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Ember (Eagle Elite, #5) I Am A Killer A Rapist A MonsterI Know Only Pain And Survival That Is Until The Cappo S Sister Walked Into My Life And Changed EverythingShe S A Light Who Makes My Darkness Darker, Her Smile Makes My Heart Turn To Ice, And I Can T Escape The Fear Her Seductive Looks Instill Knowing It S Only A Matter Of Time Before I Fail Again, And Take Her For MyselfThis Is The Story Of My Redemption But It S Not PrettyI Died, And Now I M Alive, But Not Living, Breathing But Not Surviving I Am Phoenix De Lange, Son To A Murdered Mob Boss, Estranged Brother, Horrible Friend, Monster In The Making, Newest Leader To One Of The Most Powerful Families In The Cosa NostraAnd I Will Have My VengeanceOr Die TryingI Am Phoenix De Lange Death Is All I Know Until She Offers Me A Piece Of Life I Can T Resist Taking Get it hereUSUKI went into this book fully expecting to hate the Hero since I just didn t think it would be possible to redeem Phoenix But I was proven wrong in the best way possible and actually ended up loving him He was so tortured by his past and it broke my heart to read about him struggling I loved that Bee was there to bring a little happiness into his life I especially loved the fact that it wasn t an easy journey for them It took the length of this book to build their characters up and I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn t an overnight easy fix to make Phoenix and Bee happy I did want a littleinformation on Phoenix s past but I still had enough information to understand his character So overall this book was one of my favorites from this series and definitely one I recommend reading It s possible to read as a standalone but I think it s better to read the previous books first. I don t know what it is about this series that just clicks with me, but I have to say Phoenix s book may be my favourite out of all the books If you know the series you ll remember the time when Phoenix tried to force himself on Trace, back then I new he was getting his own book and I wondered how the hell he would redeem himself Thankfully his character really did redeem himself, obviously it was not an easy road and sometimes I felt like everyone was against him but then again knowing what he did I couldn t blame themI am a Killer A Rapist A Monster.I know only pain and survival Phoenix De Lange is now the ruling Boss of the Nicolasi crime family, unfortunately the family want nothing to do with him But the fact that Phoenix has set a formidable reputation for himself helps Apart from his responsibilities as a Boss, he s also been given the task of being Bianka Tex s sister Campisi s, bodyguard There was a lot of angst surrounding Bee and Phoenix s relationship For Bee, Phoenix is the first guy who s ever treated her right, the first friend she s ever had and also the man who protected her from her abusive father Phoenix s self worth as been spiraling down since he came back, he doesn t feel good enough to be loved His friends bless them but they don t help either Bee is the first person to look past the horrifying things he did for his family.Aside from Bee and Phoenix s story we also get a POV from Sergio, and the next book, Elude is his book I m not sure if I ll be able to read since the ending is not a guaranteed happy one Other than that, this was another stellar installment in the Eagle Elite Series There were some seriously funny moments, it s not an Elite Book unless people are shooting at each otherYou are everything His full lips trembled as he spoke You are everything that s beautiful and pure in this world, and you deserve so much better than this life, than what any of us have to offer Than what I have to offer NOW LIVE and on SALE 2.99 5 Rise from the Ashes StarsLet s get the big elephant out of the room Phoenix is a rapist I can get over the killing and maybe the female beating, but rape CRINGE I didn t think I could do it I mean I had my doubts from the very first book.BUT I love GASP Phoenix De Lang Crazy I know But Rachel Van Dyken can write some really good stuff After five books, I still love this series and I m salivating for .It s Phoenix s story So, he was forced to rape and abuse girls throughout his childhood life This has given Phoenix some major daddy issues and well general issues all around.He s nervous around girls and has ZERO intentions of starting anything with anyone.Now, he must protect Tex s sister, Bee.Bee, a girl who has a major crush on Phoenix.I love BEE She s too cute, she s adorable and I love how positive she is The thing that I love so much about Ember is that I felt like Rachel Van Dyken was going back to the roots of the story We are back to the school, classes and all the drama that is attached to going to college.I love that stuff While Bee goes to school, Phoenix acts as her bodyguard Oh boy do I love this story line I also love Phoenix and Bee s dynamics.Phoenix continually pushes Bee away as he should because he s kind of messed up and Bee continues to push Phoenix s buttons because well, it s just too fun to read I love how mean Phoenix is, but he isn t mean like wow I really hate you mean, butlike wow you are mean oh god it makes me want youmean.I m serious people I could have read pages and pages of this stuff Of course we still get tiny glimpses of the gang, Nixon, Chase, Tex and Sergio.Ember was really fast pace and I felt like I never knew what was going to happen and probably because there was no foreshadowing It s a pet peeve of mine, when I read a bit of foreshadowing at the beginning of the book, and somebody is very known for that not naming names , BUT I didn t get it in this one and that made me a SUPER DUPER HAPPY GIRL.I love Ember, I love the series, I love Phoenix and I still love Rachel Van Dyken.I can t wait for