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Elixir When you think of Hilary Duff, you automatically think Lizzie McGuire , right So, it s probably weird for you to think that she s written a book well, at least, I did Elixir was captivating, and not anything that I d imagine Hilary Duff could write I m not dissing her, but it s just that I thought this would be some stupid story about a snobby rich girl True, the main character, Clea, was rich, but I didn t get the sense that she was snobby at all She was a pretty cool protagonist, and I liked her rational way of thinking To be honest, she thought things out thoroughly than I would have Me, I would have jumped and freaked at just about every turn of events I mean, taking a snapshot of your room and seeing some strange dude standing in your closet would have me screaming like a banshee and running out of the house True, the story line kind of reminded me of Alyson Noel s Immortals series a little bit, but I filed all my negative comments away, in order to stop comparing all the characters The book was entrancing, and I finished it in under a day I enjoyed it through and through, and although the ending is a little disappointing, I think there is going to be a second one in the near future although I can t find any information on ityet I suggest that every person who likes strange tales of love give this book a try Set aside your views opinions on the new author, and give her a shot without envisioning Lizzie Maguire s little animated character writing this book on an overly sized computer. Clea Raymond Has Felt The Glare Of The Spotlight Her Entire Life The Daughter Of A Renowned Surgeon And A Prominent Washington DC Politician, She Has Grown To Be A Talented Photojournalist Who Takes Refuge In A Career That Allows Her To Travel To The Most Exotic Parts Of The World But After Clea S Father Disappears While On A Humanitarian Mission, Clea S Photos Begin To Feature Eerie, Shadowy Images Of A Strange And Beautiful Man A Man She Has Never Seen BeforeWhen Fate Brings Clea And This Man Together, She Is Stunned By The Immediate And Powerful Connection She Feels With Him As They Grow Closer, They Are Drawn Deep Into The Mystery Behind Her Father S Disappearance, And They Discover The Centuries Old Truth Behind Their Intense Bond Torn By A Dangerous Love Triangle And Haunted By A Powerful Secret That Holds Their Fates, Together They Race Against Time To Unravel Their Pasts In Order To Save Their Lives And Their Futures Bahaha, Hilary Duff wrote a book And it was not very good Shocking I feel like these YA paranormal fantasy books are all the same Nothing new ever happens Recycled plots, with different names different paranormal abilities There is one boring vapid girl who is best friends with a great guy but then meets a tall, dark mysterious stranger Boring Vapid Girl falls instantly, madly, passionately in love with Tall Dark Mysterious Guy, while Great Best Friend Guy turns into a jealous jerk because He Loved Her First Add in some immortality and paranormal activity and guys saving vapid girl from her stupidity and maybe some woe y Oh gosh, don t ever leave me, I hope he doesn t leave me, WHY IS HE IGNORING ME, we are soulmates, I can t live without him 11 and BAM You ve now just read 95% of all YA novels currently being published My brain bleeds, BLEEDS Wait You mean the Hilary Duff As in, Lizzie McGuire As in, the younger sister of that horsey faced girl who plays Summer Wheatly in Napoleon Dynamite That Hilary Duff She writes books Since when Now this I have to see for myself why the crap not, amirite What do you think when you hear the name Hilary Duff Do you think of Disney s show Lizzie McGuire and or her other movies Or do you think of her 4 released albums, with her catchy songs and small, yet pretty voice What about her novel record scratch What Did I just say that Hilary Duff is an author Sadly, it is true Hilary Duff wrote a novel and her book Elixir is now a New York Times Best Seller.Cue the disbelief.When my Drama class teacher started reading the first two pages at loud, I had a feeling that this book was going to be terrible The writing was very over dramatic and exaggerated, and it almost sounded sexual And unintentionally funny Very unintentionally funny Was I right Hmmm I ll tell you about that later.First, I m going to list you the MAIN reason why I didn t like it.It is WAY too similar to Ever from The Immortals series by Alyson Noel And if you had read my previous reviews, you are aware of my deep hatred for the series.When I was reading I noticed a lot of similarities with the series and I wondered if Hilary Duff took the series as an inspiration for her book.Before you get mad at me, I m going to tell you that I m very aware that Alyson Noel doesn t own immortals, in fact the subject of immortality in fiction came from the very beginning of literature and it s not new, but the similarities of The Immortals and Elixir are not just about the paranormal aspects it is also about the male protagonists being old and creepy but considered hot and mysterious, the heroines being dumb and stupid but considered perfect, the reincarnation of the heroines in other lives for centuries, a red haired ex who kills the reincarnations of the protagonist repeatedly, the love triangles between the mythological being and the heroines best friend, and, of course, the sudden insta love between the main characters.The Plot It was actually a very promising plot Clea Raymond is the daughter of famous politician mother and a surgeon father She s also famous on