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Bound (The Wild, Wild West, #1) Runaway Mail Order Bride Layla Powell Is Terrified When She Is Captured By Two Powerful Cowboys Purporting To Work For Her Fianc The Mysterious Mr Jackman At First Layla Fights Tooth And Nail For Her Freedom, But Charlie And His Lover Etu Have Their Own Erotic Methods To Subdue Their Feisty CaptiveIn Fact Charlie Is Really Layla S Fianc , She Was Supposed To Be His Wife In Name Only, But He And Etu Like What They See They Are Sure That Just One Night Of Being Pleasured By Them Both Will Be Exciting Enough To Convince Layla To Abandon Her Plans To Run And Keep Her In Their Bed Forever Loved it Review to follow This was a sweet historical cowboy mmf menage Unusually, it was the two guys who were in a relationship and because of the historical setting, a forbidden relationship they re obliged to keep secret who go looking for a mail order bride to enhance their lives.It s an intense and gloriously erotic short tale in which the three of them get busy in every which way.There s mm, mf and mmf action in this It all got wrapped up fairly quickly with the minimum of conflict which was a pity really because I d have happily read about these three This is a complete story but there are others in the series featuring different characters Definitely worth a read if you re in the mood for some rough and naughty cowboys. I read this book last, out of Wishlade s trilogy, and wasn t disappointed with the level of passion and the appeal of the characters vulnerable but brave Layla, gorgeously strong yet sensual Charlie, and exotic, considerate Etu Wishlade shows real skill in creating characters that you care about The story is an absolute page turner that you won t be able to put down An erotic, fast moving treat It was okay but I likely will not continue in the series This was just too out there for me I don t mind a good steamy story but this was stilted and formulaic I just could not see this as a viable occurrence and just could not find a reason to care about these characters I think that perhaps if this had been developed, I might have liked it, but this appears to be a novel chopped into four smaller bits in an attempt to sell and I hate being played.

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