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Cowboy All Night (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood, #5) Blame It On The Stetson Brant Ellison S Easygoing Nature Makes Him One Of The Most Sought After Horse Trainers In Wyoming His Powerful Muscles Don T Hurt, Either Nothing Makes Brant Happier Than Training A New Colt At His Foster Home, Thunder Mountain Ranch Except Maybe The Colt S Sexy New Owner, If She Wasn T All Work And No PlayAria Danes Hopes That Once Trained, The Colt Will Help Her Injured Brother But Brant Is Proving To Be A Distraction From Her Responsibilities She Has A Wicked Urge To Strip Him From His Hat To His Boots Ride Em, Cowboy Aria And Brant Can T Get Enough Of Each Other Their Craving Is Insatiable, Even If They Have Nothing In Common Even If Some Cowboys Can Never Be Tied Down Some modern dilemmas are faced in this American romance A palomino mare is foaling at the start and her happy owner is on hand So is a cowboy who tries to educate young people about horses They celebrate a perfect colt foal and soon find their way to bed But there is no guarantee that they will stay together Also involved is the lady s brother, a disabled war veteran, who seems determined to lead an indoor life and ignore horses The story follows the three of them as they work gradually towards a solution that will help everyone An adult romance read with characters from earlier in this series, the tale comes across well as a standalone but there is not much suspense Horse lovers will enjoy the read for sure.I downloaded a copy from Net Galley for an unbiased review. Cowboy All Night Thunder Mountain Brotherhood by Vicki Lewis Thompson Another of the Thunder Mountain Boys arrives back home and finds romance and love This time it is Brant Ellison Once back he meets Aria Danes They seem to be opposites but of course opposites attract This was a quick fun read with a lot of sex I did think that the character development would have been better if they spenttime with their clothes on than with them off Sex is great but the relationship just needed a littlethan sex to seem complete. Brant Ellison has a soft heart for new foals and intends to stay independent so that he can travel where he s needed whenever he wants to No women for him, just new horses Given his family history, his attitude is understandable.That is, undtil he meets Aria who s just as stubborn about want to get her brother out of his wheelchair with the help of a newborn foal.It takes Brand and the foal to do that, but it s an iffy thing until Brant realizes he wantsthan to be fancy free when his heart as well as his libido is captured by Aria.

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