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Can I Keep My Jersey?: Eleven Teams, Six Years, Five Countries, and My So-called Career as a Professional Basketball Player God, Paul Shirley is an asshole That s literally what kept running through my mind throughout this awful, slog of a book I d purchased the book a while back for like a dollar on the marketplace, because I vaguely remembered Bill Simmons touting Shirley in his column back in the glory days of ESPN Page 2 I even vaguely remembered a short lived Shirley column on ESPN.com, and while I also remembered not particularly liking it he came across as overly impressed with his own intelligence and vocabulary, which were both above average, but nothing to write home or an ESPN.com column about , I d also heard there was some good tidbits about his NBA experience and the way he named names about what NBA players were really like.Color me disappointed Shirley is a much bigger jerk than I recalled, and his naming names was essentially him being a giant dickhole to literally every person he came across and most of the time it was completely unnecessary Dennis Scott, Shareef Addur Rahim, Stacy Augmon, Shawn Marion the guy throws shade at everyone, even the guys he purportedly claims to like It gets old quick It s like the old saying, that if you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole If you keep running into assholes all day, you re the asshole Paul Shirley seems to run into assholes wherever he goes Imagine that.And when he s not running into assholes, he s complaining about something This book is 95% Paul Shirley whining about something being an asshole, and 5% actual interesting stories about trying to make it in the NBA Seriously, whether it s the weather in Russia which he goes out of his way multiple times to say he always wanted to play, then spent his entire time there trying to get out of his contract , having to take buses to games, the intelligence level of his teammates, or some other B.S minutia, Shirley just doesn t stop with the misanthropic whining.And let s talk about his intelligence for a second Maybe it s because he s used to being around people for whom education was never a priority, but goddamn if Shirley doesn t think he s the smartest guy in the room wherever he goes And the thing is, he s not At all Shirley writes like a high school grad who just discovered Proust He tries to put a fancy flourish on everything, and ends up coming across like a pathetic show off Actual quality writing doesn t need to try so hard.And the racism The way he writes, you d think he was Jackie Robinson trying to get a fair shake in the major leagues How many times do we have to hear how hard it is to be a white guy in the NBA Give it a rest, pal Seriously And that s not even including his numerous insensitive dickish and racist statements, ragging on people with down syndrome If I randomly selected a child with down syndrome, blindfolded him, and sent him to the free throw line, and told him to really try to make four free throws, I would wager that he would do better than to air ball three of them , the mentally handicapped Shirley makes multiple references to retards and retardation , the physically handicapped If I were to add a wheelchair and subtract an arm, we might be discussing three air balls out of four attempts , people of middle eastern descent Habib the attendant , Indians and Native Americans If an Indian dots, not feathers shows up, homosexuals so the nice homo at the ticket counter I write that not as an insult but as a descriptive noun, as he was quite gay , people named Darrell I even knew his name Darrell Poor decision by his parents. , Hispanics Not Julio in reference to a Spanish dancer I don t know his actual name Julio seems appropriate, for some reason , women in the United States the girls in Europe are better looking than the ones in the United States, if only because they are generally thinner and, for good measure, NBA fans I cannot believe that people are willing to pay, and pay handsomely, to watch such inanity that s right, he rags on fans of the game he is desperately trying to break into for enjoying watching the game he is playing We re supposed to root for this clown Give me a break.Do yourself a favor, and never, ever read this book, ever Complete garbage written by a pretty despicable human being. An enthralling read Very enjoyable I highly recommend Humor at its finest. Here is the skinny if you re into basketball, and you ve read a number of other basketball books, read this one Paul Shirley is a strange character, but you gain some insight into the world of marginal NBA players.I can t quite figure what to make of Shirley, even after spending 300 plus pages with his thoughts For one, he certainly tries too hard with his writing constantly self deprecating and pointing it out , something that could probably be fixed with editing Another is that he seems to casually burn every bridge he crosses, needlessly taking cheap shots at people left and right in the book He also insults the intelligence and physical makeup of random strangers non stop in the book, something I found a little hard to believe got published.What I gathered in the end was this, Paul is likely an interesting guy to have a beer at the bar with, but there is a 99% chance he s judging you negatively right there if you re not exactly like him, and a pretty good chance he ll mock you in future writings of his Shirley is intelligent and appears to be insightful, he just seems to lack compassion at times, and could use heeding the advice of if you don t have anything nice to say, don t say it all every now and then.As far as the book itself goes, a few things come to mind One, the absence of some characters is strange at times it seems like he has no teammates, others they re everywhere , and ultimately it makes you wondering what he s skimming over He randomly drops in stories about women, but they never really go anywhere, and it seems like that aspect is left out quite frequently Three, things seem to randomly appear without much sense of the story like how did he all the sudden own property in Kansas City Four, the tone definitely changes at the end when the last entries are blog posts written for ESPN, instead of pieces of his actual journal from his time abroad More editing seems like it could have addressed these issues, and cleaned up the few typos I stumbled over.Even though Shirley himself seems to dislike the NBA and practically everything else not blood related to him , I left the book looking for insight into his time in the NBA. Chockablock with moments of journalistic brilliance and hilarity I m not a die hard basketball fan, but would gladly read this author s descriptions of washing the dishes or folding laundry As