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I Don T Do Dangerous Smart, Ber Careful, Ordinary Samantha That S Me But I Just Couldn T Pass Up A Surprise Kiss From My Number One Unattainable Crush A Kiss That Did Something To Mesomething Strange Now I Feel Hungry All The Time, But Not For Food It S Like Part Of Me Is Missing And I Don T Know If I Can Get It Back Then There S Bishop At First I Thought He Was Just A Street Kid, But The Secrets He S Keeping Are As Intense As His Unearthly Blue Eyes If He S What I Think He Is, He May Be The Only One Who Can Help Me But Something Terrifying Is Closing In, And The One Chance Bishop And I Have To Stop It Means Losing Everything I Ever Wanted And Embracing The Darkness Inside Me NIGHTWATCHERS When Angels And Demons Must Work Together, Something Beyond Evil Is Rising Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers, #1)

About the Author: Michelle Rowen

National bestselling author MICHELLE ROWEN writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy, both light and dark, sexy and sweet, long and short it all depends on the story She s won a Holt Medallion for Best First Book and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Vampire Romance For information, please visit Michelle at her website at

10 thoughts on “Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers, #1)

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    This is a DNF review Which means everything should be taken with a grain of salt However, Harlequin Teen was kind enough to provide this ARC to me and I felt I should at least take the time to explain why I couldn t make it all the way through.It had something to do with this The writing made me go The Characters were like And I had to stop before I was driven to Maybe I should have kept up with it, bec

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    That is one hot angel demon dude whatever he is

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    I m not planning on reading this book I just saw the cover and automatically thought of this scene belonging to the best movie on this god forsaken planet Oh hello there Mr Edward Sullen Nice dark angel atmosphere you ve got going there Love the sparkle Maybe he s born with it Maybe it s Maybelline Don t tell me you don t see the similarities Don t you tell me You know it s a lie Audience Are you really not g

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    I m getting really, really sick of beautiful people I m also getting really, really sick of special people Why is it that the main characters of pretty much all Paranormal YA books have to be so flipping beautiful and special Are we really so shallow that authors think if their characters are ugly, they won t get any readers Because that is not true Take the Downside Ghost series the hero is a ugly thug, whilst

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    Interview on my blog with Bishop and Kraven today two giveaways Trust me when I say you don t want to miss it Enter HERE You have to admit it This gorgeously dark cover is probably the first thing that piqued your interest But even though I ve been burned by stunning covers before, I m happy to report that Dark Kiss isn t a deceiving one In Dark Kiss, two angels and two demons are sent down to Earth to work togethe

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    First of all, I cry foul Where s the Elvis hair gone I was promised Elvis hair When the cover for this was first released the guy on the cover had this massive Elvis quiff that brought me no end of amusement Seriously, you could have done a Half Pipe off the thing.Don t believe me Check it out, here s the original Elvis hair And here s the new one No Elvis hair Now where s the fun in that It s all, like, normal and st

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    This book has been on my Goodreads TBR for nearly three years Even though it did take a while to get round to reading, this YA Paranormal Romance was at times quite chilling But the ultra fast pacing was what let the story down for me The main character Samantha goes to a club called Crave One evening at Crave, she gets kissed by her crush Except that after being kissed, she starts feeling some hunger cravings but isn t

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    Ok, at the risk of once again disagreeing with other reviews, I actually liked this story Maybe because I didn t read it while other YA books were swimming around in my head, but I thought the concept was pretty original Maybe not the formula, but the kiss from a demon sucking your soul away was cool I also liked that the reason our heroine was special was given a good explanation, instead of the usual nerdy, unpopular girl

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    A caveat I decided earlier this month to start writing reviews again after a 7 month hiatus I turned my back on reviews because I have a lot going on in my life right now but also because of the Authors VS Reviewers drama that s been going down But I woke up one day and said to myself I like to review Reviewing makes me happy I m not gonna let anybody tell me WTF I can cannot do.unless it s like, the Cops So here I am Did I ex

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    Dark Kiss is one of the latest in the string of angel books we see hitting the YA category While I was hoping for a little , this was a quick, easy and fairly enjoyable story to read As the story opens up we are introduced to Sam and her best friend Carly as they are going to the town s popular teenage club Right away Sam s long time crush, Stephen, singles Sam out and kisses her This kiss is different than any she s exper

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