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Dangerous Desire Sometimes You Have To Lose One Thing To Find AnotherSienna Diaz Is Desperate To Find Her Missing Beagle, No Matter What It Costs She Hires Cruz Santino, The Best And Hottest In The Business He S An Ex Cop, Dangerous On Many Levels, Which Comes In Handy When All Evidence Indicates Her Beloved Pet Was Snatched To Use In A Dogfighting Ring Cruz Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find Sienna S Lost Pet, But He Also Wants Results From The Smokin Hot Attraction Between Them And He Isn T Above Breaking His Own Hands Off Clients Rule To Get There However, Until He Brings Her Beloved Beagle Home Safely, He Won T Have Sienna S Undivided Attentionand AffectionStrong Language, Caliente Sex, Violence, And A Dangerously Hot Rescue When I first started this book, I was concerned I would not be able to finish it I am an animal lover and dog fighting is part of the plot line Fortunately, it is not too graphic in that area and definitely represents the evils of the sport The sex, however, is graphic and hot There is a plot to the story, so it is not just one sex scene after another I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Sienna tries to check Cruz out without him noticing It never seemed to work Whenever, she looked at him, she caught him looking at her He was most definitely an ass man while she drooled over his chest and abs I have to say, they way they were described, I would be drooling too.What I did not like is the fact that they immediately fell in bed with each other Sienna has just lost her dog that she considers her child She is distraught and heartbroken There are several scenes where she breaks down in tears I completely understand her emotions Then a few scenes later, she is laughing and partying with her friends or making out with Cruz I just didn t find it believable.I liked the book well enough that I would probably read a sequel The ending of the book hinted at one I did not like it enough to add this author to my autobuy list CROSSPOSTED FROM I have to confess that when I first heard of Dangerous Desire and its premise a pet detective I thought it would be a comical read Well I couldn t have been wrong.Though it is a contemporary romance, Dangerous Desire is full of thrill and suspense and it explores crimes not for the faint hearted animal cruelty and dog fights with well detailed and realistic storytelling.Diane Escalera s easy and entertaining writing will keep the reader glued to the page The sizzling attraction between Cruz and Sienna despite developing quite quickly does not sound fabricated and rushed One can understand how in such extreme and exaggerated circumstances these things progress at a different rate Both Sienna and Cruz were interesting and well fleshed out characters Cruz sounds so yummy that based on Sienna s descriptions of not only his physique but his take charge attitude I was drooling er I mean smitten with him And due to her having already lived and experienced a lot Sienna feels confident in her own age, body and life I liked most of the secondary characters as well, it was only Tori, Sienna s best friend whom I couldn t stand She was so loud mouthed and way over the top that her presence irritated me even through the virtual distance, and I couldn t wait for her to finally exit the scene and not monopolize the conversation and all the attention When speaking of secondary characters I have to mention Zola Sienna s cute beagle and Roman, the trustworthy German shepherd of Cruz who besides being of great help in the investigation was a wonderfully adorable and funny pet Besides the sensual romance what stood out for me in Dangerous Desire was the chuckle out, tongue in cheek humour Diane Escalera used to describe Sienna s self deprecating thoughts, like when she couldn t tear her eyes away from Cruz muscular body after a work out She really needed to stop eye raping him and Cruz own inner monologues He kissed her with wild abandon, his ache raw and primitive Foreplay with Sienna was so freakin surreal, he heard bells ringing, dogs barking The noise grew louder and persistent the ruckus wasn t inside his head Someone was at the front door Verdict With a completely unprecedented mystery plot, sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine as well as chuckle out loud humour Diane Escalera s writing makes Dangerous Desire a thrilling and very sexy read I would recommend you give Dangerous Desire a chance, such a nice and unexpected surprise doesn t happen too often.I give Dangerous Desire 4 stars My review First line of story What a crappy day If one thing went wrong, Sienna Diaz would scream so loud she d pop an artery When Sienna Diaz comes home from work she discovers her house has been trashed and her beloved dog, Zola, is missing Desperate as she is, she hires Cruz Santino, an ex cop who now tracks down missing pets for a living He quickly discovers that her dog was stolen for a purpose, to be bait in the dog fighting industry Sienna will do whatever it takes to get her pet back but cannot fail to notice what a hot guy Cruz is and the way he stares at her, their attraction is mutual Three years ago she got divorced and since then her love life has been nonexistent Perhaps it is time to revive it and Cruz might be the right man for the job Cruz Santino cannot take his eyes off the hot woman who has hired him to find her missing Beagle The attraction between them is explosive and he is determined to explore it further, but finding her pet has to be his top priority As the illegal dog fighting industry attracts lots of thugs and criminals Cruz decides to keep Sienna at his side so she is safe While they search for Zola they also explore their explosive chemistry together and Cruz discovers that Sienna might be the one for him Now he only has to convince her that he is the one for her.I really liked the blurb of this story but I wasn t so sure about the hawtness of this story A pet detective first thing I thought of was Ace Ventura, mmmm Jim Carrey, no offense, but he is not very hot in my book, but Ace Ventura is no match for Cruz Santino The guy is hot with a capital H In no time the two main characters, Sienna and Cruz, whisked me away to sunny Florida and held me captive with their romance till the very last page What a pleasant, hawt surprise this story turned out to be I loved it Sienna Diaz is a character many