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Dead Witch Walking All The Creatures Of The Night Gather In The Hollows Of Cincinnati, To Hide, To Prowl, To Party And To FeedVampires Rule The Darkness In A Predator Eat Predator World Rife With Dangers Beyond Imagining And It S Rachel Morgan S Job To Keep That World CivilizedA Bounty Hunter And Witch With Serious Sex Appeal And An Attitude, She Ll Bring Em Back Alive, Dead Or Undead Hated, hated, hated this book Rachel Morgan got on my last nerve, and by the end, I was ready for her to get killed However, her partners Jinx and Ivy were loads of fun. By now most people know that the Bottle Nose Dolphin is pretty much one of the biggest assholes in the animal kingdom You know, for randomly hunting down and stalking and killing porpoises, sharks and baby dolphins for no other reason than the pure joy of murdering them in cold blood and so that then can then go off and rape other dolphins.However, the African Bat Bug could easily surpass the dolphin as one of nature s biggest bastards Male Bat Bugs seem to have decided one day to pass over the perfectly good female genitalia in order to stab the females in the gut with their bug wangs Then they go and stab other males in the gut Basically they think abdominal wounds are just freakin hilarious Nobody knows why these bugs are so damn sadistic The male African Bat Bug would really like to stab her in the gut If she were Peter Parker, then I d kind of understand the compulsionAfter reading Dead Witch Walking, I think I empathize There is a good story here A solid story Just as functional as the female African Bat Bug s vagina not that I ve ever seen one yet Kim Harrison doesn t seem content to make this story easy or pleasurable to read She kind of wants to cause us pain The part where Nick made a pact with the demon I ll let you go if you take us home kind of agreements and then the demon decided later that they owed it , was just dumb If you get in a taxi and the driver tells you it ll be fifty bucks home only to wait until you get out of the car and stab you with a knife for not giving it 150, then you d kind of think that s ridiculous Yet everyone just seems to go along with this.Rachel can t even quit her freakin job without having someone try to kill her This is a world that is just really unnecessarily annoying I understand she wants to ratchet up the action, but most of it just doesn t make sense Once again, perfectly good vagina, and Harrison stabs us in the gut.So whilst I didn t think this book was quite as horrible as many other people seem to feel it was, I also can t say that I loved it or was particularly fond of it I m interested to see where Harrison takes the characters The writing was okay and the characterization was interesting and fresh.I applaud Harrison for being somewhat unconventional in her writing and storyline, but there s a different between spicing up the bedroom and splicing up someone s abdominal area with your giant bug banger. Making a spell is easy It s trusting you did it right that s hardMcCree from Overwatch voice Dead Witch Walking is just a product of its time and it just reads like an early 2000s PNR UF story I guarantee if I read this back when I was in love with the Fever series, the Kate Daniels series, and the Riley Jenson Guardian series, then I would have enjoyed this way than I did Sadly, we are in 2019, and the true fact is that this didn t age well, in my opinion But I still had a lot of fun reading this one This is a story about a witch named Rachel who works as a bounty hunter for a pretty slimy boss But while on a mission, she and a coworker find a Leprechaun who grants them three wishes, and one of Rachel s wishes is to quit her job, but the coworker, Ivy, leaves with her and this bit of the bargain really upsets her boss Like, upsets her boss so much that she now has a hit mark on her Ivy, Rachel, and Jinx Rachel s Pixie sidekick all flee to an abandoned church, where Rachel and Ivy soon find out that Rachel s blood is causing quite the reaction with vampires And we get to see all the spells that Rachel is able to brew up, and she brews up some really cool things so that she can protect herself and try to uncover why her ex boss wants to seek vengeance on her so badly My biggest complaint is how Ivy was handled in this book Like, I don t want to get that deep into this, but Ivy is a Asian vampire who isn t doing things that most vampires in this world do But she is really enthralled by Rachel s blood and, in turn, Rachel kind of finds it a bit hard to resist Ivy, too, at least at the start Like, if Rachel and Ivy would have gotten together, I obviously would have been ecstatic, and I actually thought the story was going in that direction, but the narrative quickly shifted to be all about how Rachel would get Ivy to not be attracted to her, while she admired every guy that enters the story And the scenes were getting and uncomfortable with Ivy from Rachel s perspective, and I just really started hated it so very much This is without a doubt the reason it was hard for me to ever enjoy this book, honestly Also, who the fuck would not want to be with Ivy Like, how unbelievable My favorite part of this book was how an angel virus made this world almost apocalyptic, where humans are for sure not in control, and all the paranormal entities are not in hiding because they were immune to it and now are for sure the major population I just thought that was such a cool spin, and really added to this world and made it something special Overall, I really did think this was a fun read, just a product of its time with some of the offensive lingo and the strange queerbaiting But I would totally continue on because I am really curious to see where this story goes next Also, I loved the setting of the abandoned church so much Oh, and if it wasn t obvious, I sort of completely fell in love with Ivy Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Content and trigger warnings for many conversations that treated food very weirdly and triggering, murder, death, animal abuse, animal fighting rings, and assault Buddy read with Julie from Pages and Pens Kim Harrison Image from Google In an alternate near past, humans have been much reduced as a result of unanticipated problems with bioengineered tomatoes One result is that non humans, immune to the created virus, have become the dominant culture, witches, werewolves, vampires, the usual gang of idiots The main character here is Rachel, a witch who is contracted with the security organization responsible for policing the magical population Her assignments are called runs In such runs she goes after folks who are breaking laws, whether of the murder or traffic ticket variety Of late, the latter Her true desire is to take down the big crime boss in town Stymied in her job by hostile and incompetent bosses, she seeks to start out on her own With a vampire friend, they begin, renting out an underutilized church for their base Rachel is assisted by Jenks, a four inch pixie It is an entertaining tale, with interesting characters, whose motivations and true purposes are often unclear The book aspires to create an entire reality, and does as good a job as one might expect There is enough suspense to sustain interest and enough charm and warmth to allow one to feel for Rachel and some others I would not place this in the same level as the Harry Potter books It just feels less substantive But it was a fun ride, and as such worthy of recommendation I wound up reading many books in the series EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal, other personal , FB, Instagram and Twitter pagesHarrison enjoys using variations of Clint Eastwood Movie names for her titlesOther Books I have read in the series 2 The Good, the Bad, and the Undead 3 Every which Way But Dead 4 A Fistful of Charms 5 For A Few Demons More 6 The Outlaw Demon Wails 7 White Witch, Black Curse

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