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Face Time My Review I got a copy in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I heard that SJ Pajonas was writing a contemporary romance book I knew I had to read it and the blurb sounded so good and original When I received my ARC review copy I tried to convince myself I had some other review books I had to read first, but after finishing my current read my self control flew out of the window and I had to start this This year has been slow so far in terms of reading, but I finished this book in only 3 days I loved it so much and I want to read anything else this author is going to write I love her writing style, the originality of the story and the fleshed out characters.Face Time is an original story about two people who after their first date start to date through FaceTime I have never read a book where people dated like this and it was really original and refreshing Although I did wonder a bit how they where going to fall in love without actually seeing each other, but the author handled this really well And beside the romance aspect there is so much , both characters have a past, family issues and friends I loved it all and couldn t stop reading Face Time is told from both Lee and Laura s point of view and this really worked well for this boook I liked seeing both their sides of the story Almost from the start I liked both Lee and Laure, they are easy character to like and theI read theI fell in love with these characters and I kept hoping they would get their happy ending The graduallyandcharacters are introduced and even though there is a big cast of side characters they each felt reall and where eays to keep apart A few side characters I liked eventhan the rest where Nicole, Lee s dad, Cori and Nari, they each surprised me in good way I wanted to knowabout each character and the author has done an amazing job creating such interesting side characters.The romance is done so well, it s so real I sometimes have an issue with romance books because they feel a bit fake, that certainly wasn t the issue with Face Time Laura and Lee s relationship feels real and believeable And they are so good together Although some of the Face Time chats where a bit frustrating because I wanted them to be together and not only chat through Face Time While the focus is on the romance, there is so muchgoing on Further into the story we learn muchabout both characters There are some emotional scenes, memories from the past that get s dragged up, family problems and developments with the side characters that all play a role There also is a lot of character developments especially concerning Laura and Lee, they both grow to be a so much better and stronger version of themselves and it was great so see them change that way and realize things about themselves they didn t knew before.To conclude I loved this book It s a real and believeable romance in the digital age The story is orginal and addictive The characters are likeable and believeable and the cast of side characters where fleshed out and interesting Beside the romance aspect of the story there is so muchgoing on and I can t wait for the next book in this series SJ Pajonas is certainly one of my favourite authors now and I can t wait to read all of the books she writes next I received a complimentary ARC of FACE TIME from the author in exchange for an honest review.A chance meeting at a bar in N.Y.C brings Laura and Lee together and sparks an instant attraction After one wonderful date, Lee must return to his home in Seoul before traveling for work again and Laura is left behind in the New York apartment she shares with her mother Unable to resist contacting each other, the two start a long distance relationship Their feelings grow and the sexual tension builds with each FaceTime date But they both have less than perfect pasts and neither is sure how to tell the other of their shortcomings Can their love survive the ups and downs of a cross continental relationship I loved how S.J Pajonas presents a growing, dynamic love in FACE TIME Thought the chemistry is instant between Laura and Lee, there is no hopeless in love at first site that is so common in books but is often hard to believe At times the physical and emotional boundaries seem insurmountable, but all the while there is hope that these two will make it work The alternating point of views weaves the story together perfectly This is truly a love story for the modern world I received a free copy of Face Time in exchange of an honest review Full review to come soon.Sweet story about how dating via Face Time is possible while living in completely different parts of the world.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews I wasn t sure what to expect when I first heard about FaceTime A LDR seemed like a daunting element I ve lived in one LDR s aren t easy and capturing that would be a hard story to tell S J Pajonas did a great job communicating the nuances of time zones, schedules, and the challenge of proximity or the lack thereof I was blown away It even made me a little jealous that our couple, Laura and Lee, got to tackle these things in technological glory of our time My other big surprise was how well S J Pajonas navigated telling the story in the voice of both Laura and Lee with alternating chapters The transitions were smooth Even if I ignored the chapter labels stating which character s perspective the next section was in, I easily knew Changing voice seems to be a struggle for many authors, not the case here.I got so sucked into the story that I ended up reading all of it in less than a day I couldn t help it I loved the chemistry between Laura and Lee, the scenery, and most of all that this is a multicultural relationship The fact that they had different cultural backgrounds only added to the story, driving home that diversity and love can absolutely go together.I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of FaceTime in exchange for an honest review I truly enjoyed this story and can t wait to see how this series continues If there s one thing S.J Pajonas can do, besides yoga and knit, it s tell a love story More impressive is she can weave a love story so romantic and sexy through an iPad screen.Told through both Lee and Laura s point of view, Face Time is