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Bet Me Minerva Dobbs Knows That Happily Ever After Is A Fairy Tale, Especially With A Man Who Asked Her To Dinner To Win A Bet Even If He Is Gorgeous And Successful Calvin Morrisey Cal Knows Commitment Is Impossible, Especially With A Woman As Cranky As Min Dobbs Even If She Does Wear Great Shoes, And Keep Him On His Toes When They Say Good Bye At The End Of Their Evening, They Cut Their Losses And Agree Never To See Each Other AgainBut Fate Has Other Plans, And It S Not Long Before Min And Cal Meet Again Soon, They Re Dealing With A Jealous Ex Boyfriend, Krispy Kreme Donuts, A Determined Psychologist, Chaos Theory, A Freakishly Intelligent Cat, Chicken Marsala, And Risky Propositions Than Either Of Them Ever Dreamed Of Including The Biggest Gamble Of All True Love Bet Me Is The Winner Of ARITA Award

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    After reading this, I don t think I ll eat Chicken Marsala ever again The heroine of this book ate Chicken Marsala in two different restaurants, twice for takeout, at a wedding, at a dinner with her friends and cooked it 4 times with different levels of success I don t know if there s anything boring than a person who never tries anything new if I d been the hero

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    Cute story, but I m still not sold on Jennifer Cruise.I ve read this one and Welcome to Temptation, which are supposed to be her top two books and my feelings for both are overwhelmingly ok I know she s supposed to be one of the queens of Chick lit, so this leads me to believe that Chick lit will never be my jam.Which is fine Ok.Min is chubby And Min is always gonna be chub

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    5 DONUT STARS.A fabulously written book with plenty of heart and soul, low on the drama and high on the humour, Bet me is a book that all romance lovers should have on their I need to read shelves My book heart was crying out for a chic lit fix, so with a few recommendations for this book under my belt I decided to forge ahead and reconnect with my first love of reading style This au

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    Yay, funny and sarcastic Jilly s kind of thing Minerva is the heroine of our story and she is the kind of girl who makes her other friends look hotter by comparison She s also a bit chubby and hasn t eaten a carb in years In other words, miserable I ve always said that you can never be happy unless you eat carbs I went on a carb free diet for a few months and, although I lost weight, I also we

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    you know that horrible trope read flaw in fiction involving the inability of some ahem, many male authors to write even semi believable female characters like there s something off about them you can t put your finger on although usually it s the fact that they talk about having boobs all the time like the novelty hasn t worn off.anyway this book is like if female authors couldn t write believable men w

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    WOW Great story Excellent writing Amazing Characters Min..

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    5 Beautifully Insane StarsThis book wasbizarre but so damn charming It was full of light humour and absolutely free of drama It is a book you read when you need something to pick you up I m so glad I read it The main characters were mostly insanereally We have Min who after being dumbed by the world s biggest idiot goes into her all men are pigs phase, and we have Calvin , the comitment phobe, who gets entangled in a stupi

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    4.5 Fairy Tales Do Come True Stars It s been a long time since I ve read a JC book I remember her always putting a smile on my face and once again JC had me smiling and laughing many times I loved Mim and Cal Hell I loved everybody in this book I might have liked it so much because Mim and Cal acted like enemies instead of lovers lol All because of a bet made between Mim s ex David and Cal which Mim over hears So Mim starts off hati

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    Until recently, this was not available on KINDLE in Europe and I really wanted to read it so what s a girl to do had to order the paperback Loved it No sooner had I the paperback than it became available on KINDLE in Europe What s a girl to do Download it and read it again Great, great story.

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    4.5 STARS Sometimes I find myself discovering a new to me author, and thinkingWHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN Why haven t I heard of Jennifer Crusie before now Despicable.And because I m late into the game, I won t bother explaining what this book is all about I loved it I loved Cal Truly loved that dream of a book boyfriend He was honest, sweet, considerate, giving, loving and an an all around true gentleman The scene where they re eating chicken Marsala u

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