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John Zunski s book is a poignant look into the mixture of happiness and tragedy that accompanies many of us as we navigate our way through the volatile teen years on through to the indecision of early adulthood He beautifully captures the evolution of an early teen friendship James and Shannie and its often confused and conflicted entry into the realm of love Along the way, Zunski helps to remind us that the bonds we establish early in our lives echo into our futures, shaping who we are and how we relate to the world The story is told from the perspective of protagonist James Morrison and begins with him, as an adult, reflecting on the loss of a childhood friend cum confidant cum lover The story quickly takes root in James past where Zunski pieces together the trials and tribulations of the teenage years, as experienced by James and his close knit group of friends, growing up in the shadows of a cemetery A cemetery which, throughout the story, provides a constant reminder of the fragility and sometimes abbreviated nature of life Along the train tracks in a small suburban town outside of Philadelphia, James and his friends grow together forging strong ties starting in middle school, into high school and onto college and professional endeavors which pull them apart only physically Cemetery Street has several themes working throughout, however, at its core, it is a touching tale of a love that never had the opportunity to fully bloom in a manner befitting the protagonist A lack of will, unclear desires and a life cut short all intertwine to create a story revealing that our hopes and aspirations always manage to lie beyond our control Zunski s storytelling strong hand lies in his suppression of the reveal, choosing instead to focus on character development diving deep into their thoughts, troubles, and challenges It is done with a certain finesse allowing the reader to become a witness to events rather than merely a page turning machine.As it must be stated, the novel is not beyond criticism and there were a few elements of the novel which I struggled to digest Specifically, I found there to be some inauthentic language and dialog which had me second guessing specified ages of characters and points in history Additionally, there were a couple of conflict situations which seemed to accelerate at an unnatural pace Taken as a whole though, these elements did not cast much of a shadow over what is otherwise a quality piece of work I look forward to future titles from Zunski A triumph This is truly a fabulous book Zunski artfully tells the coming of age story of James a young boy faithfully enad with Shannie, a spunky, smart and funny young blonde, and their friends growing up in a small town near Philadelphia This book has stuck with me through some personally overwhelming times of late I ve thought about the characters, wondered how they were doing, and when I had time to pick up the book through some very busy months did so as though I was visiting with old friends It brought a smile to my face to be back in Beyford, back on Cemetery Street with a host of fictional friends Today, I finally got a chance to sit down and read the last 4 chapters The characters are so vivid, so real they are developed skilfully, each dynamic with familiar quirks and saying Beyford itself comes alive and you feel like you ve driven down the center of town or stood outside on the yard between James and Shannie s house Zunski has supreme talent at balancing sadness with humor This book can best be described as bittersweet and the reader is left with a heavy heart when the last chapter is read Zunksi clearly knows the pains of growing up and the loss of innocence that we all, quite sadly, find during those formidable years from early teens through our twenties One of the best books I ve read in years and I think one that will stay with me a long time This book truly resonated with me in a special way Highly recommend, but beware it is an emotional ride I was sad to leave Beyford but am looking forward to other works from this author I ve recently come across quite a few authors that have just an undefined category as to where you need to stick them Labels seem so harsh at times This book was unique in many factors It was told from a man s perspective, as he was visiting the grave of his lost love It seems that James was caught in a turmoil of drama ever since the day his parents decided to move to Cemetery Street Only somethings are just not meant to be, no matter how much your heart longs for them Love is unique to each person, and therefore each person s story is different No two loves are ever the same, and they never happen in the same way We grow and change But this story being told is of Jame s life from 12 to almost 30 He had a very interesting ride to find himself, and it finally happened in Montana of all places The book begins with James visiting Shannie s grave Shannie was his best friend from 12 until the day she died James fell in love with her somewhere along the way but Shannie would never be his Even though fighting between Jame s parents was continuous, he had a happy childhood with his 2 best friends Count decided after graduating that his future belonged to the army Count was Jame s other best friend Shannie wanted to be a lawyer, and James really didn t have a direction he wanted to go to He floundered a bit, never really being swayed by either parent who seemed to always be stuck in some sort of battle And then of course you mix in some small town weirdness, old rumors, a blind man, Shannie s mother and you have a recipe for a really good read.Jame