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The Antic Life and Times of Jack Warner Warner, Whose Career Began In The Family Grocery Store In Youngstown, Ohio, Was Without A Doubt One Of The Most Powerful Figures In America He Not Only Influenced Film Taste, But Also Politics Generally, With His Socially Conscious FilmsA Fascinatingly Complex Man, Warner Was An Immigrant Who Told Jokes In The FDR White House, A Jester Who Treated His Wife, Son And Mistress Cruelly, And A Family Man Who Built An Empire With His Brother Who Ultimately Double Crossed Him Jack Warner Was HOLLYWOOD, Made HOLLYWOOD, And This Story Tells How And Why A Must Read For Hollywood Aficianados

About the Author: Bob Thomas

Robert Joseph Bob Thomas was an American Hollywood film industry biographer and reporter who worked for the Associated Press from 1944.Born in San Diego, he grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was a film publicist He attended UCLA He lived in Encino with his wife, Patricia They have three daughters Thomas, aged 92, died on March 14, 2014 at his home.Thomas made his mark by engaging cele

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