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Brightest Day, Vol. 1 The Follow Up To The Best Selling Comics Event BLACKEST NIGHT, Written By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi Once Dead, Twelve Heroes And Villains Have Been Resurrected By A White Light Expelled Deep Within The Center Of The Earth Called A Miracle By Many And A Sign Of The Apocalypse By Others, The Reasons Behind Their Rebirth Remain A MysteryNow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Deadman, Jade, Osiris, Hawk, Captain Boomerang And Zoom Must Discover The Mysterious Reason Behind Their Return And Uncover The Secret That Binds Them All In This First Volume Of A Three Part SeriesThis Volume Includes BRIGHTEST DAY

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    Maybe I m just expecting a bit from my comics these days The art s good, there s an obvious setup being played here, and while the only time I ve ever read Deadman was during the Blackest Night saga and here, he s not uninteresting.The thing is, we ve gone from a huge explosion of powers to a near retcon, a massive scaleback, to return tension back to the comic, and I m not entire

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    Excellent story Well done, team On to the next volume But first, can we talk about Hawk for a second Yes, this idiot The guy bursting through a wall of his own home like the goddamn Kool Aid Man There s so much about this character that makes me laugh.First off, these tough guy types who have a chip on their shoulder and a short fuse have been done to death So unless they ve got

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    This is pretty good so far, but a 24 issue long event and much, much if you count all of the tie ins is pretty bonkers and I can almost guarantee that this wouldn t have suffered from being tightened up and shaved down to 12 issues.

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    This is excellent storytelling, and I m totally into every part of it I m just glad that I have volume 2 sitting on a shelf waiting for me right now I d like to write a longer review, but I really can t wait to see what happens next.

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    The best part of this book was the mystery, there was mystery after mystery popping up The mystery of the white lantern and who could pick it up, and in the end of this book why each character was brought back Now that was all good and great but half the characters you would have to follow in a different series, and most of those series have little to do with the main story in this, and yet have a

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    Blackest Night was fantastic One of the best crossover events to come out of DC And Brightest Day is every bit as good, both as a crossover event and as a follow up to Blackest Night Make no mistake, this is essentially a direct sequel, and going into this without having read Blackest Night is a big mistake I d venture to add that if you read the first without the second, you get an incomplete experie

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    No where near as good as Blackest Night at the moment Just the DC B list dragging the story along slowly.

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    Won t lie I m than a bit confused at this point.

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    This story follows up the Blackest Night event and we get to see what s happening with all of the formerly dead heroes that the white light brought back to life Each one has been a given a specific task which I m sure will all tie together at some point, but right now the characters are struggling to find their place after being resurrected Good characters, great art, and a nicely paced story This is really just

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    This trade combines the first 7 issues of th Brightest day I bought this because I am reading Geoff Johns green lantern run, and I couldn t really understand brightest day green lantern, so I decided to give the main event a try This is the direct follow up to blackest night, a DC event where all the prior dead superheroes come back as zombies In here there are twelve superheroes that used to be dead, but are revived

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About the Author: Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4 During that time, he also began his comics career