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Battersea Parker I loved this book It was very crude and very funny I absolutely love Dexter by far one of the best characters I ve ever read in a book Such a mess, so misunderstood, so adorable Loved, loved, loved him. It made me cringe, cry with laughter, and I totally become one with the characters I really enjoyed it and for such a big book, it s a really fast read. So rude, so funny OMG I was told to give this book a try by a friend and I m so glad i did A dangerous, risky and uncomfortable read to say the least, that left me in a world of laughter I honesty couldn t put it down once I had started, the best comedy I ve read in a very long time Jimmy Tudeski, whilst reading your book, I hated you, then I loved you Then you completely turned me off, then you turned me on again What kind of writer puts his readers through so many emotions, yet produces one of the funniest books I ve read in a long time You do Great book, very funny and a joy to read I want to be a character in your next book, so where do I sign up I m torn as to how to rate this book On one hand, for a first book, Tudeski nails the humour completely Writing something funny is very hard to capture in literature form and I often found myself smiling or giggling to myself, but the comedy is written to a certain taste I kept picturing Adam Sandler as Malcolm and Kevin Hart as Dexter, so if you know these two actors, you know the type of comedy I m talking about here One liners, rude jokes, smutty comments, sex, sex, sex Throughout the book Malcolm the main character did tug on my heart strings a little He was a very lonely man and was bullied quite a bit for being different The book is written in a way, that you do feel sorry for him, yet you also know he kind of brings it on himself Whereas Dexter, everything goes wrong in his life, yet I didn t ever believe he was at fault, although it was him doing it It s a bit like good cop, bad cop, yet in relationship form, where good guy Malcolm, brings on his own destruction, whereas bad cop Dexter, seemingly does everything wrong, yet gets it right.The best part of the book for me, wasn t really one of the many huge chapters, but something Dexter said about break up sex This part of the book was genius and shows that Tudeski can and will write some very interesting and humour filled segments I ve honestly never thought of break up sex being what Dexter claimed it was, yet i admit I ve been there myself in real life and never see it until now Yes, this book is an eye opening comedy too.Dealing with a death, bullying, culture, racism and sexism isn t a easy thing to cover for many writers, but to handle it this well, in comedy form, shows this writer has talent Yes, it s borderline X Rated and disrespectful in places, but we ve all got to remember it s a comedy.I was again torn by the end of the book, to whether I would pick up another Tudeski book again, but after reading the dedication page at the back of it, you can actually tell why he writes in the style that he does It s as tough he takes everything bothering him, or hurting him out of real life, then laughs at it as hard as he can Once again, the part in the dedication about female readers is spot on If you can read past the cringe worthy moments, enjoy it for the comedy it is, you will then be rewarded with some very strong, yet hidden theories.I m not too proud to admit, I am a fan of Jimmy Tudeski and I really hope many other readers follow, because I can t wait to see what delicate topic he touches on next Very enjoyable read, if you fancy something completely different for a change. JAM This word pretty much sums up what I thought about this book and I love jam It s clear this writer is very passionate about what he does and doesn t hold back trying to achieve it Never have I ever read a book like this before, and I want .Dexter is a loveable rouge, Malcolm is a little wet behind the ears, Sally is like every female I know, and Candy is the perfect blonde bimbo, who isn t actually a blonde Yes you could say the book plays out many stereotypes and jokes that sit coms on TV have been doing for years, but this is far from predictable like they are JAM I will say no , yet it gave me nightmares for days This is a book I don t mind admitting, made me laugh This is a book, where a writer doesn t follow the author handbook and seems to do what he likes with it The pictures add extra vision and spice, the storyline is surprisingly charming It s a dysfunctional love story, where it s characters are realistic enough to be people you might know yourself.Personally, I would have rated this book a strong 3.5 4 stars, but seeing as it truly is a book I will never forget and it did make me smile loads, why not break the rules too 5 stars, perfect start and I can t wait for the second one, as my partner decides to read it and a book for the first time. This book made me happy in places I didn t think I could be happy It s basically a story between two male friends, with a lot of sexiness thrown into the mix Malcolm is a geek, Candy is stupid, Sally is a shy girl waiting to come out and Mrs Pufflewoo is an old woman who can t speak very good English With so many strong characters, it was hard to see them all gelling together, but in came Dexter the craziest character of all to amazingly put it all together Great characters, funny at every page turn and a crazy book about friendships and sex that I found very hard to put down.If you want a book that is going to make you smile and shock you all the time, I haven t read one like this in a long time. Malcolm S A Man In His Mid Thirties, Very Tall And Quite Handsome Too He S Also A Successful Manager Of A Restaurant, Has Money In The Bank And Is A Bachelor Looking For True Love Would He Still Be An Eligible Bachelor Though, If He Was Still A Virgin Would He Still Be Desired, If He Wore Spectacles And Was A Little Bit Of A Geek Truth Is, Malcolm Is A Wonderful Man, But He Seriously Lacks Confidence He S Been In Love With The Same Woman For Three Years, Yet She Doesn T Even Know It And People Would Rather Bully Him, Than Offer Him A Real Friendship Malcolm Leads A Very Dull And Routine Driven Life However, That S About To Change With The Introduction Of Dexter, A South Londoner, With Enough Swagger, Nerve And Craziness For The Both Of ThemAn Adult Comedy About One Man S Desire To Be Someone, Followed By His Dream To Become A Nobody Yet Again Distasteful, offensive, crude, sexual graphic in places, insulting, sexist, racist I could go on and on describing what this apparent comedy touched on I loved every motherfuc%ing second of it Written without fear to touch on nearly everything nobody else says, then delivered in such a style, you can only gasp, gag or giggle at every page turn.I read both the kindle version of this book and the paperback and i must say, the paperback with pictures inside makes a much better read For a debut novel, this was motherfuc%ing tops of the class.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Battersea Parker book, this is one of the most wanted Jimmy Tudeski author readers around the world.

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