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Book of a Thousand Days When Dashti, A Maid, And Lady Saren, Her Mistress, Are Shut In A Tower For Seven Years Because Of Saren S Refusal To Marry A Man She Despises, The Two Prepare For A Very Long And Dark ImprisonmentAs Food Runs Low And The Days Go From Broiling Hot To Freezing Cold, It Is All Dashti Can Do To Keep Them Fed And Comfortable With The Arrival Outside The Tower Of Saren S Two Suitors One Welcome, The Other Decidedly Less So The Girls Are Confronted With Both Hope And Great Danger, And Dashti Must Make The Desperate Choices Of A Girl Whose Life Is Worth Than She KnowsWith Shannon Hale S Lyrical Language, This Little Known Classic Fairy Tale From The Brothers Grimm Is Reimagined And Reset On The Central Asian Steppes It Is A Completely Unique Retelling Filled With Adventure And Romance, Drama And Disguise

About the Author: Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale is the New York Times best selling author of six young adult novels the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, and the highly acclaimed Books of Bayern series She has written three books for adults, including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland Jan 2012 , companion book to Austenland She co wrote the hit graphic novel Rapunzel s

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    This was so heartwarming and delightful and powerful and just wow I loved it so much I can t wait to read of Shannon Hale s stuff now, knowing how her writing style is More thoughts to come in a video review I ve decided that as of next month, rather than filming a monthly wrap up at the end, I will do mini batch reviews instead, that way I can go into depth

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    Do you guys know that feeling when you just have finished an astonishingly excellent book You feel full of life and understanding It s why as readers we come back and back again and hope this will be the book that gives us that exhilaration I guess it s akin to a literary high This book did that for me and It deserves than the five star rating.Let s see if I ll be

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    So, so, so good As I got towards the end I was planning on giving it 4 stars, but then at the very end it surprised me and it was like the book was about something completely other than what I d been thinking it was about the whole time It surprised me, and I love well executed surprises Thus 5 stars Not that there was a surprise ending I don t like those , just that there was a refr

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    Oh gosh, I m going to be obsessed with Shannon Hale now, aren t I

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    A nice, easy to read book It offers some interesting images about the Mongolian steeps The story is sweet and simple A few twists here and there make it interesting enough to keep reading and it has a satisfying ending, even if not surprising.I think Shannon Hale manages to create a really charming world by mixing a well known fairy tale with an unexplored setting I really loved the voice of the mai

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    July 30 31, 2009Ummm So I started this book at 2 00 am Note to self don t start books at 2 00 am Are you crazy Yeah, I couldn t put it down I finished at about 7 00 Then my husband woke me up at noon How rude Doesn t he realize that reading makes me nocturnal Anyway, I started the book, and was like, Why is this written from the lady s maid s point of view and not from the lady s point of view Yeah, that be

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    Hale has proved herself adept at finding obscure fairy tales and reworking them in mouth watering new ways Her latest offering is based on the little known Maid Maleen by the Brothers Grimm A lady and her loyal maid are locked in a tower for seven years as punishment for the lady s refusal to marry the man her father wants her to The story details their imprisonment in the tower and the adventure that follows Hale

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    This was a pleasant, if somewhat simplistic book with a neat conceit, unique setting, but rather uncomplicated characters and a straightforward plot First off, the good I liked the setting of this story, which was heavily influenced by traditional Mongolian lifestyles from ancestor worship, to use of animals, to the cultural practices of the people It is a pretty fascinating and complex setting that should get attention f

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    3.5 stars for a cute YA high fantasy Fans of fairy tale retellings, this is one for you

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    Dashti, a mucker maid, is going to be locked up in a tower with her Lady Saren for seven years Lady Saren refused to marry a man she did not love, so Dashti must prepare for a rigorous and daunting imprisonment Soon, Dashti finds rats in the flour and mold on the cheese It becomes a struggle to survive, and Dashti also must deal with Lady Saren s two completely different suitors Dashti must make a choice, for herself, and for Saren.In Boo

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