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Damaged Goods (The Outsider Chronicles, #2) 3.5 starsEnjoyable with a great twist Sometimes I didn t connect with the writing but I loved the story line. Interesting readThis book wasn t what I expected but now that I ve read it I couldn t tell you exactly what it was I expected.Liv Bennett couldn t get away from her small hometown fast enough and she s working hard to try and make something of herself She left behind her mother if you can call her that and her two younger sisters Reese and Paige but her sister s are never far from her thoughts and she sends money back for them whenever she can.Liv is having a bad night and it s about to get worse as she finds herself returning to the town she tried so hard to escape from.For Liv, like most of the characters in this book life has been hard and it seems as if she s been dealt one bad hand after another but she does what she has to do to survive.Liv is strong at times but she s also cynical, rude, hard headed and than a little clueless at others.I don t want to say much except there s a twist and some interesting characters, Will is amazing I just loved him and Jack really grew on me in fact I think after Will he became my favourite character.This was a surprising book in many ways. 4 GoodWill StarsThis book honestly was NOT what I was expecting AT ALL I really enjoyed the twist that was the driving force of this story line and my heart went out to the cast of this book They all had some hard knocks from the school of life they had to work through Liv definitely had to take one for the team She did what she had to, to survive, and that s what ended up surprising me the most At times I did feel there was a bit too much in the inner dialogue department from Liv, but over all I really did enjoy this story These characters definitely had a lot to learn about themselves and how to strive to be better and achieve their goals to make that possible in the long run Will Goods, or as my mind kept thinking GoodWill, was quite the man He was good down to the core and didn t seem to have a deceiving bone in his body He s an honest guy, a hero, a loving and devoted son, a great mechanic, a helpful neighbor and once you let him into your heart, a loving, caring and understanding man He sees the world differently.Liv Bennett is a whole other ball of wax She has a jaded view of the world She came from a white trash place, had a stigma placed on her in high school and she s very pessimistic She has two sisters to help support, her own college career to get through and holds down a late night full time job Her mother did her no favors, her town did her no favors, and life surely wasn t being kind in the fate department until Will that is but can she look past her own self to make this the best fate has handed her She sees the world in a Negative Nancy way and she needs to be shown the light What I liked about this book 1 Liv s sisters Paige Reese They have vastly different views on life and I loved the dynamics of the three together 2 Jake This interesting character grew on me I loved his banter with Liv and how he always told her she was a pain in his ass He ended up having some great sound advice and it let me see him a tad differently.3 WILL GOODS of course I loved this man 4 The Twist You could figure it out earlyyet even though I did, it still had me wavering back in forth on if I was correct or not 5 Some humor.6 Liv Will never cheat on each other I know I have this labeled under cheatingbut it s not the main couple who does it Just to clarify. Love who you want to love Love who you need to love And love those you do without abandon or fearthis series is free on kindle unlimited This book didn t work for me on multiple levels Sad, because I loved Hard Knox, and, if I would ve read this one first, it s highly likely I wouldn t have ever given anything else this author wrote another chance Yep, this was that bad and Knox wasthat good I couldn t find a single thing that I liked about this book Characters And the award for most annoying female MC in history goes to Liv Anyhoo, I m instantly turned off by the female MC from her disassociated, convoluted way of dealing with the shit life hands her to the constant barrage of inner diatribes she has just so she can throw herself a pity party every five seconds Did life really, really stink for Liv Yeah No doubt, she was handed shitty cards in life Is it okay to complain about it, have a breakdown about it, cry, put up protective walls, etc Of course I m not heartless to her plight However, this chick is like a broken down radio stuck on repeat with poor, pitiful me blasting through the speakers nonstop For someone hell bent on NEVER just laying down accepting the life she was born into, she spent most of her time rolling over and playing dead to it painting herself into imaginary corners