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Dangerous Rush (Furious Rush, #2) Riding a race bike is an art a thing that you do because you feel something inside Valentino RossiIf you ve ever been to a NASCAR, Formula One, motocross, or other race, you know that racing is a sensory driven sport where you feel a buzz in the air If you race a car or motorcycle on the track or road, you feel that power gush behind the wheel Like action packed racing, books can give that rush Dangerous Rush by SC Stephens sends the senses spinning around the track in a RUSH of a ROMANCE that SPARKS with love and life.After consuming Furious Rush, I knew I NEEDED MORE I dove into Dangerous Rush and DEVOURED this story like a hungry lioness, eating every page alive Every page of Dangerous Rush made me FEEL ALIVE.My eyes were etched with tears My breaths were bated My pulse pounded My heart beat out of my chest I smiled I laughed I LOVED SO MUCH A roller coaster of a romance that hits the heart hard, surging straight to the soul, Dangerous Rush is a RUSH FELT EVERYWHERE.I lived and breathed these characters that came to life before my eyesSeeing her was like walking outside into the fresh air after being cooped up in a stagnant room all day long I could finally breathe againI MELTED into a puddle of goo Hayden s words made me SWOON so hard Sweet sigh.Hayden, the green eyed and gorgeous blond racing god, so broken and beautiful, OWNED ME since Furious Rush I FELL IN MADLY IN LOVE WITH HAYDEN HAYES AGAIN There was a time or two I wanted to junk punch this sometimes mixed up man in this story though I could not hate Hayden, as I was helpless to his spell Hayden had my heart.Kenzie, the brunette beauty, oh how I loved her as much as Hayden and even in Dangerous Rush She grew up so much in this story, shining solo with determination and dominance that I greatly admired Kenzie has strength in spades and is one of the strongest heroines ever Kenzie and Hayden are MAGIC together, and I was mesmerized by this magnetic couple Their relationship is full of fire fueled by love I LOVE them both so muchGiving me a devilish grin, she murmured, Race me or chase me, Hayes, then she took off like a bolt of lightning God, I loved racing this womanHot, heart pounding, and utterly hypnotizing, Dangerous Rush is the highest of highs meets the lowest of lows This book BREATHED LIFE into me while it BLED ANGST through me I felt this story course through me I felt the angst tug at my heart, pulling me under I felt the bitter sting of rejection I felt heartbreak I felt hope I felt happiness I FELT EVERYTHING I WAS FLOATING IN FEELS THE WHOLE STORY Dangerous Rush is a tale of guts and glory that bleeds angst, a romance that EXPLODES with EMOTION.This touching and turbulent tale tugged my heart every step of the way, stomping on it and then stitching it back together several times Dangerous Rush pulled me under with its poignant mix of sweetness and sorrow I was a GONER What did you do to me, SC Stephens I m still trying to come off the HIGH I chased called Dangerous Rush This story SLAYED me I still FEEL this thrilling and tender tale coursing through me Dangerous Rush is a rush I want to stay and feel foreverNo one will take a chance on me I willexploding emotional starsA MUST CLICK Group Twitter Feeling The Rush Comes With A PriceMackenzie Cox Has Lost Everything Except Hayden Hayes With Kenzie S Racing Career Over, And Her Family No Longer Speaking To Her, Hayden Has Been Her Rock, As She Tries To Pick Up The Pieces Of What Was Once Her LifeBut When Hayden S Racing Team Hires His Beautiful Ex Girlfriend, Felicia, To Be Their New Hotshot Rider, Kenzie And Hayden S Seemingly Solid Relationship Begins To Crack Kenzie Can Only Watch From The Sidelines, As Felicia Lives The Life She Was Forced To Leave Behind, And As Tension Begins To Build Between Hayden And Kenzie, She Wonders If Hayden Isn T The Man She Once Knew While I m already a huge fan of SC Stephens, what made me most excited for this book was the fact that I absolutely LOVED Furious Rush, the first book in this series After the cliffhanger in the last book, I have been dying to pick up this sequel Kenzie s life has always revolved around racing Until it didn t Kenzie has lost everything except for Hayden Hayes, the love of her life Kenzie thought, without a doubt, that Hayden was worth than her racing career, but as Hayden has been keeping and secrets from her, Kenzie starts to question her decision and if