her own, being a photojournalist and all Then, a man starts appearing in her pictures, including the ones when she was a baby And somehow, that mysterious man has a connection with the disappearance of her father It sounded so gripping and disturbing that I actually couldn t wait to read it My mistake The plot was as absurd as BP s credibility The Characters I consider Clea Raymond a Mary Sue She s rich, beautiful, popular, smart, talented, has the best two best friends in the world, she always gets what she wants, her mother is cool with whatever she does, etc She was very boring And whiny Really whiny And DAMN She always questions EVERYTHING There was always questions lots of it in every single page Did this happen, why it happened, could this be, would this, would that, how it happened, and freaking DID MY DAD HAD A COFFIN Is she really that clueless about what s going on around her I felt that I was reading DORA THE FUCKING EXPLORER And I was the audience.Rayna is Clea s best friend since they were in their mother s womb I m not kidding She s a romantic and believes every guy she meets is her soulmate In other words, she s a slut And then, there s Ben the only one with a normal name , Clea s best friend bodyguard He is in love with Clea but she doesn t acknowledge that Don t worry, she will.The Man in the Pictures The creepy, old man that Clea first suspected as a murderer Or an incubus that wanted to impregnate her with a demon child Then, as a guardian angel and soulmate UGH Serve me up, insta love And the 600 year old immortal s name is Sage.Seriously, that s his name Can t Stop Laughing HAHAHAHA Sage reminds me of a pornstar, even the name of an overly sexual little girl Or a drag queen I had many problems with this book There s no chemistry between Clea and Sage There s no explanation for their attraction None Rayna is annoying Clea s mother is very careless You want to go to Tokyo, Brazil, Europe or whatever place you want Here s my credit card, have fun And, does she EVER go to school She s SEVENTEEN years old I remember in one chapter that Clea told Rayna to stay home because she has school the next day And Clea apparently isn t home schooled or has a tutor, so I assume that Clea doesn t go to school at all When Sage finally tells Clea about their soulmate status, she loses her virginity with him in the back of Rayna s car They d only met for 2 days And he already had a condom with him EWW Disgusting And the next day, he ignores her He might as well told her this I don t feel sorry for her.And I blame Rayna for what happened She s the one who told Clea not to think.The book was dull There s no real conflict It was plain, brainless, stupid, moronic But heck, I was entertained by the stupidity of it Her writing was alright, though No grammar or punctuation mistakes But it was very juvenile I felt that a teenager wrote this instead of a 20 year old woman.But then the climax reached The last two chapters were actually the only good parts of this whole book and the cliffhanger was good enough to continue with the sequel It was like, Duff or Elise Allen finally woke up and thought of writing the story well But it didn t last long view spoiler Sage was actually suicidal and when he got kidnapped, Clea blames it on Ben, which is bad enough because he feels that it was all his fault Now she has to rescue her soulmate hide spoiler I didn t have high hopes for this book when I read this book I actually wanted to prove that I was right in the sense that this book would suck And, it did It sucked guts From the first page, the book lost my attention The font was pretty big for a novel Of course, that s just the beginning of it all Here is my list of unfathomable things about this book 1 The size of the font Who is she kidding Could she not fill up the book 2 Many grammatical errors I didn t find and pinpoint all of them because I don t like to do that But, some were just so easy to catch 3 Clich d plot Totally copied Ever by Alyson Noel Alyson Noel should sue It kind of brought all of the Immortal series books into one book to start off Hilary Duff s series In both books, there is an immortal character An elixir A conflicting character between the romance This book doesn t talk about powers or anything But, it does mention at the end the forbidden relationship Comparing this book to Ever is actually not an accomplishment 4 I totally wanted to slam the book against the wall Hilary Duff watches too many movies Way too many So, Clea meets her soulmate in a span of 2 3 days Declares that she loves with him and is the man in her dreams And, when she is supposed to be picking up snacks, she has sexwith himin the passenger seatof her best friend s car Talk about wrong That is not romantic I think that s kind ofweird, considering how Sage happened to bring along birth control EWWWWW This series should totally end with Clea getting some rare immortal STD from Sage Ha 5 The romance between Clea and Sage is really weird and bi polar It s lust not love 6 The characters are very weakly developed In the beginning, Clea basically acted like some storyteller Randomly, she started thinking about her lifein a nightclub 7 The plot dragged on at some parts but sped in some parts It s like Hilary Duff just wanted to write for the sake of finishing a book and getting publicity Hilary Duff Don t quit your day job Wait, I think she doesn t even have one Last time I checked, her acting career disappeared Anyway, despite all the negative comments, the book was decent probably because Hilary Duff had some help from another person and