readers will easily connect with She is in her late 30 s, divorced with a full grown daughter away at college The last three years of her life have been all about creating a new life for herself So far she has played it safe, thankful for finally having some inner peace She somewhat lost herself in her marriage and is now finding her true self again She is fiercely independent, sassy, witty, and direct But she is also a great mom, compassionate and caring she is in control of her life So when Cruz enters her life and she feels this strong attraction to him she knows she has to act on it.Cruz Santino is a very likeable character it is very easy to fall in love with him He used to be a cop but lost his motivation to continue and quit to start his own company Top Dawg He runs his office together with his younger brother Their brotherly banter cracked me up Cruz has many different layers he is very much an alpha male, very protective of the ones he loves He radiates power, control, raw appeal and has a steely exterior All of this conceals a much gentler side that is only reserved for certain situations He is easy to get along with and his relationship with Roman, his dog, is touching and mirrors what kind of guy Cruz really is Ambitious, always in control, responsible and loyal to the bone Yet also very caring, honorable and laidback He knows what is important in life, but building his business took up all his time leaving no room for love Her eyes slowly drank him in Good God He had the sexiest bod she d ever seen Taut and tan, his muscles were chiseled in a way that gave his dimensions beautiful symmetry Tori would ve been impressed She d always preached about the importance of muscle balance Some men took it to the extreme Not Cruz He sported a tapered waist with shredded abs, V shaped torso, and arms that made her drool Basically Dangerous Desire has two plotlines, the romance and the suspense part The whole story takes place in approximately 4 days and it is only 194 pages long Yet Diana Escalera manages to create a believable story, it is fast paced and off and running from page one but it did not feel rushed to me at all I was afraid that the missing pet angle would be laughable and too simple to create a thrilling suspense part but it had dept and was thrilling right up to the end because the story takes you to the dark, twisted world of the dog fighting industry, a pet s owner worse nightmare Both the romance and the suspense part are in balance, I love how the secondary characters like Cole, Dan and Tori easily blend into both parts of the story, giving the story an extra dimension From the moment Cruz and Sienna meet you feel the mutual attraction rolling of the page, you could say it was love at first sight for them, but it really was lust at first sight Love came a little later, which is why I totally believed in them I love the fact that Sienna is five years older than Cruz and that this is not an issue between them at all Miss Escalera fabulously builds up and releases the tension between Cruz and Sienna with hot, erotic scenes and I love how they grew closer with every bit they got to know about each other The sex scenes are sexy and hot and it clear that they belong together.This story was a fabulous reading experience for me Miss Escalera s voice is thrilling and full of passion I am looking forward to read of her work Fast paced and fluent, witty and moving, Dangerous Desire is sizzling hot from start to finish 4,5 stars 3.5 5 I can t round up to four There were some issues with the writing I ll write about them further down.The book itself is really cute and hot Not my usual reading material, and I had a harder time relating to the heroine Sienna because I m not a dog lover I like animals, but I don t have any desire to own a dog Sienna and Cruz both loved their dogs Like children Babied them, kissed them, fretted about them I don t have that drive Please don t hate me Sienna was married for 18 years to the father of her daughter Marina Sienna got pregnant at 18, and tried to do the right thing, as did the father, Lazaro However, after 18 years, she had had enough She wanted passion, love, and to be happy She wasn t any of those things She has been divorced for three years, and has been discovering herself, and how to make herself happy I really liked Sienna as a person She was funny, warm, and caring.Cruz Santino is a Pet Detective I giggled too, dam you Ace Ventura As a former cop turned PI, he has the unique skill set to find lost or stolen dogs His trusty Canine companion Roman the German Shepard is always by his side, and is an integral part of his investigative techniques I did like Roman, and if I were going to have a dog, I would love a K9 Trained German Shepard Cruz is Alpha Strong, dependable, and hot And Dirty I like dirty men in the bedroom He was also a Talker Another plus Sienna s dog is stolen and she hears about Cruz s Agency from her best friend Tori s boyfriend Dan Who is a police man, and good friends with Cruz They search for Zola Sienna s Beagle daughter The plot revolves around Dog Fighting.For the most part I enjoyed the novel, but there were some glaring technical issues The scene transitions were really rough One second you are somewhere, the next you are somewhere else, with no how you got there One second Sienna and Cruz are talking, the next Cruz was gone, it was 12 hours later, and he was knocking on her door I had to go back and re read to see if I missed where he left It wasn t written.First Sienna was at Cruz s house, then he left to go investigate the dog fighting, but somehow Sienna got home to her house But she didn t have a car because Cruz had driven them back to his house in his car Little inconsistencies, but they add up quick It took away from my reading enjoyment a little because I kept having to back track to see what was going on It was pretty choppy I would encourage the author to have beta readers, and tighter editing if possible.During the entire novel, only two days had passed However, I m so glad that neither Sienna or Cruz said I love you and that the epilogue was 6 months later It felt real to me I also really liked the epilogue It was cute Especially the part about Marina and the man she is going to marry in the Burgundy shirt IN summary, a quick hot read, with a hot alpha male and caring, compassionate female Great if you love dogs

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