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Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) What Happens When You Re Stalked By Death You Fall In Love With Him, Of CoursePagan Moore Doesn T Cheat Death, But Instead, Falls In Love With HimSeventeen Year Old Pagan Moore Has Seen Souls Her Entire Life Once She Realized The Strangers She Often Saw Walking Through Walls Were Not Visible To Anyone Else, She Started Ignoring Them If She Didn T Let Them Know She Could See Them, Then They Left Her Alone Until She Stepped Out Of Her Car The First Day Of School And Saw An Incredibly Sexy Guy Lounging On A Picnic Table, Watching Her With An Amused Smirk On His Face Problem Is, She Knows He S DeadNot Only Does He Not Go Away When She Ignores Him, But He Does Something None Of The Others Have Ever Done He Speaks Pagan Is Fascinated By The Soul What She Doesn T Realize Is That Her Appointed Time To Die Is Drawing Near And The Wickedly Beautiful Soul She Is Falling In Love With Is Not A Soul At AllHe Is Death And He S About To Break All The Rules Girl meets stalker Insert a couple of angry exchanges here Stalker stops coming round like he used to Girl misses stalker.This is the part where something big and cough unexpected cough happens oh say, a near death experience where stalker steps in and saves the day.Stalker takes this time to insinuate himself into girl s Pagan s life his name we now learn is Dank Yes, that s right, Dank Sexy.Stalker Dank is a popular fellow He seemingly enjoys the attention of the queen bitch of Pagan s school, all the while outwardly ignoring her but tossing an occasional enigmatic offering to the poor confused girl.The plot thickens Dank claims he s not what Pagan thinks he is He tells her to run away, far, far away from him And her responseI don t care what you are, I said, taking a step toward him You can t scare me off and I m not running away.Hmmm that sounded strangely familiarThere was even the obligatory preppy love struck puppy who the girl is determined to be with because he s so real and he makes her feel so safe.Not once did I feel like I was engaging with the characters of this book Dank, at the very least, should have been engaging He s death I have loved the idea of personifying death ever since I read The Book Thief and I was really looking forward to this book, but it just fell flat As for the romance between him and Pagan stalking a girl, flashing hot and cold with her, dropping mysterious comments while warning her off of you is a recipe for romance I could really do with seeing less of Looking back, they can t have exchanged than a few sentences but there you have it, insta love sigh I m giving this book two stars, mainly because I try to reserve the one star rating for books that I actively dislike but, like I said, I was really looking forward to this book and it was a disappointment to say the least. My thoughts before reading the book What happens when you re stalked by Death You fall in love with him, of course. Oh god, why am I going to read this looks at the cover model s eyes Yes master I shall read the bookMy thoughts while reading the book Pagan What kind of name is Pagan Of course he s gorgeous, just look at that damn cover Ugh please don t let it be a love triangle Give me of the dead dude Fair hair for the good guy dark hair for the evil one Typical Is this why I have a thing for dark haired men Meeeh love triangle She ended in the nuthouse How fitting The ending barf.My thoughts after finishing the book and after taking my anger out on my blind neighbor This could have been so much better Yeah, yeah, you re right It couldn t have been better..Everyone s boring in this book they have no personality whatsoever When Pagan speaks I feel like I m listening to a thirty year old woman and not a teenager Not that a thirty year old woman would always be boring I know some than are immature than a sixteen year old But that s beside the point Pagan is boring, Leif is super boring and Miranda is a desperate girl drooling over anything that has a penis Dank is the only one standing out Because he s meant to stand out Compared to the rest of the characters his presence is like Lady Gaga attending an award show.If you don t know what I mean then read on my friend Read on..Dank is too exaggerated because he freakin stands out too much And, oh noo, guess what He s Death I mean Death aka The Reaper.Bitch please Death A teenager That happens to be in a rock band Who falls in love with an insignificant teenager Twilight much What, vampires are not popular any so Abbi Glines saidWhat the hell The formula seems to work so why not Google some creature, make him hot as hell and oh wait Hell The Devil No, no, that s too much Everyone sees Al Pacino as the Devil He s not sexy enough Oooh, I could die for an idea right now Wait Die That s it I ll make him Death But not the black caped creepy skeleton thing but a sexy model like guy Oooh, Ian Somerhalder but younger and even hotter Brilliant No Mrs Glines, it s not brilliant It s bullshit.My thoughts on the next book in the seriesBarf. I m done, I m done, I m done I refuse to continue this torture I refuse.EXISTENCE is over three hundred pages of lust romance that came out of nowhere, countless sentences describing how Pagan s heart has beenbroken beyond repair , a douchebag love interest, and so many grammatical and constructional mistakes I wondered how this even got published.Dear characters in EXISTENCE, 4 It is appointed Stars I was in the mood for a YA Something like my beloved Twilight or VA, so when I seen this series on the Audible romance package I thought why not I have to say that I really enjoyed Existence The only thing I didn t like about it was the fact that Pagan had a boyfriend that wasn t the hero the whole book That is why I took off one star from my rating I loved the plot of Pagan being able to see dead souls I really liked Dank I did however hate his name Leif on the other hand was too good to be true For some reason he rubbed me the wrong way and I don t like or trust him I liked the budding love between Dank and Pagan I will say I wish they would have been together although I understand why they couldn t be Overall a really good read it ends on a cliffy so I am off to book 2.

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