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Aquaman, Volume 4: Death of a King And so ends Geoff Johns s run on Aquaman, a character I never thought I would like this much He did a lot of good in his time, including making Mera into one of my favorite characters this side of Flashpoint At times, I felt like she was the real star of the book And I love her relationship with Arthur There s obviously deep love and mutual respect between them, which makes them a very fun couple to read about And I love seeing them fight together as a unit This was actually one of the things that was surprisingly good about Superman Wonder Woman, which makes at least two good relationships in the current DCU view spoiler Wait, don t tell me, DC already screwed up at least one of them hide spoiler Geoff Johns always seems to, for the most part, do a creditable job in his D.C comic runs This is his take on Aquaman It was better than I thought it would be Aquaman faces a great conflict as the First King of Atlantis awakens The historical background of Arthur s Atlantean family is very interesting and a nice twist No spoilers though Well illustrated this was a fun and entertaining read Not much to say really if you like Aquaman you will enjoy this Geoff Johns re do. Unfolding Out Of The Events Of Aquaman, Volume Throne Of Atlantis Comes A Mystery That Sends Aquaman To The Ends Of The Earth To Solve An Ancient Murder One That Will Reveal A Horrific Truth About Arthur Curry And Threaten Those Closest To Him TodayAlso, As The Scavenger Compiles Atlantean Weaponry And Artifacts, Aquaman Enlists The Aid Of The Others To Help Find One Missing Relic In The Southwestern United States Before His Enemies Can Get To It And Possess Untold PowerCollecting Aquaman Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The New 52 Aquaman 4 Death of a King collects issues 18 25 of the ongoing series Geoff Johns creates the story, and Paul Pelletier brings it to life with his artwork And while the two do an excellent job of coaxing this tale to life, it is still missing some ingredient to actual make it a real page turner.The adventure itself begins with a bang as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is the unsettled King of Atlantis after the events in the previous story arcs He is determined to clean up the mess made by Atlantis attack on the surface world and has sent his forces around the globe to recovery Atlantean weapons and artifacts taken by the Scavenger However, even while Arthur is attempting to live up to his responsibility to protect the seas and its denizens, many of his new subjects do not view it as such but rather as a sign of his weakness and desire to side with the surface dwellers rather than his own watery subjects Not only that but there are even rumblings that Arthur is not the right man to be king, and that Atlantis previous ruler should return from his imprisonment in America and take back his rightful place upon the throne Add to this sad state of affairs the fact that Mera herself is reluctance to return with him to the ocean, and one can understand Arthur s fragile mental state as the book begins.Naturally, Aquaman gets no chance to come to grips with his problems, however, because immediately a new threat emerges An ancient denizen of the watery depths is inadvertently reawakened by Arthur himself, and his resurrection from the shadowy past spells trouble for our aquatic hero For this enemy has power unprecedented, and he is determined to unseat this false Atlantean king In order to fend this threat off, Arthur finds that he must uncover a horrific truth about Atlantis past and his own forefathers while dealing with potential traitors from within.From this setup, Geoff Johns does his best to throw every curve ball in his repertoire at a reader There are fights galore, personal musings, relationship issues, ancient knowledge, and unexpected twists We even have side stories involving other characters Each of these individual dramas drawn in stunning style by Paul Pelletier and the art team Indeed, for most of the graphic novel, the art is spectacular, expertly capturing the aquatic underworld of Aquaman and hiding any stumbles in the tale itself But at the end of the day, pretty pictures only go so far to make a story interestingAnd there lies the problem with this collection It starts off very strong and ends strong, but in my opinion much of the in between of Death of a King is rather ho hum reading Sure, it is somewhat interesting and adds some layers to the Atlantean and Aquaman mythos, but it never gripped me and made me want to turn the pages as quickly as possible While I realize that every story arch is not going to be an epic masterpiece, this one left me rather meh at best In summation, Aquaman Volume 4 Death of a King is an okay read, than worthy to waste a few hours, but after finishing this one, I do not believe it will end up on your favorite list Even with that being said, I still enjoyed the updated version of Arthur Curry Aquaman and will look forward to reading about him in the future I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review I d like to thank the publisher for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone. A beautiful looking book Gorgeous evocative designs, great strong linework, and gorgeous murky or sharp colouring.Writing still ain t half bad either as restrained and under exposed as I ve ever seen out of Johns, like he actually made an effort to show us in his writing what Aquaman is doing in his silent, restrained brooding What absolutely fascinates me is how these stories of Aquaman and Atlantis are woven deep with grey no one is entirely right or evil, and it s actually getting easier to understand all sides of the intrigues Further, the events of this book play out upon one another, so that it actually feels like a continuous world that must evolve and continue living out everyone s interconnected lives not a disjointed series of Events or Episodes But wait , you screech, Isn t this Geoff Johns last orgasm clench at his favourite muscly he man Why yes it is, and in the throes of self administered passion, Johns does not disappoint Throughout this volume he s been building a sandcastle homage to the wonders of Atlantean mythology and in the last issue, he covers it with sticky sweet saccharine, entombing the ideas forever under a hardening veneer of wild eyed fanboi Shame he couldn t keep his hands out of his pants just this once, keep the grand tone and pull a Scalped or a Locke key.Actually, the greatest disappointment of this volume isn t the sappy ever after ending, but the fact that this world and the epilogue bridge teaser that could spell great tales to come is being handed to that King of Mediocre comic space fillers, Jeff Parker Hand this guy a limited series, he can make a good story Give him an endless court, and he ll dribble without ever taking a three point shot.I enjoyed the ride during this book, but