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Below the Surface The concept seems interesting but I struggled a bit to finish it. This book was okay but not a favorite A woman is positive that her sisters death was not an accident so she starts investigating on her own She happens to find her knight in shining armor when she s in trouble which is way to cliche Also at the end of the book there is an added story line that was just stupid The book could have been written without it been fine Just think of one of your worst nightmares and this book opens with ita scuba diver surfaces from the ocean to discover she has been abandoned at sea She s alone in shark infested waters Got chill bumps yet The suspense is there, but the story definitely lost some of its momentum for me as I was reading It was a great idea and great story. This book was a page turner, as far as the murder mystery aspect of the story As far as character development, ehhhh There were too many characters to keep track of, and I didn t feel chemistry between the hero and heroine, other than the author telling me they had chemistry I wantedromance, considering how hot they supposedly were for each other I did still enjoy the book and read it in 2 days I loved the ending. Cheesy and not interesting. This was another very fantastic read A real page turner Just when I thought I had it all figured out, it took a U turn and did this again twice.The result was a real shocker Who knew So many confusing secrets A good read. I finished this book while I had a cold.but I thought it was strange that all the sudden the mystery was being solved without any real reason other than Bri s persistence. Below the Surface by Karen Harper follows the story of Briana Devon whose twin sister disappears during an underwater dive The sisters are conducting a scientific experiment concerning sea grass and Briana dives to collect data while her sister Daria remains on board their boat When the weather turns stormy, Briana surfaces only to find the boat and her sister have disappeared While solving this mystery, Briana also begins a romance with Cole who helps her to discover the truth about her sister Nothing earth shattering in this mystery romance, but for lovers of this genre especially those who enjoy a tame romance this may be the book for you. She Surfaced From The Depths Of The Sea And Was Terrifyingly, Inexplicably AloneBriana Devon Knows Her Twin Sister Would Never Deliberately Leave Her But When She Emerges From Underwater, Daria And Their Boat Have Vanished Fighting Rough Waves And A Fast Approaching Storm, Bree Doesn T Have Time To Question If She Wants To Survive, She Has To SwimExhausted And Terrified, Bree Barely Makes It To A Tiny Barrier Island, Where Cole De Roca, Who Has Also Taken Shelter, Revives Her Bound To Cole By The Harrowing Experience, She Turns To Him As She Struggles To Understand What Happened To Her Sister What Was Her Twin, Whom She Thought She Knew So Well, Hiding What Really Transpired That Terrible Afternoon And What Secrets Lie Dormant Below The Surface

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