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Fab Five: Basketball, Trash Talk, The American Dream Fans Of The New York Times Bestseller A Season On The Brink Will Savor This In Depth Look At Michigan S Fab Five, The All Freshmen Starting Basketball Team That Wowed The Country And Stormed Through The NCAA College Basketball Tournament Pages Of Photos

About the Author: Mitch Albom

Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician His books have collectively sold over 35 million copies worldwide have been published in forty one territories and in forty two languages around the world and have been made into Emmy Award winning and critically acclaimed television movies.

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    because i watched the movie on these guys i knew basically everything that was happening and so i got very bored with it.

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    This is my favorite book I ve reread it so many times that the glue in the binding is beginning to wear out I love basketball I love college basketball My brother and I were devoted fans of the Fab Five back in the early 90s, and sometimes when I read the NCAA tournament stories from this, I find myself thinking that maybe THIS time things will end differently It s like I m right back in front of that tv again.But every time I read Fab Five, the stories off the court are what

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    The Fab 5 is truly a terrific book It tells the story of five Wolverine freshman who revolutionized the sport of college basketball Albom is a very consistant author and continues to uphold his reputation with this book Albom does a magnificent job of going in depth on why these 5 black freshman were different from the rest He also impresses with his attention to every player and how each is unique The b ook comes across from multiple points of view and narrates how hard it was for

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    This book was amazing,it is about 5 basketball players at the university of Michigan The players names are Chris Webber, Jalen Rose,Juawn Howard, Jimmy King, and Mitch Albom There were many scandals when they were playing there like they got caught with drugs, their grades were bad but they were still aloud to play, and they were being payed to play I loved this book because it was so attention grabbing and detailed It made me feel confused because why would you risk your career to do th

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    Fab Five by Mitch Albom, About a college basketball team, Michigan University, that had got real freshman talent in basketball The players they got were Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Ray Jackson Being a freshmen on a college basketball likely meant that you wouldn t start no matter how good you are Some players started that were freshmen but not a whole team In a small number of two weeks all of the freshmen on the basketball team were starting and out shining all of t

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    its a great book for basketball fans and especially if your a Michigan fan This was an actual historic event in the basketball world in the 1990 a I really enjoed it and i would read it again and again.

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    I was a little disappointed Hard to pinpoint why

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    The fab five book by Mitch Albom was basically a book covering the entire college basketball career of the most famous college basketball team of all time The book covered how even though they were look up to, they made many dumb choices such as play madden in a crack house or allowing their agents to pay them which is one of the biggest rules to break and you can possibly never play in the league again It also covered the big deal with out rivalry over the Duke Blue Devils At the time our rivalry with Duke was

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    The book about the fabulous five basketball players, this book is my favorite book The fab five changed basketball, black socks, long shorts and five freshmen Unbelievable in this time period Michigan never thought this would happened to them To get five freshman that were all 4 or star recruits Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy king and Ray Jackson All coached by Steve fisher, steve wanted all of these kids very bad The fab five was 5 kids that were all from around the country and lived very different l

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    Fab Five Basketball, Trash Talk The American DreamBy Mitch Albom The Fab Five renovated college basketball to this day They were all young black men who listened to rap and started over seniors at Michigan No one ever heard or had seen this and they received loads of hate mail from people These guys were huge trash talkers night in and night out getting in peoples heads but backing it up, Jalen Rose would do research every night about players family and personal life and trash talk to people about it These five guys were J

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