❂ Endodontology: An Integrated Biological and Clinical View kindle Epub ❆ Auteur Domenico Ricucci – Peakpopa.info

Endodontology: An Integrated Biological and Clinical View This Unique Book Is A Serious Study Of Clinical Endodontics That Underscores The Biologic Foundation Of Endodontic Treatment And Seeks To Bridge The Gap Between Basic Endodontic Knowledge And Advanced Endodontic Biology Written By A Well Established Clinician And A Researcher With Extensive Background In Endodontic Microbiology, This Book Combines Invaluable Histologic Illustrations Of Endodontic Disease With A Robust Clinical Text ThatDescribes The Pathologies Affecting Dental Tissues As Well As Their Reactions To The Clinical Procedures AndUses Clinical Microbiology To Explain The Observed Phenomena Treatments Of Complex Endodontic Infections Are Presented For Both Vital And Nonvital Pulp Therapy, And The Influence Of Periradicular Pathology Are Addressed In Detail Moreover, The Authors Wade Into Controversial Topics With Detailed And Comprehensive Analysis, Including The Implications Of Lateral Canals On Treatment And The Causes Of Treatment Failures And How To Avoid Them The Purpose Of This Book Is To Improve Endodontic Treatment, And The Authors Demonstrate How An In Depth Knowledge Of Endodontic Infections Can Help Clinicians To Synthesize The Data From Patient Examinations In Order To Visualize What Has Taken Place, Understand The Processes At Work, And Predict What Will Occur With The Patient An Essential Clinical Text For Comprehensive Endodontic Study

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