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Daddy-Long-Legs When Jerusha Abbott, An Eighteen Year Old Girl Living In An Orphan Asylum, Was Told That A Mysterious Millionaire Had Agreed To Pay For Her Education, It Was Like A Dream Come True For The First Time In Her Life, She Had Someone She Could Pretend Was Family But Everything Was Not Perfect, For He Chose To Remain Anonymous And Asked That She Only Write Him Concerning Her Progress In School Who Was This Mysterious Gentleman And Would Jerusha Ever Meet Him

About the Author: Jean Webster

Jean Webster pseudonym for Alice Jane Chandler Webster was an American writer and author of many books including Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy Her most well known books feature lively and likeable young female protagonists who come of age intellectually, morally, and socially, but with enough humor, snappy dialogue, and gently biting social commentary to make her books palatable and enjoyable to contemporary reade

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    I highly recommend that men DON T read this, and I highly recommend that women particularly girls who enjoy Little Women, Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, etc basically old fashioned chick fl

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    Daddy Long Legs is a delightful short novel written in 1912 Basically it s along the lines of Anne Shirley goes to a girls college It s mostly epistolary, told in the form of letters written by the main character w

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    Joudy abott my old friend.

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    WARNING To follow is a highly illustrative review plot summary of the book Daddy Long Legs.As a kid, I totally loved the cartoon Judy I actually miss it sometimes, but then thanks to Goodreads, I discovered that it all started with a book.J

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    It s probably one of those sad things about me that I take rootless interest in people I don t know and do a whole lot of aimless wondering It feels creepy on bad days Daddy Long Legs is weird for me cause it felt both not creepy and totally creepy

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    You should read this review if 1 You haven t read this book and need to know why you should,or2 You ve read this book, but need to know about the connection between Daddy Long Legs and J.D Salinger Okay, or 3 Regardless of whether or not you ve read t

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    Note, Sept 12, 2016 I edited this review just now to correct the misspelling of tonsillitis.Before this book was nominated as a common read in my Vintage Tales group, I d never even heard of it, or of Jean Webster 1876 1916 Going into it, my expectations weren t part

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    I found Daddy Long Legs courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Young Adult Anonymous and then devoured it in one sitting it is free for Kindle, though devoid of illustrations Published in 1912, it is a series of letters from the fictional Jerusha Judy Abbott to the myst

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    I ve been reading comments here and there about how this book is not that good and the central relationship is creepy and it is anti feminist THIS IS SO NOT TRUE Well, of course if you think it s not that good, that s your prerogative I won t go that far but I don t understand, either

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    I always have a difficult time rating YA books Do I rate them as I enjoy them now, or as I would have enjoyed them had I read it as a young adult It s tricky.As a young adult I would probably rate this as a five star read As a forty something adult, I enjoyed it, but I wasn t lik

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