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Den of Stars (Gamblers Den #2) Den of Stars is the sequel to Den of Shadows a story following The Gamblers Den as it travels across the land Sadly, The Gamblers Den is no , along with Franco and Misu it lies in ruin the staff is spread across the land with no hope of reuniting However, the mysterious Morning Star appears, with alarming similarities, and a mysterious leader known only as The Hare We learn quickly that Misu and Franco are not dead as believed, but are alive and well and moving onto their next venture, however things aren t quite as they appearThis book appears to follow almost the same plot as last time we travel to a town, perform a show, and move on et cetera, we even have the same plot of Misu failing to be honest with her family in order to keep them safe, and in this case, rescue Franco It wasn t that interesting in the first one, and sadly having been repeated in this book, it just falls flat Misu literally makes the same mistake of not being honest with those around her, and it was clear that a lot of the tension of the book would have just disappeared if she d spoken up a little earlier Franco is almost non existent in this book given that he is held captive for most of the time, and that is a okay with me, I didn t warm to him that much in the first place.Byford does do well again in that he manages to build a beautiful world, and the climax of this book was actually quite interesting with all the women playing a key role in the rescue of Franco However I just didn t enjoy this book none of the characters were particularly likable, all the staff seemed to have turned on each other, and their motivations were just unclear and peculiar I don t think i d be interested in reading the third book as I can already imagine the plot given that Misu has once again made a deal with the devil without any discussions with the rest of the ensemble, I can t see these relationships being sustained Thank you NetGalley and HQ Digital for providing me a free copy of this e book in exchange for my honest review. This was an enjoyable read I didn t like it as much as the previous book.The Author manages to build a beautiful world, with an interesting climax I received a digital advanced review copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. Originally posted at Chain InteractionMore Misu This was literally all I wanted from the end of the previous book, Misu was pretty much my favourite character and I had become a little fed up with Franco s self destructive behaviour So give me a story with Misu in the centre of the action being competent and badass and I m pretty much guaranteed to enjoy it Misu, fans of book one will be pleased to know, is as wonderful as ever.I was a little concerned about the premise of this story, that it might be a simple re hashing of book one, that is true to some extent, there are a lot of similarities between the two book three is very different but that s a discussion for tomorrow s review Upon finishing the book I realised that I enjoyed the last 20% of this book far than the opening This is pretty standard for me at the moment so I m not sure if it s the reading slump I ve got myself into or if it s a genuine reflection of the pacing.I do have one explanation for my problem with the start of the book We have Misu as our main character yay but she s got a secret I won t reveal it here because it is a spoiler, but the fact that a lot of the book is from Misu s perspective and in order to preserve the mystique it isn t revealed until much later in the book means that you do not understand Misu s motivation whatsoever So you see her alienating herself from other members of the crew and you see her doing confusing and sometimes very sad things but you don t work out why until much later I don t mind a mystery, but not knowing the motivation for the character whose perspective you are depicting just means that I as a reader didn t connect with the story as much as I wanted to until later on.That being said, if you persevere and let the story come to light you are left with a very fun train heist kind of story, the kind of action that I enjoyed in Den of Shadows I enjoyed learning about the characters, whether that was through dialogue or flashbacks and seeing the chance for characters to develop outside of Franco s misery was definitely something I appreciated.If you enjoyed Den of Shadows I can say that the sequel is worth reading I will say that the opening is slow, but let it burn a little and you ll be rewarded with a fun fast paced story.My rating 4 5 starsI received a digital advanced review copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. A book that got better as it went along In the previous installment, I didn t feel an attachment to any of the characters For me that is a big struggle, it is one of the main things that keep me reading But this time, although it was slow I started to enjoy the characters and story.I am looking forward to reading the next installment and making my final judgment But this is an improvement on the first book which gives good promises for the nex Are You Willing To Gamble With Your Life Some Debts Can T Be Repaid The Gambler S Den Lies In Ruins, Its Staff Scattered Across The Sand Sea, All But A Memory Of The Minds Of Its Past Patrons But When The Morning Star Appears, Ruled By A Mysterious Figure Known Only As The Hare, The Comparisons Can T Be Helped Who Is This Larger Than Life Character Why Do The Showgirls Wear Masks What Are They Hiding The Answer They Should Be Dead Franco And Misu Were Safe Only In Their Anonymity, But With Franco Gone Misu Must Find Him Jeopardising All They Have Built In Order To Save The Man She Trusts Misu Must Put Her Faith In The Villain Wilheim Does Not Forget Disobedience Lightly, And Misu S Was A Great Betrayal, So Now He Will Call In His Debt, And His Revenge On The Staff Of The Morning Star Who Will Win Who Will Survive Who Will The Odds Favour

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