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Loved thisI loved Cassie, she was so funny and normal even if she did spend masses of money on stuff she didn t really need I loved reading about her latest trials and tribulations. Cassie Cavanagh is pretty happy She s got a good job as a PA that keeps her in designer shoes and a nice flat, a great boyfriend and great friends too But Cassie soon finds herself made redundant from the job with a huge credit card debt oh and her boyfriend has dumped her as well.Together with her flatmate xx, Cassie has to learn to live on a budget for the first time in her life, and stick to it But Cassie isn t used to not picking out what she wants in a shop, or buying a new outfit just because she wants to.The recession is coming to bite her on the bum, and Cassie needs to really become thrifty can this recessionista cut her debt, and get her life back on track In the current uncertain economic climate, this book is certainly one that will strike a chord with people all over the country It looks to introduce us to a girl who has it all the job, the friends, the guy and then its going to be taken away from her leaving her with a scary debt and having to control her spendaholic ways It does sound familiar, we ve had a book about a Shopaholic before of course by the brilliant Sophie Kinsella, so I was intrigued to see how Amy Silver would tackle this subject from a slightly different angle and bring something new to the spendaholic genre.This is author Amy Silver s debut novel, and I was immediately drawn in by the catchy title and fresh looking cover too The lead character of Cassie is very likeable and one that I was immediately drawn to It didn t matter that I didn t have anything in common with her, she was just normal and funny, and you wanted to carry on reading to find out how it was going to progress for poor old Cassie I loved how naive she was about money, thinking that her small redundancy wage was going to last forever but then had to come back down to earth with a bump I felt so sorry for her but also wanted to shake her because she was a bit too daft at times, but it works for the book It s written in the first person from Cassie s perspective, and this is why the reader can grow to love her so much we re in her head and what comes out is totally uncensored and often hilarious and cringy, but it makes for a fab reading There are quite a few other characters in the book but they aren t as big a part as Cassie plays Her flatmate Jude was a very down to earth character who was the thorn in Cassie s side because she kept harping on about money in a realistic way I liked her as she had a good side story as well with a sweet romance, and I enjoyed the development of this plot Cassie s best friend Ali wasn t around much but had a bit of a mystery plot which I did guess quite early on but added a grown up storyline to the book which I enjoyed Cassie s boyfriend Dan was the Mr Nasty of the book, and Silver has really written such a wally, you have to wonder if he s based on a real person The author has clearly done her research about the topics in this book She puts in a fair bit about banking, a subject which doesn t interest me at all and makes it interesting, and then throws the book in a totally different direction towards the end which I loved and was clearly well researched too What I really loved about this book was the amount of things going on, and how frequently the direction of the book changed It often moved around following the different characters but kept Cassie at the heart of it and the reader wanting to know about the lives of these people As the book goes on, characters are introduced but it s easy to keep track of them because of the great writing style and development of the book.It is a book that it very applicable in this day and age but I can see its one that can be enjoyed at any time as well It s incredibly well written, very enjoyable and one of those books you would struggle to put down once you begin it If I have one complaint about the book, its that it is only just over 300 pages long I could have read double that amount about Cassie I loved the feel of the book, its uplifting and funny at the same time and a great escapist book For a debut novel, I was incredibly impressed and I hope Amy Silver is going to continue with writing as I think she is going to have a good career ahead of her Brilliant, and highly recommended I think this will be a hit Devo dire che questo libro non mi piaciuto quasi per nulla.Il suo unico pregio quello di essere una lettura molto veloce e scorrevole, di quelle che vanno via in poche ore la sera quando non hai altro da fare, perch per il resto fa acqua da tutte le parti.Il problema principale la trama, che il libro proprio non ha mai visto in questo romanzo non succede nulla Cassie perde il