one of the most original novels I have read about letting go of the past and moving forward It also focuses heavily on the scrutiny interracial relationships face as Lee is Korean American and Laura is Caucasian Both Lee and Laura have dealt with difficult pasts and exhausting families Their loves grows fast and furious, and the heat between them is enough to set your Kindle on fire.The growth between these two characters is tremendous and beautiful The main characters are in their thirties, established in life, and know what they want If you ve been looking for an inventive romance, be sure to check out Face Time when it releases April 25th I was lucky enough to review a copy before release This is the first in her Love in the Digital Age series.If you can t wait for April 25th, S.J Pajonas has two other novels out which focus on Japanese culture Check out her website forll also note that I ve read this book 3 times already in 3 different drafts I feel like I know Lee Laura so well This review was originally posted on Read Me Away.I m always looking for a book that is able to realistically portray a long distance relationship, especially in our age of Skype, smartphones, and Face Time My reason being that I am in an LDR, and I am constantly looking for books that satisfy my need to read about couples in my situation This book was able to nail down some of the main characteristics of an LDR at least for me time zones, texting at odd hours, insecurity, sharing photos, and desperately wishing the other person was there beside you Minus all the family drama, I could see my relationship reflected in the one between Lee and Laura This book was sweet, painful, hit so close to home, and was a great read.First, the characters I like that Pajonas doesn t go straight for the Asian stereotypes with Lee s family They re Korean American, and they have diverse personalities and ideas about culture and values Yes, there s that sense of filial piety but it doesn t feel like the characters have been ripped from the many K dramas that I watch There s lots of drama in this book, but the drama feels well done You can see the clashing of cultures and personalities in the drama, and it doesn t feel like drama for the sake of drama As for Laura, I really liked her At first, I liked her because she was strong, independent, and didn t take any shit from anyone As her story was slowly revealed to the reader, my heart was breaking for her She has gone through so much hardship, things that would have broken anyone, but she managed to push through all that By the end, she had completely endeared herself to me She s an interesting contrast to Lee, who may not have gone through as much hardship, but had his own struggles and inner demons to face.And OH their long distance relationship Their interactions were so realistic The way they talked to each other, scheduled calls so that it would be at convenient times given their different timezones, it was like looking back at my own relationship I felt such a connection with these two and so drawn by their relationship and dynamics.So do I have any problems with this book Well, there were a few bumps in the road One was the pacing Trust me, it s a great story but some parts just felt a little unnecessary or long to me Second was that I m just not into sex scenes in books I don t dislike them, but I just end up skimming them and heading straight back to the story From what I did read, they were tastefully done Still, just not my thing.Overall I need to wrap this review up because it s getting rather long, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book I just felt such a connection to this couple and the dynamics of their long distance relationship I really adore Laura and her character, I liked how the story progressed, and I just plain enjoyed this. After The Best First Date Ever, Lee Thought Laura Was Funny, Intelligent, And Impulsive, And Laura Loved Lee S Sweet Smile And The Way He Expertly Filled In Every Awkward Pause It Was The Date To End All Dates What Could Possibly Be Wrong Just TheMiles That Separates Them The Next DayTheir Situation, Though, Doesn T Mean The Dates Have To End While Lee Is In Seoul Picking Up Where They Left Off, Lee And Laura Continue With Their Relationship Long Distance, Diving Deeper Into Their Personal Lives And Turning Up The Heat Until Laura S Past And Lee S Family Throw Them Even Farther Apart Will Their Differences Stop The Relationship Before They See Each Other Again Told From Both Lee And Laura S Point Of View, FACE TIME Is A Funny, Romantic, Modern Day Story About Two People Who Connect Across The World Technology is a wonderful tool and it comes out in this wonderful modern romance.A chance meeting at a bar, progressive feelings and attraction Trouble is, he lives a long way away and she is caring for her Mother That is where the Face Time comes in I didn t know what Face Time was until I got an Iphone, its great It definitely brings the person closer to you So that is why I understood this story so well This is not a soppy romance or a live happily ever after which is so getting boring lately in some books, this has a modern, upto date realism that everyone can relate to I was lucky to get this book as a complimentary book to read and review honestly, which if I hadn t agreed to doing, I would have surely missed out S J Panjonas did a remarkable storyline on this I will be looking out forof her books. This was one of those books I devoured in 24 hours The story follows the lives of two strangers Lee and Laura after they have a brief encounter in New York As Lee was on his way back to his home in Korea, they start an online romance, and eventually plan to meet up one day I loved both characters, and I love seeing how they were able to make something like this work There was just the right amount of hot romance involved, considering a big part of the book is spent wanting the two characters to finally meet up I was lucky to get to read an advanced reader copy of Face Time A complete departure from S J Pajonas other books in the Nogiku series, this was a great, quick read There were moments that really captured the essence of long distance relationships, and although I m not typically a big fan of romance, I really enjoyed it.

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