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Name Britt Cameron Education Don T Know Much About History But I Can Run A Farm With One Hand Tied Behind My Back Hometown Riverton, Alabama Declaration Of Independence Looks Like I M Free Acquitted Of Murder What Does That Matter, When The Good Citizens Of Riverton Consider Me Guilty Here In The Mississippi Backwoods, No One Knows About Me And This Woman, This Anna Rose Palmer, Even Hired Me As Her Handyman Folks In These Parts Think She S An Old Maid Schoolteacher, But The Way She Looks At A Man And Now I M Bound And Determined To Go Back To Alabama And Clear My Name Because That S All I Have To Offer Her Cameron

About the Author: Beverly Barton

Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA Daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D Inman Jr A born romantic, she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age, when her grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale Even before she learned to read and write, her vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters

10 thoughts on “Cameron

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    Mmmm another clueless male trying to save pride while inadvertently hurting the female he was attracted to This one may have been worse he knew she felt unwanted, yet never ever gave her reason to believe she was anything than a convenience at le

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    Another romance about motherhood that had me in tears A feel good book.

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    A well written book with loving characters a strong and no nonsense heroine and a scarred hero.

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