lavoro, il fidanzato e allora capisce cio le fanno capire che deve cambiare vita E inizia a provarci ben oltre la met del libro, senza alla fine cavarne quasi nulla Ad un certo punto, dopo aver trovato un lavoro simile a quello che aveva all inizio, si rende persino conto che preferiva il lavoretto, seppur degradante, che aveva trovato nel frattempo, ma decide di continuare sulla strada intrapresa.Il personaggio di Cassie proprio non mi piaciuto, e non solo perch un personaggio che non si evolve per nulla, ma anche perch ha un carattere osceno superficiale, egoista ed egocentrica, si mette nei casini e spera che siano gli altri a tirarla fuori e da sola non in grado di fare praticamente niente.Per quel che riguarda gli altri personaggi, invece, non che ci sia molto da dire praticamente sono tutti delle comparse che si fanno vedere ogni tanto nella vita di Cassie E ad ognuno frega pi di se stesso che di chiunque lo circondi Tra i peggiori, oltre a Cassie, ovviamente, figurano la sorella, sempre pronta a lamentarsi dei figli e a far pesare il fatto che lei ha tre bambini agli altri, e la migliore amica, Ali, egocentrica all ennesima potenza.Jake, quello che sembra essere l interesse amoroso, compare all improvviso, poi scompare a lungo, poi ricompare, poi riscompare, e poi ogni tanto viene nominato come personaggio nella stanza , per cui impossibile farsi un idea di lui eccetto il fatto che dev essere completamente pazzo per scegliersi una come Cassie Nel complesso un libro che proprio non mi ha entusiasmata e che non consiglierei mai. Cassie Cavanagh has a great job, a great boyfriend and earns enough money to keep her in shiny new shoes and fabulous clothes What Cassie doesn t reckon on is being sacked from her job due to the recession Not only that but her boyfriend dumps her for an older woman Cassie also seems to be spiralling into debt and is forced to listen to flatmate Jude s advice on money Can Cassie claw her way out of the recession and stop spending money When I first heart about Confessions Of A Reluctant Recessionista I couldn t wait to read it I thought it sounded fab So when I finally got around to picking it up I was incredibly pleased I was sucked right into Cassie s world and I enjoyed the book immensely.As the world is currently going through a recession there s bound to be a bunch of chick lit books tackling that angle We ve had the Shopaholic side from Sophie Kinsella and now we have Amy Silver writing about being a shopaholic in a recession affected world This is the first book I ve read that s dealt with the recession and time will tell if they re all the same For what it s worth I thought Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista was fabulous Of course, you might be thinking, Why on Earth do I want to read about something that s currently happening, something that s always in the news I want a light hearted read but believe me, this is light hearted I loved the fact it was set in the world we re in now Truth is, wouldn t a book be less believable if we re reading of a total shopaholic when we re all struggling at the moment As I mentioned I was easily sucked into Cassie s world and it s easy to see why she spends so much money Truth is, Cassie doesn t know any other way She s always had her well paid job as a PA to fund all of her spending habits so it comes as a complete surprise once she s out of a job and thus broke Cassie tries a number of ways to make money Most notably by walking dogs Cassie being a dog walker had me laughing out loud I have two dogs and struggle sometimes to control them so I could imagine what it would be like to have 5 or so to walk at the same time I like that after Cassie got over the shock of being out of a job and out of a boyfriend she eventually pulled herself together to try and find herself new employment I also loved how Cassie s flatmate Jude helped her to try and cut down on her spending it wasn t always completely logical but Jude had her heart in the right place I loved both Cassie and Jude and found them incredibly likeable They seemed polar opposites to each other Cassie being a spendaholic and Jude being a bit hippy like yet I found their friendship totally believable.There are other characters in the novel A favourite of mine being Ali, Cassie s best friend She seemed a bit mysterious and offish with Cassie for a while but all was revealed eventually I can t say that I saw Ali s surprise coming I also quite liked Cassie s family, they too had her best interests at heart I thought Jake, Jude and Cassie s friend, was quite sweet and a world away from Dan, Cassie s ex It surprised me that Dan didn t make a reappearance near the end of the book that s generally a staple of a chick lit novel, the ex coming back for a re appearance Huge kudos to Amy for not going down that route I was pleased to see the back of Dan I have