trust me, there are a ton have exploded onto the surface via subtle manipulations of a character I m not going to spoil The complexities of Arthur s character have again shown up here He feels he must defend people living on land and the Justice League when they do not trust and respect him the Justice League trusts and respects him, citizens don t , but he also feels he must stay true to his Atlantean heritage and his half brother.Just an all around enjoyable comic with action, drama, romance, and suspense. For most of the time I was reading this book, I was greatly enjoying it It s a big event, but there s a personal element to it, too Atlantis invades the surface world, forcing Aquaman to choose sides And there s plenty of cool stuff going on It helps that Mera remains ridiculously awesome, and that Aquaman s enemy Black Manta has a scene that makes him so much cooler and intimidating than I ever would have expected him to be And there s a really fun scene with Clark teaching Diana how glasses can be a good disguise So far, so good.And then I get to end of the book and something hits me This whole war with Atlantis starts when renegade naval missiles hit Atlantis Surely, this had some sort of effect in Atlantis Surely, there was damage, injuries, even fatalities Surely But I can only speculate, because not one single person on the surface side seems to care in the least that Atlantis was attacked, not even Aquaman At no point does anyone even acknowledge that the events that triggered Atlantis to attack are actually, legitimately terrible, and actually, legitimately something that an actual, totally sane country would go to war over At no point is there any expression of regret at their losses, or an understanding that maybe the Atlanteans have a right to be upset Only the lives of humans matter in this book, which is a genuinely uncomfortable prospect when two members of the team aren t human.Which makes the supposedly triumphant ending that much sour to me The current king of Atlantis, Arthur s half brother Orm, is repeatedly shown to be, in general, a good man, a good king, and has nothing but the best interest of his people at heart So when Arthur defeats him and takes his throne view spoiler which is, incidentally, exactly what the person who actually aimed the missiles at Atlantis wanted, so yay for letting the villain win hide spoiler OK, so this is unprecedentedGeoff Johns has been involved in a storyline I ve enjoyed for 3 volumes in a rowoh, and it s AQUAMAN.The only drawback is that this volume includes some Justice League issues that I ve already read and apparently didn t enjoy So Ya, somehow that Origin issue of Aquaman was much enjoyable, Arthur accepts who he is, meets Vulko who s OBVIOUSLY drawn in a way that gives away plenty and returns to Atlantis.The JL stuff was still kinda dumb, the reserves being called in was cool, but seriously, ELEMENT WOMAN VIXEN Hawkman and Firestorm, sure, Black Canary and Lightning, OK, even Zatana, but those 2 Issue 14 of Aquaman is missing from Vol 3 of Justice League, and it s actually a pretty crucial piece of the puzzle, and probably the other reason I like this version of the story than the JL version Here Arthur and Orm have an actual conversation like adults, and Orm comes across as perfectly reasonable and actually having some love respect for his half brother When you put it into the context of the whole story of Atlantis attacking Earth, it adds to the story and the shades of grey that everyone lives in.Here s a strength everyone IS a shade of Grey There s no absolutes As much as Arthur shouldn t be attacking JL members, the JL members seem pretty dense about things other than Batman, who s just his usual self, but actually gives Arthur leeway than I ve seen him give anyone 14 also has a great section with Black Manta in Belle Reve Prison and his interactions with Amanda Waller His actions here do to build him up as a pretty badass mofo When he tells Waller what he does view spoiler he s not dying for Waller and her Suicide Squadhe ll only die for Aquaman hide spoiler Re read 2016I mainly decided to re read Johns entire run because I made my teenage son to read them Yeah That s right I forced my kid to read Aquaman comics, because he like some of you was making fun of me for my obsession with this character.So Since I m not only his mother, but also an asshole, I picked up all four volumes of this sucker, and plopped them down in front of him.Me Read em.Him Are you serious Me raises eyebrow Him Alright Alright Jesus And do you wanna know what he thought Well, I m going to tell you anywayHe LOVED them And as an added bonus, he ended up having to admit that Mom was right.Original review 2014Why in the world aren t people reading this title Throne of Atlantis is a really strong volume for the Aquaman title Ok, okMaybe the story fell off a little during Aquaman, Vol 2 The Others I still thought it was pretty good, dammit But volume 3 is exceptional In this one we meet Arthur s brother, Orm, and we get a bit of backstory on their relationship.His character is a bit morally ambiguous, and by the end you re left wondering what side of the Good Guy Bad Guy fence he s going to end up falling on.We also meet Arthur s mentor, who plays a surprising role in the drama that s about to unfold.The plot goes something like this A naval ship s missile goes rogue for no apparent reason , and detonates underwater At first, it s not terribly worrying, because there s supposedly nothing charted around the area where the missile was headed.Unfortunately, it hit Atlantis.Orm now the Atlantean king attacks the surface world in retaliation, and Arthur is forced to choose sides.Lots of great battle scenes in this one, folks Atlantis army and technology is than expected, which necessitates putting out the call to an assload of superhumans for support So we kind of have the beginnings of the Justice League opening up the doors to new members Fun Fact For once, Hawkman makes an appearance without killing a story Of course, someone must have been responsible for the initial attack on Atlantis, so there s a nice little Whodunnit playing out in the background of the battles.Oh, and those monsters from the Trench play a role in the story, too Nice to know reading volume 2 wasn t a waste.Mera is still such a kick ass character, and while she s being portrayed in a great light, I d still love to see her get page time Maybe her own title Hint, hint Highly recommended Seriously Also posted at Addicted2Heroines Well, that wasn t the most organic or convincing story in the world, was it But I guess that s beside the point, as long as it results in a war that looks like a cross between the movies Pearl Harbour, 2012 and Piranha Seriously, where did all the fun and charm from Volume 1 go

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