where she CHOSE to believe she didn t have any choices She s been sending money to her sisters for years and ultimately has to step in to financially save them when the mom goes MIA On the surface, it appears to be a girl that loves her sisters and wants to help them But, I just didn t buy it, feel it She internally plays the martyr There s not a single moment where she emotionally connects, reassures, or props these girls up from what they ve endured Obligation, guilt are not the same emotions as love The romance He s a too sweet for his own good dude that s clumsy as hell falls in love somehow with a girl that s as aloof, shut off, ungrateful, and bitchy as they come Wasn t feeling anything swoony or sexy about Will, and that has nothing to do with the unbelievable plot twist On her part, the f ing repetitive mantra of Will is good looking He s off limits, not good enough I want to ride his stick, though No, he s not good enough Well, he s good enough as long as it s in a pitch black room He s saving my ass every five minutes I ll accept that, but nothing Foreign feelings are working their way into my head, but I m going to shove em back to oblivion and pretend I m not human Oh, wait, he beat the hell out of a guy that came to a strip club expecting a girl to actually do her job and dance Damn, I love him Ehhhhhhhh This was the most exhausting, pointless, illogical, angst for the sake of angst romantic plot line I may have ever read And, just when you think it can t get worse, it does The way she reacts to Will s predicament aka the plot twist is reprehensible He never lied to her he can t help she s an f ing blind moron And, for her to think that he didn t knowthere was only one side of the coin she was flipping after all the convos about not talking about the other side of the coin was just as moronic and absurdly unbelievable She s a dipshit Even after he tells her, she s in her usual self important state that she still doesn t comprehend the truth and thinks he s the one that hurt her After the second time of him telling her the truth, synapses in the brain finally fire enough for her to get it, but she s again the most selfish human ever by asking him to just abandon everything to follow after her She Is The Most Asinine Character Ever The reconcile is ridiculous A shop A random encounter Professed love Please Not like the plot twist here would mean that just picking up and moving, opening a business, etc miles and miles away in the span of a month wouldn t be just a tiny weeny bit difficult for him, huh Gems Maybe I m in the dark here because I ve never been a stripper, but I ve NEVER, NEVER, NEVER heard of anyone using tweezers to pull all their pubic hair Wtf Have these bitc es never heard of wax or razors The Ill sell my own mama s soul to the devil for a dollar strip club owner of all people is the only one that has anything intelligent to say, and is the one, ironic enough, to voice to Liv my thoughts the entire book Because if you had tried hard enough, Noelle, you would have figured out some shit, and since you re whining about how you haven t figured out any shit, not even the basic kind, that means you haven t tried hard enough How this book could be written by the same author as Hard Knox is beyond my feeble little brains comprehension, truly Liv Bennet is the stupidest, most self absorbed, ignorant, unfeeling character of all time I want to slap her over the head to try to get only one reasonable thought out of her And Will Goods is a saint and the most understanding and forgiving person Sorry for the rant but I just had to That is all. Early warning This book is in no way related to Hard Knox Didn t impact the rating at all, just a forewarning to those who were hoping for a Knox Charlie sequel or at least a smidge of a cross over The books are completely unrelated and I m honestly not sure whey they re not just advertised as two stand alone books.Alright, quick plot review view spoiler Liv is a college student whose primary goal in life was to get away from her trashy hometown She has two younger sisters back home who she sends money to, but doesn t see often The night before final exams she gets a call from her sister that their mom took off and the third sister s really sick she has to take off from her fresh start and go back to the hometown she never wanted to see again Enter Will Will is the hot next door neighbor who s honorable, heroic, charming, and just an all around good guy He was blinded in the line of duty, which we don t find out til the end but is HEAVILY foreshadowed to the point you re kind of wondering how Liv could possibly have missed it He falls for Liv, hard, despite her best attempts to keep him at arms length.Requisite plot twists Liv can t find work anywhere in town, and with her sisters still in school and their Mom MIA so she can t leave town with them she is running