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Aquaman, Volume 6: Maelstrom 3.5 starsI wasn t looking forward to reading this after how awful the last volume was to slog through Sea of Storms was enough to stop this hardcore Aquaman fan for quite a while.It was such a chore to read that I put this one off for about 6 months, and now I m sorry I did because Maelstrom was a huge improvement The main story focuses on Arthur trying to find out why Atlantis is having seaquakes Which leads to him discovering the city seems to be rejecting him, then finding out that there are still some mysteries surrounding his mother s death Martian Manhunter shows up to help out, which reminded me once again what a cool character he is and how much I wish DC would give him his own movie deal The highlight of the volume, though The 2 Secret Origin stories for Arthur and Mera that were included.I think I ve read the Aquaman issue before, but this was the first time reading this version of Mera s story Very cool.PLUS There s a visit to Gorilla City Gorilla Grodd is one of my favorite all time villains I have no logical explanation for that, but I sort of squeal internally every time he shows up on pageshrugs And that leads to a resolution of sorts with Arthur s mommy issues Also, Mera gets to show off her badassery in a spectacular fashion Why Because she s Mera BOOM This volume gave me hope that maybe finishing out Aquaman s New 52 run won t be as painful as I thought it would be Recommended for Aquafans Much, much better than volume 5, the plot lasts the full volume instead of 1 or 2 issues It s a good little read, it has a great start and a neat wrapped up ending somewhere in the middle it kinda loses focus with the gorillas and everything else but overall it s worth picking up. The creative team of Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons are at the top of their game with Aquaman The stories are fun and exciting I ve been a fan of Pelletier s since he was starting out on Ex Mutants It seems he was made to draw underwater scenes as this is some of his best work The Aquaman movie does draw from the Maelstrom arc. This was a rare volume that only seemed to get stronger as it went along, involving a driven Aquaman seeking answers about his mother s death There are some hugely entertaining stops along the way, and disparate elements of DC Mythology are cleverly woven into the Undersea Realm s past Plus, Mera is seriously on point throughout I love it when the titular hero s wife partner is arguably powerful than he is I m really in the middle on this one It s like a 2.5 but I gave it a 3 simply because I liked than I disliked This volume is kind of split First half is just a generic looking fish monster named Chamire or whatever choosing to show how strong he is by going after Aquaman It s pretty boring and honestly worried this volume would be a total dud Then the second half kicks in and we get Arthur traveling with mara to different portals to find his.MOMA That s right mofos, big moma ain t dead yet It s pretty entertaining watching him jump around to visit Mr Grodd who s just a big old baby now days Then we find someone important and all hell breaks loose What I liked Watching Aquaman go after his moma brought up some good emotion I loved watching him vs Grodd Very entertaining I also love Mara, of course, cause she so damn fine and so damn badass Her last few panels in this book were FANTASTIC I also am eager to see where we go from here What I didn t like The first few issues were a total dud Like the worst in the entire New52 run I also didn t feel any emotion to a death because the character was kind oflame Oh and Aquaman s mom is kind of a bitch Overall it was decent fun but nothing to write home about Seems that s the calling of most Aquaman stories not written by my dude Johns Sad Still I SHALL FINISH THIS RUN Astounding Jeff Parker as definitely made Aquaman an exciting and not to miss series for the DC comics universe I am amazed at how this series has maintained such high quality content for so long even with the change of writers The last volume was a little weak but the seeds Jeff Parker planted in that volume have certainly been fruitful in this volume In volume 6 of Aquaman we find out that the continent of Atlantis has literally been rejecting him This really begins to confuse the would be king Arthur aka Aquaman who is consistently battling inwardly with whether or not he belongs on the surface or if he is the rightful king of Atlantis The first have of the story finds Arthur battling an experimented human sea creature hybrid named Chimera Who I must say was a pretty cool challenge for our hero since Chimera could communicate with sea life, transform into any form of sea creature and is just as strong as Aquaman The next part of our tale finds Arthur discovering that Atlantis has hidden gateways that open to other worlds Arthur and Mera must travel these gateways to discover not only why Atlantis is having tremors in rejection of Arthur as king but discover the truth about Arthur s mother s death I do not want to spoil the story so I will just say we get a great globe trotting adventure and some inter dimensional traveling to some familiar worlds known only to die hard DC comics fans Guest stars include the Martian Manhunter, Solovar and the incredible flash villain Gorilla Grodd Paul Pelletier s artwork was fantastic and the character moments are great here as well The Maelstrom story line had everything I want in a superhero comic A great action story that never loses sight of the most important factor the Hero This was one of the best Aquaman tale s I have read since Geoff John s Throne of Atlantis I hope Aquaman continues to give us great adventure stories. The Ruthless Chimera A New Villain With Links To Aquaman S Past Has Arrived To Destroy The King Of The Seven Seas, And Arthur May Not Be Powerful Enough To Stop Him Meanwhile, With Threat After Threat Demanding His Attention, It S Fallen To Mera To Hold Atlantis Together, Even If Most Of The City Wants Her Dead The Conspirators Hiding In The Shadows Of The City S Darkest Reaches Can T Hide Forever But Can Mera Get To Them Before Atlantis Comes Apart Collecting Aquaman Material From Secret Origins , Quite an improvement over the previous volume This one actually has a coherent storyline, instead of random, dull monsters Unfortunately, it s not the kind of story I can get excited over What s the point in resurrecting a long dead character One who has, as far as I can tell, never actually been alive in any of Aquaman s previous adventures Literally no grave is safe in comics I find this sort of story pointless far often than not But hey, at least Parker tried this time. A solid volume Better than Volume 5 3.5 stars rounded up. A Martin Manhunter, Gorilla City, sea monsters and Atlantean History This goes back to revealing the engaging history of Atlantis making it better than the previous graphic novel There are arguably too many subplots in this graphic novel.Great artwork as before and a fast read MY GRADE B plus.

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