s goes through a lot during this story He deals with loss constantly throughout is whole story Whether it be a person, a feeling, or a situation His struggles during his life turn him into an interesting adult It almost seems at some points in the book that he obsesses over what he knows he cannot have I would say its a mixture of Stand by Me and Forrest Gump Bits and pieces of both of the movies stuck in my head as I read through the pages This was a tear jerker in a few parts but a book that definitely keeps your attention It makes you re evaluate and think about your own life Can it possibly compare What would you have done differently I really enjoyed going through Jame s memories but I would have liked to have peered into Shannie s diary a bit But all in all it was an excellent read This book is not just about families and friendship bonding through the years It is an in depth exploration into the trials and tribulations of the late 80 s into the early 90 s, 20th century which a close group of friends experienced, the joys and sorrows of daily life It is very descriptive, poignant and realistic with the raw emotions of human feelings, the deep attachment one s has with another and they all are intertwined into life s journey through being a friend, support network and concludes rallying and seeking justice for a veteran who fought bravely for the Gulf War The letters home brought tears to this reader s eyes.It started as a roller coaster ride down, then picked up speed as it surprises the readers with events not expect, then boom the heart is racing and the tears are flowing for all the characters as they travel down the road of life and experiences life and death realities and grow or are defeated by life s blows to transform from adolescents to adults In the author s own words A breeze rustled the trees, their bare limbs swaying to the sound of her voice I turned praying she would be sitting on the sandstone bench like she was thirteen years ago Indian style, her wild mane speckled with snowflakes I imagine her gaze staring across the dozing river, past the distant rushing traffic, into eternity My gaze was met by a dusting of snow atop the bench Disappointment consumed me People who do nothing but watch, feel nothing but disappointment, she once scolded An eye opener to remember our loved ones who are here today and maybe gone tomorrow, not to take them for granted Every precious moment is enriching as this book is A keeper In A World Of Presumptuous People, Irony Is Alive And Well, Concludes James Morrison, The Narrator Of This Touching Coming Of Age Novel A View Shannie Ortolan James S Longtime Friend, Sometimes Lover, And Full Time Obsession Wouldn T Argue From Their First Encounter As Teenagers Until Shannie S Death, Experience The Twists, Turns And Enthralling Characters That Populate Cemetery StreetOn The Cusp Of The New Millennium, James Fulfills A Promise Reenacting A Childhood Ritual, He Places A Mud Pie Upon A Grave This Simple Act Triggers Powerful MemoriesMeet The People That Shaped James S Life Shannie, Who Among Other Things, Introduces Him To The Sport Of Dodging Freight Trains Count, The Cemetery Caretakers Son, Helps James Navigate The Minefields Of Adolescence Until Destiny Is Met In Desert Storm Russell, An Aging Blind African American, Guards A Horrifying Secret Behind A Cloud Of Cigar Smoke Diane, Shannie S Mother, A College Professor Dispels The Notion Of Tweed Jackets And Elbow Patches Steve Lucas, A Mortician S Son, Who Despite Bizarre Obsessions, Stands By James During His Most Challenging TimesLaugh, Cry, And Blush As James Recounts Events Of Late Twentieth Century American Life With a variety of situations that happen in all levels of the society you live in, no matter where you are in the world angst, pain, love, death, Cemetary Street is set in what I would consider Anytown, US, but what I understood to be emotionally engaging to some, didn t grab me I could certainly feel the power of the author s vision in this slice of someone s life tale and what they wished to present, yet the all American theme especially when including military life has never been one I identified with or care for Characters were vividly drawn and detailed, no doubting that, and the story moved forward with good pace, and obviously a clear plan, I felt Cemetary Street was a great debut effort, but just wasn t my type of read. I wouldn t mind crying and laughing somehope I can win this book Cemetery Street is not a book, it is a life There is emotion in this story than any TV drama can ever evoke in a whole season of daily episodes I m struggling to find a genre that would encompass such a wide range of sensations.I suppose it is a coming of age in essence James Morrison, aged twelve, moves to a town he doesn t know, in a house opposite a cemetery which frightens him and the family atmosphere isn t all that special Luckily, his next door neighbour, Shannie, aged thirteen, is there to help ease the tension.Instant infatuation makes James life a little bearable and he continues to explore the town, its inhabitants and Shannie s friends and haunting grounds.I won t give away the surprises This is one of those books that contains no high speed chases, no deranged psycho watching from the shadows, and no bloodbath or inexplicable murders Despite all that, or maybe because it is a simple story of life, you will not be able to put it down I couldn t To me, every decision James took, every conversation between him and his friends, every hope, every disappointment were so vitally important to know, to be party to, that work was left undone and someone else had to do the cooking because