she can really live without racing ever again My heart While Furious Rush revolved around the hate to love relationship with Hayden and Kenzie, this book dealt with the much emotional side of their relationship Kenzie has lost racing, which put a serious tone to this book There wasnt as much of the fun banter and racing adrenaline that filled the first book because Kenzie now has to deal with the repercussions of her decisions from book one This was so hard to read because Kenzie was hurting so much and it felt so unfair with what was happening to her No matter how much it hurt, though, I really appreciated how realistic SC Stephens was and how she wasn t afraid to show the cracks and flaws in the relationship between our main characters I loved Dangerous Rush, but for very different reasons than why I loved Furious Rush Furious Rush had so much angst because Kenzie and Hayden hated each other, but they had serious chemistry and loved pushing each other on the race track In this book, Kenzie and Hayden were already together, but there was a sense of urgency and desperation in their relationship because so many factors were working against them and Kenzie especially was trying to remind herself why it was worth all of the sacrifice and heartbreak I loved how realistic their relationship was in this book and how many trials Kenzie and Hayden had to face In the end, I loved this sequel to one of my favorite sports romances from SC Stephens I had my favorite couple back, but my heart was taken on a ride as their relationship was tested time and time again I got the racing world I loved and all of the same characters I fell in love with in the first book If you haven t started this series yet, you must With a hot relationship that turns very emotional, you re missing out on a fantastic story OMG just finished Dangerous Rush by S.C Stephens THE FEELS The entire book is fucking angst My heart couldn t stop pounding I wanted to throw my fucking kindle and I felt at times I was dying inside I started this book last night but had to put it down at midnight because I had to work in the am And yeah went to work for the morning and I needed to read so yeah I fucking took the afternoon off to come home and finish it Yup just went and emailed my boss and said yeah I m taking the afternoon I had to do it.Like a bad train wreck happening but you can t stop watching and it gives you all the damn feels.You know that meme here this book brutally ripped my heart out read it Yes yes that is this book Pure torment but so Fucking worth it.To me this book has a Romeo and Juliet feel to it with a modern day twist and then throw in some assholes that try to manipulate and scheme This book made me angry, made me antsy, made me want to vomit at times.The amount of times I felt like pulling my hair out and screaming NO NO NO you fucking dumbass you will ruin everything what the fuck is wrong with you Stop fucking shit up your only going to make it worse dammit I swear i sounded like a crazy person talking to the book That s right these characters made me talk out loud most is this book.Whether it was you Fucking bitch or fucking asshole I hate you I was cursing up a storm.Hayden omg I loved him I wanted to smack the ever loving fuck out of him most of this book but I loved him none the less His heart was in the right place even though his actions were not the right ones Mackenzie the bullshit she goes through fuck I swear to I wanted to wipe out an entire list over characters for her These people were seriously Fucking idiots and just gah even now that I m done it I want to make them suffer They don t deserve to have her in their life.Now I m rambling but fuck me I loved this book.Now if you have read book 1 Furious Rush let me tell you Book 2 is off the charts fantastic and you will be put through the ringer I know that some of you have been waiting a long time for this book.If you have not read book 1 then go get it and prepare to read it time it if you must Book 2 releases June 13th You will want to binge these two books like I did.This book made me feel I literally had a physical reaction to this book where I could feel my heart beating so hard. Not safe, H thinking of ex girlfriend breast, and body while actually having sex with his current girlfriend, and silently calling ex s name when H climax in side his head Wow That s some loveHe loves his girlfriend but thinking of ex, that s not acceptable, They exchange I loves Der Verlust war unausweichlich