Sergio s book it s the next one READ IT An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review Series Order REVIEWREVIEWREVIEWREVIEW Got to say Rachel Van Dyken did a great job with Phoenix s story.I didn t think I would be to feel anything except disgusted and hate for Phoenix De Lange after reading what he did in the previous books, but Rachel managed to make me feel sorry for him and even like him Phoenix is the perfect example of tortured hero He believes that he doesn t deserve any amount of happiness Not love, not affection, not even food It was heartbreaking watching Phoenix punish himselfPushing her away was for the best because the only other option was holding her close And nobody wanted the monster to get the girl that wasn t how stories were told, that was not how happy endings were found I deserved my darkness,and only a truly selfish individual would be all right with tugging the innocent into hell with them Bianka Bee Campisi is such a great character , she is sweet,innocent and funny.The banter between the two was so funny Loved how Bree was the only one who still believed in Phoenix and never gave up She saw passed his past and loved him for the man she knew he could beI just..I want you to know that despite everything. I believe in you.that s all Phoenix deserved his redemption and Bee was a great way to get him there.Can t wait for Sergio s book. Talk about redeemable assholes.wow He did it I love him nowI might even love him best PReview to come some day, now on to the next ones I still have to read. Let my status do the talking. If I keep saying that each of these books is better than the last, I feel like people aren t going to take me seriously Or believe me So, with that being said, I won t say it I ll just think it This is definitely a tough book to get through Don t believe me Look at the blurb for goodness sake Phoenix is beyond broken, and Bee is so damaged in her own right It was amazing to see these two find themselves within each other and witness them grow and become better people I didn t know if it was possible but I see Phoenix SO differently after this book Pure genius Plus, the guys reactions to these two is the best Now bring on Sergio and Andi 3 Blood in, no out. This would have been me last night if it hadn t been the middle of the night and my baby boy wasn t sleeping P I freaking loved Ember and I love Rachel Van Dyken for the way she made me love Phoenixa thing I could have never imagined because of what he did in the beginning of the series So I did my happy internal dance and savored every moment of this novel because it just made my top 3 novels from this series thing I never thought possible.If you re an Eagle Elite fan like yours truly then you should read this book immediately because it rocks and all the hot bad boys and the bad ass girls from the previous novels are present, we of course get to live Bee and Phoenix s story and findabout Sergio and why he betrays his family.If you haven t read The Eagle Elite series then you should start and don t stop until you get to this book D There s no point for me to get into the blurb of this novel because it s intertwined with the other books in the seriesbut Phoenix s transformation from villain towell not hero because they re the mafia for God s sakesbut to a better man was thrilling and the way Bee never gave up on him no matter what was a testament of true love.Rachel Van Dyken well done once again and I m looking forward to see what you do with Sergio s story and how you ll pull that one off D 5 Sear You Alive Stars PLEASE read this series for this book alone I love this whole series, but this book is in my top forever books I never would have thought a book would come close to JR Ward s Lover Awakened Z Bella , which is one of my top forever books as well I LOVE that Rachel Van Dyken continues to make me LAUGH and FEEL so much in this series This mafia family has me wrapped around their crooked fingers Phoenix He isthan just the dark, broody character A few books ago, he did something unthinkable to another character.something absolutely terrible.the worst act And somehow, they let him live We find out in the previous book who truly spared him and gave him a second chance He, of all people, should NOT have gotten a second chance His new assignment was to infiltrate an enemy and guard the daughter of the enemy Ugh, this is hard to review without spoiling Anywho, of course, this girl ends up getting close to Phoenix She is relentless The only light that can penetrate his black soul He doesn t take it easy on her In fact, he is downright cruel, but she is stronger than she seems Bee She isn t my typical favorite heroine At first glance, she seems young and na ve, but that doesn t mean she doesn t know what she wants She hasn t experienced much in life, but that doesn t mean she doesn t know who she loves She is very much like Bella in Jr Wards s book Not the most extraverted, but still has a backbone, and won t let her desires be stifled by a man who is broken I love when an author makes me hate a character so much, then she turns around and makes me love that same character Very few authors can make me do anything, let alone change my mind I never would have thought I could love Phoenix I cannot resist a tortured hero I knew he was tortured, and so I was naturally drawn to him, but I had no idea how the author was going to redeem him for what he did I didn t think there was any way he could be forgiven I didn t know if I could forgive him, and I wasn t even the person wronged Lol.How many times have I read this book.Probably 4 already And I m probably going to read it again after walking away from my computer I have it on my bookshelf.I m staring at it right now.must.read it.again.Find me on

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