all I think it should be Elise Allen with Hilary Duff But, I can tell that Hilary Duff did think of the story She must have read Ever before writing Ha The humor is kind of strange and some parts It s okay if you like Twilight and all The writing was pretty poor and boring I kind of feel Tokyo and Conneticut and Brazil are the same place now A good writer would have put description into the quickly changing setting It may seem excess, but it isn t It gives the plot of an even tempo which is totally lacking in this book I will not read the rest of the series Picture Perfect EDIT I really loved it The plot is definitely well written and put together Hilary truly had a great sense of her characters and where she wanted to story to go I guess you could say the first chapter is a bit wordy but it s descriptive detailed vivid enough for the reader to imagine the scene and get to know the characters After that, the pacing is pretty good I m definitely liking the dynamic between Clea and her best friends, Rayna and Ben In a perilous situation, Clea totally lets you know how she functions with and without them She s the good hud, humble, insecure of the 3 while Rayna is the ideal BFF package and Ben is the support system There s plenty of one liners that added a nice touch of humor between the 3, which was a good contrast to the heavier and slightly gory scenes and which made me LOL Speaking of the graphic scenes, I was certainly freaked out by them The end of ch 2 gave me the willies and Clea s nightmares gave me a good scare So, props to Hilary for evoking fear off the pages.I also got a good sense of Clea s relationship with her father Even though they were really close, there s still a huge amount of innocence that Clea ends up having to sort through and understand I hope later on in the series, Hilary can develop Clea s relationship with her mom, depending on where the story goes cuz as of now, there s some instability and insecurity and distance that needs to eventually be addressed As for Clea and Sage, I really liked the fact that Clea didn t let her feelings get in the way of her trying to look at their situation logically for most of the book At first, Sage and Clea s spiritual bond comes off a bit disjointed and kind of hard to believe during the second half of the book, though I think that was partially its intention for what is revealed when they re in Japan That s probably my only concern Other than that, I can see why the Ben Clea Sage love triangle was so dangerous I don t even know who Clea should truly be with And I think that s good cuz Clea s been through heck and I m waiting for some development later in the series And I felt that was a good place for Hilary to have the cliffhanger.Overall, Elixir was a quick, enjoyable read and I can t wait to see what Hilary does with book 2.I m a huge Hilary fan and I think adding Author to her resume is awesome She s told stories through her songwriting and acting , so it seems natural for her to do the same in book form and Hilary said the same thing during her TODAY Show interview today I also think it s cool of her to have a fiction series out instead of a memoir autobio cuz it seems like most celebs do memoirs autobios Not saying that s bad, it just that it s not very often that celebs are interested in writing fiction It s different in a good way Hilary and Tyra are only 2 of the small handful, that I know off the top of my head, that are doing have done this. Let me start off by saying that I actually like Hilary, and when I found out that she wrote a YA book, I was excited.Little did I know this was going to be nothing but a rip off.As I was reading this book, I realized that the similarities with Ever were painfully obvious Girl meets boy, girl finds out boy is immortal and has been with her in past lives, girl dies horribly every time, girl has a friend that s in love with her and jealous of the boy, boy had a past love interest that apparently was a red haired vixen which, in Ever, the bitch girl Drina also is a redhead.I would say this, though Clea didn t annoy me as much as Ever did Clea didn t spend chapter after chapter pining and moaning over how muscular Sage is Sure she d think about him from time to time, cause that s what she was supposed to do But she wasn t as clingy and desperate as Ever was At least not in the first parts.But unfortunately, further into the book she started to obsess over him And the sex scene happened way too soon WAY TOO SOON Like, seriously And they do it in the passenger s seat of a car.Let me break it down for you guys Clea I see you in my dreams.Sage I know Your soul leads me to you I love you.Clea Oh Sage, I love you too Pop my cherry.Sage pulls out condoms I bought them earlier I knew you d be an easy target.Clea Oh, Sage.Sage Oh, Clea.Clea SAGE Sage CLEA explosion of pleasure I wouldn t say this book was better than Ever, but I also wouldn t say Ever was better than this They re equally bad But comparing Clea to Ever, I would say Ever wins in the most brain dead category view spoiler Also, at the end Clea calls the Savior people and gets Sage kidnapped She should ve just let him kill himself and free them of this stupid piece of shit cycle curse whatever And I don t get why Ben blames himself And I don t get why CLEA blames HIM It doesn t matter if he ran down the hill or not Sage would ve still been kidnapped either way That whole blaming thing really pissed me the hell off because in reality it was NOBODY S FAULT hide spoiler Videorecensione TRASH Parte 1

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