und niemals leicht Je mehr man sich w nschte, etwas zu behalten, das man hatte, desto qualvoller war der unausweichliche Verlust S 208 Meine Meinung Kenzie hat ihren gro en Traum von einer Rennfahrerin aufgegeben und sich gegen ihre Familie gestellt und das nur f r einen Jungen F r mich ist dies der mutigste Akt und der gr te Beweis der Liebe und das sieht auch Hayden so, weshalb er f r sie nur das Beste m chte und sie niemals bereuen lassen m chte Doch er merkt, dass es ihr trotzdem nicht gut geht, auch wenn sie sehr gl cklich ist mit ihm Und dann ist da auch noch Felicia, seine Ex Freundin, die alles den Bach runterziehen k nnte Was bleibt einem da brig, schlie lich lebt sie und Hayden Kenzie s Traum sie muss sich stark beweisen, obwohl sie so einiges auseinander rei t und das finde ich so toll an Kenzie Ich mochte sie auch schon im ersten Teil wegen ihren taffen Pers nlichkeit, die sich nicht unterkriegen lassen will Aber jetzt hat nun mal auch seine Grenzen, vor allem, wenn vom Leben nichts mehr brig bleibt, als der Partner Sie macht eine gewaltige Entwicklung durch, was mich sehr beeindruckt hat und ihre Reaktionen haben mich immer wieder sehr beeindruckt, da ich nicht so stark gewesen w re Hayden hingegen ist teilweise noch der Alte geblieben, ein Bad Boy, aber charmant wie eh und je und auch er hat es nicht leicht, dass seine erste gro e Liebe pl tzlich auftaucht und sein Leben auf den Kopf stellt Schlie lich wurde er sehr verletzt und das merkt man beim Lesen wirklich, denn er hat einen gro en Zwiespalt im Herzen, was ziemlich authentisch und realistisch r ber kommt Denn wenn man jemanden geliebt hat und keinen Schlussstrich gezogen hat, ist es nun mal nicht m glich, dass da nichts mehr ist.Ich muss auch echt sagen, so wie ich mir Hayden vorstelle, hat er wirklich gro es Potenzial einer meiner absoluten Bookboyfriends zu werden, wenn nicht sogar der Bookboyfriend Die Handlung war zu Anfang noch recht schwierig, da ich erstmal wieder in die Geschichte kommen musste, schlie lich ist der erste Teil auch schon einige Zeit her Ich finde es gut, dass die Autorin hier nochmal die wichtigsten Ereignisse indirekt erz hlt, sodass man dies nochmal vor Augen hat und sich erinnert Danach geht es auch schon los, wie auch im ersten Teil wirklich dramatisch und spannend, was mir sehr gefallen hat Die Drama kommt nat rlich nicht an Erin Watt dran, aber mir hat es trotzdem sehr gefallen und ber das Ende war ich sehr erleichtert Es ist mal eine Abwechslung gewesen, dass es keinen Cliff Hanger gibt, auch wenn man am Ende wei , dass es noch weiter geht, da einige Fragen offen bleiben.Der Schreibstil gef llt mir auch hier wieder sehr gut, da gibt es eigentlich berhaupt nichts zu meckern Alles sehr verst ndlich und einfach gehalten, Beschreibungen sind wirklich gut gew hlt und nehmen nicht zu viel von der Fantasie hinweg, erz hlen aber genug Es wird hier auch diesmal auch aus Haydens Sicht geschrieben, was mir sehr gefallen hat, weil hier sein Charakter nochmal heraus sticht und vor allem auch der Zwiespalt in seinem Herzen deutlicher wird.Fazit Eine tolle Fortsetzung, die mich mitrei en konnte und sehr unterhalten hat Der Anfang fiel noch etwas schwer, es ist gut, wenn man die B cher direkt nacheinander liest, aber ansonsten hat es mich wieder sehr begeistern k nnen Es bekommt dementsprechend 5 von 5 Kr nchen Gelungene Fortsetzung, die richtig Lust auf das Finale macht First, I rarely leave reviews this long Probably because I think most get bored after awhile but I have some things to sayA HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT I don t believe I m about to reveal anything because nothing surprising really happens but just in case I say something while I m venting Spoilers May Occur Maybe it was the excitement I was feeling for this books arrival that made me give it 5 stars right after finishing But I m changing my star score from 5 to 2 Which is very bad for me I practically throw 5 4 stars out at books Two stars mean I hated the book but stomached it long enough to finish it.I LOVED Furious Rush so much I loved Hayden and Kenzie s relationship I loved Hayden for being driven and being a good boy who wanted the best for his girl and his family I loved Kenzie for being a strong and determined woman In my Furious Rush review I wrote, I really loved Kenzie I didn t know if I was going to because I couldn t stand Kiera from Thoughtless But Kenzie was strong and definitely confident and that made her someone I wanted to