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Exiled (The Protector, #1) Chase Williams Is A Demon Hunter In The Circle, Or At Least He Was Supposed To Be On His Fifteenth Birthday, Chase Stepped Up To The Altar To Claim His Elemental Power, But It Never Came Elemental Magic Is Passed Down To A Hunter Through The Bloodline, But On Chase S Birthday, The Bloodline Stopped Exiled Without The Circle S Protection, Chase Has Spent Two Years Trying To Survive A World Riddled With Half Demons And Magic When He Has A Run In With A Frightened And Seemingly Innocent Demon, He Learns The Circle S Agenda Has Changed The Circle Plans To Unlock A Portal And Unleash Pure Blood Demons Into The World Vowing To Stop Them, And Knowing He Can T Do It Alone, Chase Forms A Reluctant Alliance With Rayna A Sexy Witch With An Attitude And A Secret In Their Attempt To Stop Them, Chase And Rayna Find Themselves In The Middle Of The Circle S Plan, Leaving One Of Them To Decide What Their Friendship Is Worth, And The Other S Life Depending On It

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    M.R Merrick takes YA paranormal to a whole new level with his debut novel, Exiled, where we re taken on an enthralling action adventure filled with creatures from demons to trolls, alongside our strong, determined protagonist Chase.A heartbreaking and powerful start we re immediately introduced t

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    I put off reading this book for a long time and I m not sure why I asked Matt if there was any sexy times in it, and he said not really That may have had something to do with it But if he d told me that there was so much chemistry between Chase and Rayna, I might have checked it out faster Because it kind

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    I ve had a difficult time trying to write a review for this book 1 I find it really weird that the author has given himself a 5 star review.It makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel like the author is stalking his review page Perhaps this is why there hasn t been much descent toward the book People are afra

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    In all honesty here, I have read a lot of books this year with Demons and recently have found them all kind of mixing together in my head and not remembering much about them only weeks after reading the book This book however completely stood out on it s own and incredibly entertaining and memorable I had been hearing some go

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    Posted on K Bookshttp k booksxo.blogspot.com 2011 08When I got this book sent to me for review I was really excited to start it I was really looking forward to reading it and seeing what would happen I really loved it.I think this is a book that anyone can enjoy no matter what age they are It has something for everyone in it, Vampires,

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    Originally posted to Bookish Blog as a part of MEN in YA Event Supernatural the TV Show meets The Mortal Instruments in Matt Merrick s insanely addictive, action packed novel, Exiled This excellent debut sparks and crackles with so much detail and emotion that it s virtually impossible not to fell in love with it A superb cast of characters, cle

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    Rayne was quick to comment My, can it be true One day you re calling me a filthy demon, and next you re having sleepover with an Underworlder What can I say, he was prettier than you Rayne and ChaseWhat a read Exiled by Mathew Merrick was a fantasy action novel at its best If you re looking for an awesome, action, paranormal novel with a male main

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    Matt gives us one hell of a story in Exiled, one that I didn t want to put down and super glad I already had Shift the second novel in the series when I was finished We are thrown into a world of demon hunters, demons, half breeds, trolls, goblins and on that note, never piss one of those off, things can get a bit scary witches, and other dimensions I was instantly

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    I love when a book launches right out of the chute and never quite slows down That s how Exiled by M R Merrick, started and stayed for me I didn t know much about this book going in Some books are like that Sometimes you know about a book and think you should buy it and maybe you will and then finally you do Other times it kind of happens fast and you re a little blind going

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    Ive re read this book about a million times it would be faire to say I am obsessed I read this book ages ago and noticed i hadnt even wrote a review I know right Well anyways back to the book, it is action packed, thrilling and intense I loved every word, sentance and page I just fell in love with Chase and Rayna Read this book and then youll know why It draw you in on the first page

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