I simply had to keep reading.John Zunski is the master of characterization Each character is well developed and has its own voice and I mean every single one, whether they appear in every chapter, or live for a mere few lines It is impossible to not care I loved Shannie, James, Count and got drawn in to Genise s world, too I loved the gang of kids waiting on a street corner and admired the quiet assertiveness of Jerome when he decided Ellie wasn t that bad a dog.The back stories that play along in the background highlight a different person each time If there is one message that is very clear is that no one is ever what they seem Every person is different, regardless of what they may look like, but there is value in every life, no matter how tortured or stunted or anguished it may be.I loved this book I absolutely didn t want it to end I cared so much, I wanted to protect its characters from life itself I wanted to take care of them all and jump on a plane to go and help, if I could I was so deeply immersed in it when I finished, that I needed to take a couple of days away from it before I could be cool enough to write this review I have been moved to tears and I didn t expect that.With no hesitation, I would recommend this book over and over again Read it It is most definitely worth it. Cemetery street is a story about so many things Mainly, it is the story of James Morrison s life It is told so beautifully, and with such detail and explicit emotion that it is not even slightly boring This books gives us such a spectacular view on the commonplace complexities we face constantly in life Zunksi breathes life into everyday occurrences and shows them to us in a brand new light While reading this, you will get a startling insight on life, love, loss, hate, anger, joy, family, friends, growing up, and most importantly, death Death is a major theme in this book, making the name of the book and street James grows up on pretty relevant Death is something we all have to deal with way often than we would prefer Sometimes, hearing about others experiences helps us with our own You may find this story does just that for you I would say love is the next most important theme is this book James has grown up with his best friend, love of his life, Shannie, living next door They literally do everything together, they are as close as two people can possibly be without being together But oh how James wishes they could be Shannie will forever be the yardstick that everyone else is measured against for James, but I doubt anyone will ever come close to measuring up.This book definitely has it s mature moments, there is a little sprinkling of sex here and there But, the intimate scenes in this book were not placed merely for sex s sake Each scene is a major plot character developing moment and is very tastefully written The sex scenes play a very important role in the unfolding of this story and they are not in any way vulgar or over the top I found them to be wonderfully placed and detailed perfectly.If you have ever seen the movie Stand By Me, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies, you will understand what I mean when I say that this book has an atmosphere much the same as that movie If you haven t seen it, I recommend you do It s based of a short story called The Body by Stephen King This book and that movie just do such an amazing job of capturing the essence that is life and growing up and dealing with life s blows one by one This was a really great read and you should probably read it. BEC S REVIEWCemetery Street is a compelling story and one that had me hooked, despite the disjointed nature of time in the story While maintaining the basic chronological order of the story, many events occurred via flash back or flash forward without any notice in regards as to when in time these events occur While the reason for this somewhat disjointed nature of the story is explained by events later on, it does serve to cause some confusion that could be avoided in some way Another aspect of the story I didn t particularly enjoy were the letter and diary aspect halfway in the story On finishing that aspect I can totally understand their inclusion as an attempt to make an emotional event directly afterwards emotional and maintain contact with a specific character while said character is not with the main protagonist And yet I feel the emotional impact of the event in question would have been just as emotional without their inclusion The letters and diary were a little too off and a tangent and at times their inclusion felt forced It took you away from the main story for a time being, and while I understand the reasoning behind them I still did not enjoy them Despite this slight confusion I did enjoy Cemetery Street It is one of those novels that tells you the shocking event within the first few pages, and then later surprises you with it later on as you know it ll happen but not when in the story or how So even though I knew of this major event and tried to brace myself for it, I was still surprised by how it occurred and able to feel slightly emotional Overall Cemetery Street is a great book and one I recommend. Cemetery Street

About the Author: John Zunski

John was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia In 2003, he sailed across the country in a U haul and settled in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana with his wife Tammy, their dogs and an occasional meandering bear He is the Author of Cemetery Street, Shangri la Trailer Park, and Nightwatching He is currently working on Cemetery Street s sequel, Montana Rural.

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