read about.Well, in this book she is just like Kiera She is whiny, pathetic and ignorant to what everyone else is doing to her and around her She has let her father blacklist her and treat her like shit without once raising her voice to him See, no longer standing up for herself and her LIFELONG dream Now, 58% Hayden is obviously still in love with his ex girlfriend who has popped back into his life after FOUR years It seemed to me he kept reminding himself he was in love with Kenzie because he had to NOT because he did I was so aggravated with his internal dialogue of Why did you leave me Why did you run again Then, when he and Kenzie had sex at 54% he imagines her being Felicia and admitting to himself and us readers He loved it I was disgusted He s constantly lying and being shady but don t worry about KenzieShe is going to be ok because she continues to let him act this way as long as she gets to sleep with him because he sure is sexy Yep, pathetic I hated this book and I m heartbroken because I loved the first one as much as I did Apparently, from looking at its reviews, I was alone there The book only had 25% left when all the bad guys get redeemed and the inevitable breakup that leads to the HEA occurs I suppose this part of the novel was pretty good Unfortunately, I d been annoyed by the first 75%, that it was a case of too little too late One final thought This is something that pissed me off a lot in Furious Rush but since it was so great to me I overlooked itWHY does Kenzie s own father feel he needs to do such horrific things to her to teach her a lesson Especially, when all she did was fall in love But his other daughter DEMANDS the extremely expensive wedding of her dreams and he gives it to her at the cost of his whole entire livelihood She knows he s losing his company and still asks for , not like it was cheap to begin with Then, when Kenzie falls for Hayden this sister says she s selfish I can t believe an author like S.C Stephens thought Hey, I have a great thing to put in this story Not Personally, I can t understand why Kenzie cares what dear old dad thinks any He has never acted like he likes her anyway Even before Hayden was his issue Ugh, I m honestly sadly disappointed. Dangerous Rush vibrates with all consuming emotions, layered with conflicting thoughts and actions The intensity of the story takes you from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye Passion, drama, and heartbreak pour from the pages, completely enrapturing the reader with every word written.The forbidden romance that we fell in love with in Furious Rush is put to the test in Dangerous Rush when loved ones stop at nothing to break up Hayden and Kenzie, and an ex girlfriend is back in the picture Secrets, lies, and betrayal weave their way into Kenzie and Hayden s passionate relationshipmaking them each question whether their love is strong enough to last.WowI am beyond thrilled to be reunited with the Rush series Dangerous Rush is a full throttle marathon of love, sacrifices, and high octane emotions The desire and excitement we fell hard for in the first book is immensely enhanced in this story The fierce emotions conveyed throughout makes it impossible to not become invested with the characters Hayden and Kenzie are a powerful couple Their love for each other is felt deep inside, and it s not hard to see that they re perfect together But all great love is challengedand in the most excruciating and heartbreaking of ways So when Kenzie s dream of racing again and Hayden s desire to help clash together, we begin to see and feel their strong bond slowly break apart And we start to wonder if Hayden and Kenzie are truly only meant to be rivals Dangerous Rush is an emotionally driven, captivating page turner S.C Stephen s writing is phenomenal once again, and she s a master at delivering unique and mesmerizing storylines This book will make you swoon, laugh, cry, and feel the profound effects of devastation A truly remarkable must read, Dangerous Rush will only leave you wanting.Unquestionable 5 starsARC provided in exchange for an honest review Kelly

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S.C Stephens is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance Her debut novel, Thoughtless, an angst filled love triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle, took the literary world by storm Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of

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