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Cold Storage Cold Storage is a book that is very light on the character development but heavy on the plot and action We meet a group of agents who are investigating a fungal bioterror that takes over people s bodies and causes horrific things to happen The book follows a series of characters as they deal with the fungus The book has some shocking moments and some interesting twists and turns but the book was a bit too light on the emotional investment that I like to experience when reading most novels. Absolutely fabulous stuff Koepp has single handedly resurrected one of my all time favorite authors Michael Crichton , injecting a strong sense of humor into a terrifying story I ll read this again And again It s that good. When Pentagon Bioterror Operative Roberto Diaz Was Sent To Investigate A Suspected Biochemical Attack, He Found Something Far Worse A Highly Mutative Organism Capable Of Extinction Level Destruction He Contained It And Buried It In Cold Storage Deep Beneath A Little Used Military RepositoryNow, After Decades Of Festering In A Forgotten Sub Basement, The Specimen Has Found Its Way Out And Is On A Lethal Feeding Frenzy Only Diaz Knows How To Stop ItHe Races Across The Country To Help Two Unwitting Security Guards One An Ex Con, The Other A Single Mother Over One Harrowing Night, The Unlikely Trio Must Figure Out How To Quarantine This Horror Again All They Have Is Luck, Fearlessness, And A Mordant Sense Of Humor Will That Be Enough To Save All Of Humanity If this book doesn t have you paranoid anytime someone so much as coughs near you, you re a stronger person than I. Review from a very early advance copy This book had me at David Koepp, screenwriter of Spider Man and Jurassic Park He has writtenof my favorite movies in addition to those Now he s venturing into the non film area where movie ideas come from, and he s really good at that, too This one is about a bioweapon that, of course, gets loose and hijinks ensue It reads like it s a movie, and I mean that as a compliment It probably will be a movie at some point, and that would be great, because this story is thrilling, tense, and crammed with action I m thinking one of the Hemsworths would be good in the lead role Maybe throw in a non Hemsworth Chris, too, just for seasoning. Thank you to NetGalley, Ecco, and David Koepp for the advance reader copy of Cold Storage Cold Storage is a techno thriller in the mode of Michael Crichton, which makes total sense because Koepp wrote the screenplay for Jurassic Park Along with Jurassic Park, Koepp has been a part of several epic screenplays, often working with the big dog Mr Spielberg himself, along with the first Mission Impossible, and Spiderman 2 A Plus pedigree for sure Cold Storage story is an extinction level destruction bacteria sci fi adventure, and it certainly is a page turner Three strangers, one bioterror operative and a couple of regular folks try to save the world I did enjoy the ride, it is a quick read with some suspension of disbelief required It is an apocalyptic bioterror novel after all The one criticism I have with the novel, and I think a lot folks will agree, is that it does read like a screenplay Still entertaining, but the characters are not fleshed out, and seemed kind of rushed If you are looking for a quick entertaining read similar to his action packed screenplays, it will certainly be worth it Thanks for reading coldstorage netgalley I want to thinka while before I review this But I loved it. A fun, fast, smart novel that does for zombies what Andy Weir s The Martian did for, well, martians There s some big words and pseudo science about a fast moving fungus, but the fun part is that said fungus is so hell bent on spreading that it turns cats, deer, a gutless evangelical Peace Corps reject baby daddy, and eventually a loose knit biker gang, into zombie like vessels that spread the fungus by vomiting in 12 foot streams, climbing to the tops of structures and exploding, or, in the case of a headless cockroach, just getting squished Cold Storage made me laugh out loud several times, and one of the main characters is named Travis Great name. oh my god i am going to be run ragged at BEA this year, apparently WATCH OUT FOR MY GRABBY HANDS, BOOTH TENDERS Brief review This was okay, but a few days past reading it and the only thing I could remember is that the Hazmat suit and gunshot thing really irritated me, the line about the deer taking the elevator was funny, and I was generally confused on if this was supposed to be a serious biomedical thriller or sort of a horror comedy.Full review to come after it s posted to Sci Fi Scary.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

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