out of money To the point that she s literally counting pennies She decides to take a job at the local Strip Club to make ends meat Will comes in as a patron and she discovers they have insane chemistry She decides to give herself the release of having a relationship with him in the club only Of course she s breaking all the stripper rules, not only by having a relationship with him that goes beyond that of a client, but she literally is breaking policy IN the VIP room while she s on the job In the end she falls for him too, but when the bomb is dropped on her that he s blind she assumes he didn t know she was both the neighbor and the stripper and they have a big blow out Of course eventually it ends in a HEA hide spoiler When Liv Bennett Said Good Bye To Her Sinkhole Of A Hometown, She Planned To Leave That Chapter Of Her Life Behind Forever But Forever Turned Out To Only Be Three YearsAfter Her Addict Of A Mother Up And Disappears, Liv Returns To What She Considers Her Own Personal Hell Smack In The Middle Of Nowhere Nevada To Take Care Of Her Two Younger Sisters, And She Promptly Reinstitutes The Golden Rule That Got Her Through Her First Nineteen Years Of Life Without Getting Knocked Up, Roughed Up, Or Messed Up Don T Date The Local Boys And, God Forbid, Don T Fall In Love With One Of ThemIt Isn T Long Before That Golden Rule Is Put To The TestWill Goods Grew Up In The Next Trailer Over, But The Wild, Careless Boy Who Used To Tear Up The Town With His Three Brothers Has Morphed Into Someone Else So Completely, He S Almost Unrecognizable The Quiet, Contemplative Man Who Works On Cars Every Night And Takes Care Of His Mentally Ill Mother Every Day Is Nothing Like The Local Boys Liv Grew Up AvoidingBut When Liv Considers Suspending Her Golden Rule Just This Once, She Finds Out Something About Will That Will Change EverythingWill Goods Isn T Who He Used To Be He S Not Even The Man Liv Thinks She S Gotten To Know Over The Summer He S Become Someone Else EntirelyHe S BecomeDamaged Goods 3.75 StarsWhile I really enjoyed Hard Knox, the first book in The Outsider Chronicles, it was a little harder for me to get into Damaged Goods The main character, Liv Bennet, came off as a bit of a man hater I know she didn t hate all guys, she did have a steady boyfriend for two years, she just really disliked men Actually it was like men and women from her hometown in Nevada.For about half the book I found Liv to be a hard character to like Even though she dropped everything in her life to take care of her underage sisters when their meth head mom left I still hard a hard time feeling connecting with her I did however really enjoy the two male characters in the book, Will and Jake Jake was not what I would think of when I imagine a strip club owner He was smart and, well not a dick He wasn t sleazy or a total creep His verbal sparing with Liz was one of the highlights of the novel But the real saving grace was Will.Will was such a great character He was patient and unbelievably kind, but he had a secret surrounding him that added to his appeal There are multiple scenes where Will and Liv get very physical with each other all without saying a word It sounds weird and is hard to explain without giving too much away, but these scenes only add a mysterious, bad boy element to an already very attractive man.Most of Nicole Edwards books are very YA when it comes to the main characters physical relationship Yes, her books sometimes have sex but it s very simple Even in the last book, Hard Knox, the sex was a little creative in its location but still pretty basic I really liked that in Damaged Goods she kicked it up a notch Now it s by no means erotica, but it doesn t have to be that sexually aggressive to still be hot I thought it worked perfectly in this book and I m glad she decided to bring the heat.I m torn as to how to rate this book The first half was a pretty obvious three Liz was really annoying and I couldn t bring myself to like her But the second half she changed, not into one of my favorite characters, but at least into one I could stand Will was fantastic the entire book I d have to say the beginning was a three and the last half a four I d definitely give it a chance if you re a fan of Nicole Williams other books I just wouldn t base my opinion of her entire body of work on this one novel.Review posted at Love Between the SheetsFollow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram Definitely not Knoxthis one didn t do any thing for me really would have been better if we read about this chick getting a lobotomy and then a TEAM of psychiatrist she had ISSUES love the H..Will.he was totally swoon worthy I even liked Jake Looney liv, uh, not at all I was so looking forward to this because I loved Knox now I wanna cry cause I didn t get the caliber of Knox in this book.

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