what a comedown It s like sitting on the couch after a weekend of video games and comics, knowing that work is looming the next morning Unavoidable and disappointing. All hail King ArthurCartoonish cover art made me afraid the artist change was going to disappoint me a lot after previous three volumes wonderfully illustrated by Ivan Reis, instead Paul Pelletier s artworks were just really good too.And this final volume of Geoff John s run on Aquaman was a real great one, with so many court intrigues, scheming betraying characters and the return of a frozen death king, that I could hear the Game of Thrones soundtrack main theme at every twist or cliffhanger, and they are so many that it is surprising how John s storyline not crumbled under them keeping everything in line but for Orm s jailbreak and the three plotters coming back to Atlantis happening off scene, but that s ok.An excellent ending to an excellent run who revitalized Aquaman from sit com web joke to one of the greatest DC characters ever, giving to King Arthur Curry of Atlantis all the respect he deserved, and making this old Marvel Zombie here love him never thought it was going to happen, but that s it and his queen Mera, just one of the most badass heroines ever, so much that I look forward to read about them in the future. This brings Geoff Johns run on yet another Justice League member s solo series to a close Although you could argue that Johns did kinda force Aquaman into the JL series so hard that Vol 3 of JL and Aquaman were pretty much the exact same reading order and books There s all kindsa shit goin down herewe re finally getting a chance to meet the people of Atlantis and get a feel for where everyone sits This is murky Literally, in the colours of the deep which look great and the spectrum of greys of personalities between Good and Evil Everyone has motivations, and there s no one who comes across as a complete villain, even though some do villainous things Johns actually took the time to think this out before doing it.Am I really complimenting Geoff Johns in the year 2014 Yup This is a very good book I enjoyed it quite a bit We met some new characters, including some antagonists for Arthur, I m sure some of whom will be back again The introduction of the First King Dead King is very interesting, the original ruler of the 7 seas, who Arthur is descended frommaybebut there s a logical problem here that Johns made, and I have to point it out view spoiler How can Arthur be descended from Orin, the brother of Atlan, but NOT be descended from Atlan himself like seriously dudeI m descended from my grandfather, yes, but also from my great uncle, am I not I would think so hide spoiler Can we just take a moment to note I found a new comic crush I got to thank Johns and the artist on this run to really make me love Mera Not only is she badass, can defend herself, and is super smart She s fucking sexy Like DAMN GURL sexy Like it s scary how hot I find her because she s on a piece of paper and not real The movie gotta do a lot of work to live up to this one Aquaman is trying to balance respecting people above the sea while fighting for the throne below The people are following him but not all respect him This volume really goes wild and we see multiple views of different characters that all begin to intertwine with each other By the end we get a reveal that was both sad and horrifying Especially for Arthur What I liked I loved Mera in here Her coming to terms of who she wants to be was a perfect full circle Then you got Arthur learning that a king s choice could be a dangerous one I really enjoyed most of the side characters, even the selfish ones focusing on destruction and death They had reason to I also liked the big reveal, I thought that was well done and handled with care What I didn t like Mera s husband was a silly character and the big OH NO ending was kind of forced It be better if it was Mantisthe person he went for makes no sense for that character IMO Overall Johns run was super fun and exciting Even the worst volume volume 2 was still a lot of fun just the weakest I truly recommend people wanting to give Aquaman a chance to check out Johns run Well worth the read. Return of the AquaBeard Ok Let s just get the Aquaman is Lame jokes out of the way right up front, shall we I mean, there s a wealth of them, and it would be a damn shame to let them go to wasteWho really found Nemo An Idiot s Guide to Capturing Aquaman Mermaid Man Is that you Career counseling sessionPoor Aquamanthese jokes make him sad.Alright If you haven t been enjoying Johns run on this title, then nothing I say here is going to change your mind.But.If you re still reading the New 52 Aquaman, then this one won t disappoint.There s no crossover event in Death of a King, so you aren t reading a rehash of things that have already happened between the pages of the Justice League title Score This is all about Arthur trying to win over the people of Atlantis, now that he has decided to take up his rightful place as their king.Of course, nothing is going right.Most surface dwellers aka me and you think Atlantians are dangerous, and no longer trust Aquaman While at the same time, the Atlantians think humans are dangerous, andwell, also no longer trust Aquaman.To make matters worse for Arthur, Mera refuses to live in Atlantis, choosing instead to continue her stay on land.Speaking of Mera Can someone please get this woman her own title This lady is one of the most overlooked gems in the entire DC universe.And for the life of me, I just don t understand it I was happy that Johns gave her a larger role to play in this volume, but stillOn top of everything else that s going on, something wakes up the First King of Atlantis This guy is ancient, crusty, crazy, and determined to take out anyone in his way Oh yeah, and he s pretty fucking powerful, tooSpoilery stuff happens And suddenly we get to find out why Mera the Mermaid doesn t like to go Under the Sea Ok Here s what I think Johns did right Things are going from bad to worse for Aquaman in Atlantis, and shit is raining down on Arthur faster than he can flush Even the Atlantians who ve sworn to allegiance to him are having second thoughts about his competence to rule The whole kingdom is in a state of unrest, and no one is convinced that he has the strength to hold it together And it seems that everyone who can betray him will But when he finds out that Mera is in danger BOOM He s gone Outta there Bye bye See ya later He loves her.And when you love somebody, you move Heaven and Earth to save them view spoiler T Challa really should have called this guy for advice on how to treat Storm I guarantee you Mera s not going to end up with a revenge haircut, or hairy midget from Canada hide spoiler I forgot how much I like Aquaman.No, really.Also, after reading a couple of titles that had atrocious art, Aquaman s art team is such a welcome change

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