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Fall, or Dodge in Hell TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of Seveneves, Anathem, Reamde, And Cryptonomicon Returns With A Wildly Inventive And Entertaining Science Fiction Thriller Paradise Lost By Way Of Phillip K Dick That Unfolds In The Near Future, In Parallel WorldsIn His Youth, Richard Dodge Forthrast Founded Corporation , A Gaming Company That Made Him A Multibillionaire Now In His Middle Years, Dodge Appreciates His Comfortable, Unencumbered Life, Managing His Myriad Business Interests, And Spending Time With His Beloved Niece Zula And Her Young Daughter, SophiaOne Beautiful Autumn Day, While He Undergoes A Routine Medical Procedure, Something Goes Irrevocably Wrong Dodge Is Pronounced Brain Dead And Put On Life Support, Leaving His Stunned Family And Close Friends With Difficult Decisions Long Ago, When A Much Younger Dodge Drew Up His Will, He Directed That His Body Be Given To A Cryonics Company Now Owned By Enigmatic Tech Entrepreneur Elmo Shepherd Legally Bound To Follow The Directive Despite Their Misgivings, Dodge S Family Has His Brain Scanned And Its Data Structures Uploaded And Stored In The Cloud, Until It Can Eventually Be RevivedIn The Coming Years, Technology Allows Dodge S Brain To Be Turned Back On It Is An Achievement That Is Nothing Less Than The Disruption Of Death Itself An Eternal Afterlife The Bitworld Is Created, In Which Humans Continue To Exist As Digital SoulsBut This Brave New Immortal World Is Not The Utopia It Might First SeemFall, Or Dodge In Hell Is Pure, Unadulterated Fun A Grand Drama Of Analog And Digital, Man And Machine, Angels And Demons, Gods And Followers, The Finite And The Eternal In This Exhilarating Epic, Neal Stephenson Raises Profound Existential Questions And Touches On The Revolutionary Breakthroughs That Are Transforming Our Future Combining The Technological, Philosophical, And Spiritual In One Grand Myth, He Delivers A Mind Blowing Speculative Literary Saga For The Modern Age

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    I m a go between On the one side is Elmo Shepherd, who believes that brains can be simulated and that once the simulation is switched on, you ll reboot in exactly the same state as when you last lost consciousness L

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    This is a very hard book to review, but one thing is absolutely true I m absolutely blown away by this book Ameristan Lol MOAB lol This is definitely one of Neal Stephenson s better books Just for the ideas and the great twis

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    After a great start, the book bogs down into gibberish that is neither sf see P Hamilton Void series for that , not portal fantasy see M Stover nor theology lacks any moral dimension 5 star for the first third, 1 star for the last two

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.April 1st Fall, or Dodge in Hell by Neal StephensonIs it April 1st already Or is this one of the worst attempts at writing serious SF When I was doing UNIX for a living, I fondly remem

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    So to establish my bona fides right away, let me mention that I ve read and loved all 16 novels that Neal Stephenson has now written in his life yes, even his disavowed 1984 debut, the now out of print The Big U , and consider him one of my top three all

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    If I wasn t hoping that death is just an endless, dreamless slumber before then I sure am now.Richard Dodge Forthrast made billions with the video game company he founded, but money doesn t help him when a routine medical procedure goes sideways and leaves him brai

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    So I had some issues with this book, overall I liked it, but I found it was easier to separate into the good and the bad The Good One of his readable books, so no heavy technical nonsense like in cryptonomicon Features the Waterhouses, the Shaftoes, the Forthrasts and Enoch

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    Where have I seen this before We Are Legion We Are Bob Bobiverse 1 by Dennis E TaylorBob Johansson has just sold his software company and is looking forward to a life of leisure There are places to go, books to read, and movies to watch So it s a little unfair when he gets himself kil

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    Not only can we defeat entropy, but the universe, in a way, wants us to use our powers as conscious beings to make things better And part of that is defeating death pg 50I finally finished Neal Stephenson s latest book, an opus about the nature of reality that uses mythology, archetypes and

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    Fall, or Dodge in Hell is a book that s hard to talk about because I find it basically fractally bad at any level I look at it, there s an interesting idea shot through with some fatal flaw, and so if I let myself I could go on at far too much length about any one of its problems At the highest level, it

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