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Changes Changes was, in my opinion, the best of The Dresden Files so far We have Harry with his usual hang ups but the problem is thorny than anything he s faced so far Susan Rodriguez, an old flame who s been turned into a half vampire, kept a major secret Now Harry s enemies know it and they re out for revengeI could feel the emotions that were stirring somewhere deep inside me, gathering power like a storm far out to sea I couldn t see them I could only feel their effects, but it was enough to know that whatever was rising inside me was potent Violent Dangerous. pg 19, ebookBecause of the nature of the secret, Harry is going to need to call in all the favors he s owed And, maybe, make a few bargains he d rather not make The man once wrote Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger Tolkien had that one mostly right I stepped forward, let the door bang closed, and snarled, F ck subtlepg 46In the past few books, Harry has become powerful but also has responsibilities What will happen to his apprentice Molly if he goes off the deep end There s also Mister, Mouse and Bob to consider So we do what a good wizard always does when the odds are stacked up against us We cheat. pg 95, ebookReaders are treated to information about Harry s murky past and a cliffhanger of an ending that will have you immediately reaching for the next book Highly recommended for fans of urban fantasy I loved it. In Changes The Dresden Files 12 , Jim Butcher provides strong motivation and plenty of fast paced action on the way to a satisfying vampire and magic filled conclusion Harry Dresden, against all odds, must rescue a daughter he never knew existed from enemies at the Red Court The personae of Dresden as professional investigator wizard for hire in Chicago now yanked out of his usual routine by events beyond his control has a lot to recommend it He s not just taking on a case here He s fighting for the life of his daughter The noir tough guy personae, in the tradition of Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe, still works if Dresden is hit, he ll hit back and keep hitting until he s knocked down Not sure what is new here, but Changes was a well written and fun read 3.75 stars. Enjoyable Reads like an action film meets PI meets urban fantasy Still getting beat up, only this time, his bouncing back means making some questionable choices Still a sucker for the women in his life thankfully the people around him are able to point out his misconceptions It s less annoying than in the first books, when it was obvious to everyone, including Dresden, that he was being manipulated, but he was unable to help it and would lead him into disasterous situations This time his overdone chivalry surrounds rescuing a daughter he never knew he had, and while also overdone, is understandable and less inherently sexist than usual Susan returns from afar, and the normal group is present, Karin, Grasshopper, and Thomas Some of the favorite side characters make appearances in very appropriate ways, including Commander Luccio, Toot toot, Butters, and Mister It is very action paced, with each conflict seeming to lead to disasters While it may not make for the best mystery and character building, it builds its own kind of suspense, and makes for an engrossing and fast read The ending conflict was ultimately satisfying, although a little annoying with one of those save the day appearance manuevers My one undisputable complaint was the final cliffhanger event Really, at this point in the series, it s not necessary we ll all be back. Okay, full disclosure I love the Dresden books If you have read my reviews of them you know this This one is no exception and is possibly the best so far I can t say much about the book s storyline without spoilers, but there are parts of the storythreads if you will, that have been running through the other volumes or less underneath other Main story lines These books can really make you rethink the concept of a fairy godmother for instance A lot of these come to culmination here Other things.don t The book is well written and structured, the character which many of us have followed since his first novel if not his first appearance has grown along lines that the story laid out The stories story and Harry have been true to themselves.The ending here is of a type that Butcher hasn t used in the Dresden novels beforeI can t say other than it s a sort of non resolution ending Can anyone say cliffhanger This book is one of those that people like to call a page turner or possibly a thrill ride Start it when you can afford to sit up late and finish itI finished it at 3 00AM this morning Now I just have to get by till Ghost Story is published. Long ago, Susan Rodriguez was Harry Dresden s lover until she was attacked by his enemies, leaving her torn between her own humanity and the bloodlust of the vampiric Red Court Susan then disappeared to South America, where she could fight both her savage gift and those who cursed her with it Susan is back and she has a big surprise for Harry in this one If you ve read the synopsis then you probably already know what it is, but if you haven t I would recommend not reading it so you don t spoil it.When Jim Butcher titled this one Changes, he wasn t kidding There were lots of changes, some of which I don t think I was quite ready for view spoiler I am still mourning the blue beetle and the sub basement hide spoiler Holy F balls, this book just made my all time favorites list.My heart Through the ringer My nerves Shot My mind Blown.This was me through the entire beautiful, horrible, intense, emotional, perfectly narrated audiobook Twists and turns like never before Get ready for the ride of your life And that cliffhanger ending just gut me now Perfection. In the space of a phone call, Harry Dresden learns he has a daughter with Susan Rodriguez and that she s been kidnapped by the Red Court of vampires The vampires are setting up a bloodline curse that will kill the child and everyone related to her Meanwhile, the White Council of wizards seems to be buddying up with the Red Court to put an end to the war between the wizards and the vampires Can Harry save his daughter and stop the bloodline curse I have mixed feelings about this one.Pros As usual, Jim Butcher delivers all the thrills of a summer blockbuster Big explosions, action, a touch of comedy The showdown with the Red Court would look great on the screen Old favorites like Sanya and Susan Rodriguez make return appearances Forgotten plot elements like the holy swords are finally used There s even some closure to one of the long running plot lines and new plot lines are set up.Cons While I liked Changes and found it entertaining, I wouldn t say I thought it was great The same things that bothers me about summer blockbusters bother me about this book Everyone has stupid smart ass quips for every situation When in the middle of a city of thousands of vampires, shouldn t at least one person maybe BE SCARED OF THE VAMPIRES rather than making inane witty remarks Most of the story was fairly formulaic for the series, almost as if Butcher took the outline for one of the earlier books, changed some names and places, and started writing this one Even though I m glad the vampire plot line went the way it did, how much of a Mary Sue can Harry Dresden be Another thing that bothered me is that the ongoing plot about strife within the White Council didn t advance one inch I think Butcher is going to milk his cash cow for all it s worth, considering he s already got the titles listed for books that come out in seven years on his Wikipedia page The ending was a cliff hanger after a cruel tease.Conclusion While I enjoyed Changes as much as I enjoy most Harry Dresden books, they are like the Cadbury Creme Eggs While I like them when they re in stores around Easter, I m glad when they re gone and I get a year to let the memories fade so I can enjoy them again the following year See you in 365 days, Jim Butcher I m feeling quite happy, fresh from reading Changes Had I read it faster, I would have given it less than 4 stars So who knows, if I d read it slower, maybe I d have rated it a perfect five But I feel that though I can t ignore the flaws of Dresden s episodic epics, I realize that for a book that provides so much fun, it s okay for part of it to be mindless. Reread Nothing has Changed I am head over heels in love with this book. Long Ago, Susan Rodriguez Was Harry Dresden S Lover Until She Was Attacked By His Enemies, Leaving Her Torn Between Her Own Humanity And The Bloodlust Of The Vampiric Red Court Susan Then Disappeared To South America, Where She Could Fight Both Her Savage Gift And Those Who Cursed Her With It Now Arianna Ortega, Duchess Of The Red Court, Has Discovered A Secret Susan Has Long Kept, And She Plans To Use It Against Harry To Prevail This Time, He May Have No Choice But To Embrace The Raging Fury Of His Own Untapped Dark Power Because Harry S Not Fighting To Save The World He S Fighting To Save His Child

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