advertised, this is definitely an unvarnished look at the contradictory experiences of a fringe NBA player Seemingly transcribed from Shirley s blog diary, the writing is always breezy and off the cuff, though that sometimes translates to dull or unconsidered. Good read In this book Paul Shirley writes about the nomadic, insecure lifestyle of trying to secure a position on an NBA team In pursuing that dream he plays overseas and throughout the USA in minor leagues Very interesting And Shirley s writing is filled with humor so the book feels like a quick read.My parents possibly had Suns tickets during a season Shirley played I ll have to loan the book to them and see what they think.I m counting this as a book about sports for 2016 vtReadingChallenge He S Been Called A Journeyman Even Paul Wouldn T Dispute That Classification Regardless, Bill Simmons, ESPN S The Sports Guy, Has Said Of Paul Shirley, We Could Finally Have An Answer To The Question What Would It Be Like If One Of Our Friends Was An NBA Player There S No Denying That Paul Shirley Is The Closest Thing Pro Basketball S Got To Odysseus In Homeric Fashion, He Has Logged Time Practically Everywhere In The Roundball Universe, From Six NBA Cities To Pro Leagues In Spain And Greece To North America S Pro Ball Siberia, The Minor Leagues Hell, He S Even Played In The Real Siberia And In Can I Keep My Jersey , Shirley Finally Puts Down Roots Long Enough To Deliver One Of The Great Locker Room Chronicles Of The Modern Age With Sharp Elbows And An Even Sharper Wit, Shirley Whose Writings Have Been Described As Wildly Entertaining By The Wall Street Journal Drops Hilarious Commentary, Revealing Which Teams Have The Best Cheerleaders He S Spent Many A Time Out Watching Them Ply Their Trade , Why Christ Is Rapidly Becoming Every Team S Sixth Man, And Even The Best Ways To Get Bloodstains Out Of Your Game Uniform, Using Only An Ordinary Bar Of Soap And A Hotel Bathroom SinkFrom Sharing The Court With Kobe And Shaq To Perusing The Food Court At Some Mall In A Bush League Burg From Taking Pregame Layups To Getting Laid Out By A Stray Knee From An NBA Power Forward From Hopping A Limo To The Team S Charter Jet To Dashing To Catch The Van Home From A B League Game In Tijuana, Shirley Dishes On What It S Like To Try To Make It As A Professional Athlete Can I Keep My Jersey Is A Rollicking, Thoughtful, Even Thought Provoking Insider S Look At A Pro Baller S Life On The Fringe Like Jim Bouton S Ball Four Or John Feinstein S A Season On The Brink, Shirley S Odyssey Deserves To Find A Home On Every Sports Fan S Bookshelf Quick solid read Feels a little disjointed towards the end when he starts including the blog postings he wrote for nba.com Other than that it was an entertaining insight into the life of a struggling professional athlete. He s been called a journeyman Even Paul wouldn t dispute that classification Regardless, Bill Simmons, ESPN.com s The Sports Guy, has said of Paul Shirley, We could finally have Agen Judi an answer to the question What would it be like if one of our friends was an NBA player There s no denying that Paul Shirley is the closest thing pro basketball s got to Odysseus In Homeric fashion, he has logged time practically everywhere in the roundball universe, from six NBA cities to pro leagues in Spain and Greece Judi Online to North America s pro ball Siberia, the minor leagues Hell, he s even played in the real Siberia And in Can I Keep My Jersey , Shirley finally puts down roots long enough to deliver one of the great locker room chronicles of the modern age With sharp elbows and an even sharper wit, Shirley whose writings have been described as wildly entertaining by The Wall Street Journal drops hilarious commentary, revealing which teams have the best cheerleaders he s spent many a time out watching them ply their trade , why Christ is rapidly becoming every team s sixth man, and even the best ways to get bloodstains out of your game uniform, using only an ordinary bar of soap and a hotel bathroom sink.From sharing the court with Kobe and Shaq to perusing the food court at some mall in a bush league burg from taking pregame layups to getting laid out by a stray knee from an NBA power forward from hopping a limo to the team s charter jet to dashing to catch the van home from a B league game in Tijuana, Shirley dishes on what it s like to try to make it as a professional athlete Can I Keep My Jersey is a rollicking, thoughtful, Judi Bola even thought provoking insider s look at a pro baller s life on the fringe Like Jim Bouton s Ball Four or John Feinstein s A Season on the Brink, Shirley s odyssey deserves to find a home on every sports fan s bookshelf.From the Hardcover edition. Can I keep my jersey is a biography that follows Paul Shirley through his travels from team to team, both in the NBA and other international basketball leagues Paul managed to play for 11 different teams in 5 different countries in both the US and Europe Paul underlines the culture he experienced in his travels, like the time he spent in Spain Paul also shows how international teams do basketball business, like how some teams are nicer to their players than others.Things that I appreciated in this book was that Paul grew up in the midwest, and graduated with an engineering degree from an Iowa college, even if it is Iowa State I also liked his creativity in using teams to let him keep his jersey Paul used lots of humor in Can I keep my jersey to keep readers entertained He also used a lot of descriptive words in his writing One thing that could be both a pro and a con about Can I keep my Jersey is the format of the book He divides up the book into multiple paragraph days, labeled in bold headers They are shorter than chapters, but little bit different flow than traditional long chapters.I think that a wide range of people, males and females could like this book People that like humor would like this book because it is funny People that like sportsbooks would like this book because it is about sports Basketball players would like this book because they can relate to the topic People that would not like this book would be people who do not like sports because basketball is a sport People that don t find humor good to be in books will not like this book People who do not like books that have minor language in them would not like this book.

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About the Author: Paul Shirley

A former college and professional basketball player, Paul turned the stories of his travels and travails into a humor memoir called CAN I KEEP MY JERSEY He has also written for Slate, Esquire, and the Wall Street Journal.Paul lives in Los Angeles, where he is an adjunct professor at West LA College He runs a writers workshop called Writers Blok.