to say.The book is very in the now not only with the recession but with Cassie and Jude having Sky Plus, each chapter starting with a Facebook update Cassie Cavanagh loves her louboutins, for example and it seemed very modern which I enjoyed It s nice when authors can weave things like that into a book to make it up to date The book is told entirely in the first person, which was absolutely right for this novel We didn t need anybody else s perspectives Cassie was than enough Amy Silver wrote quite a bit about what it s like to work in the City as a PA in Cassie s case and as a dealer in Ali s case but it was easy enough to understand and even I enjoyed learning about it.I have to admit that the ending was pretty open I sincerly hope that means Amy Silver is working on a sequel Cassie Cavanagh could become the anti Becky Bloomwood and I d happily read of Cassie s adventures She s just so incredibly likeable and it s difficult to dislike her even when she was ignoring Jude s advice Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista truly is a great read and I wholly recommend it, it s definitely one of the best debuts around. Cassie Cavanagh Has A Great Job, A Great Boyfriend And Earns Enough Money To Keep Her In Shiny New Shoes And Fabulous Clothes What Cassie Doesn T Reckon On Is Being Sacked From Her Job Due To The Recession Not Only That But Her Boyfriend Dumps Her For An Older Woman Cassie Also Seems To Be Spiralling Into Debt And Is Forced To Listen To Flatmate Jude S Advice On Money Can Cassie Claw Her Way Out Of The Recession And Stop Spending Money Review This book had the potential to be brilliant, but I did feel a little let down, particularly at the end It ended so suddenly and without any warning it didn t feel like the end, but the beginning of another chapter I turned the last page and wondered if someone had ripped the last chapter out Aside from that, it wasn t bad, but it did need some action, rather than repetition of the same things The characters could have used a little padding out, because at times it seemed like I was watching them from a distance, rather than being really involved in their lives Genre Chic Lit Romance DramaCharacters Cassie CavanaghSetting EnglandSeries N ARecommend MaybeRating 14 20 Whether it s because I have been through the redundancy thing I don t know but I thoroughly enjoyed this book Cassie s life is a world away from mine but that didn t stop me cheering her on from the sidelines Being sidelined by work and then your boyfriend is no fun but when they both happen within days of each other Cassie does the only thing she knows how she spends, and spends and shops some until her flatmate and her best friend stage an intervention.There were some genuinely funny moments in the book and Cassie herself is completely relatable Okay, not completely, but there is enough normality to her for you to feel complete empathy towards her and to be on her side even when she is being rather deluded and selfish The only thing that really spoilt the book for me was the tales of her new job at the Wine Start Up company, from singlehandedly remodelling the office to a mad dash across France to save a business deal it was a little forced and unbelievable Fortunately, the characters save the book and you can forgive the fantastical aspects.I am happy to admit that I bought this book because it was on sale and it reminded me of the Sophie Kinsella Shop a holic series I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing within it s covers as I think I was mentally expecting some sort of cash in homage to that series but it really isn t that Instead you have a very relatable central character with a strong narrator s voice in Cassie and a cast of secondary characters that provide a great foil for our erstwhile heroine I particularly liked her flatmate Jude and am really crossing my fingers for a spin off about her.This is a fun read that I did find hard to put down between chapters and as yfirst experience of the author I am looking forward to trying some of her other books. I took a liking to Cassie and as a result I enjoyed the book I really wanted her to succeed and show everybody who had turned out to be fair weather friend that she had moved on successfully Must admit I was a little let down by the ending, I wanted But generally a good story and an enjoyable book. Nice easy book to read No hard storyline to follow and a bit predictable but on occasions, it s nice to read an uncomplicated book and this fits the bill perfectly Similar in storyline and style to the Shopaholic series. Deed me heel hard denken aan de boeken van Sophie Kinsella , chicklit om te ontspannen maar toch niet TE voorspelbaar zoals met velen helaas het geval is Vlot boek. Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista

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