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Fallen Men I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review This novel explores how religious beliefs affect three men and the circle of people around them It starts off slow and builds to where I was wondering what the characters were up to in the time I had to put the book down You know they re always up to something while we re not reading, right It explored a number of themes, thoroughly and with caring than I d expect religion, psychology, abuse, and a courtroom drama all wound into one Despite being set in modern times, it had an old fashioned feel to it. Fallen Men is a deep, thought provoking novel written about and from the heart The story gripped my emotions, involving me in the characters issues Ray Canavan, a young divinity student, learns of his parents sudden deaths He returns home for the funerals, where old emotions and memories awaken His meeting with Karen, the woman he would have married had he not chosen the priesthood, stuns him with its intensity Ray questions his vocation, but goes on to be ordained.Two years later, he takes his first job as curate to a self absorbed, abrasive parish priest who treats him with indifference Plagued by loneliness and fearful dreams, Ray reaches out to parishioners The principal of a local girls school suggests forming a youth choir Ray meets Maria, a girl much like Karen, who holds his attention far than he wants to admit.Ray s sensitively nuanced struggles with repressed memories, human and spiritual longing contrast sharply with his friend Dan Patterson s dogmatic view of life Dan is a priest who never questions his judgments of right and wrong even when his decisions impose life threatening conditions on people who trust him Ray and Dan s mentor, Canon Tony Mulholland, faces his own challenge with prideful ambition when both young priests come to him in crises How the three resolve their conflicts holds reader attention to the very last page.Add in the author s pithy humor, descriptions that are, at times, breathtaking, believable dialogue from fully rounded characters, and the result is a novel I highly recommend. Fallen Men By Brian O Hare Is A Story Of Three Priests All Are Good, Spiritual Men But Why Does Young Father Ray Canavan Ray Find Himself On Trial In A Dublin Court For Statutory Rape Of A Minor And Why Is His Equally Popular Friend, Father Dan Patterson, Raucously Accused Of Murder By A Member Of His Congregation As He Attempts To Celebrate A Requiem Mass And Why Does Canon Tony Mulholland So Lose Sight Of His Priestly Responsibilities That He Tries To Cover Up Ray S Indiscretions By Sending Him To Hide In Italy Fallen Men Touches On Dark Themes But Ultimately It Is A Novel Of Redemption It Is A Story That Will Bring Tears To Many Eyes And Characters Who Will Remain In Your Heart Long After You Have Put The Book Down John Anthony, Publisher, Says Anyone Who Has Read And Enjoyed Colleen McCullough S Thornbirds Will Also Enjoy Fallen Men Having previously read a couple of crime thrillers by this author, I decided to give this very different book a read I m so pleased I did as this is a great read The book is a story about catholic priests, their lives and their challenges However, I am not a catholic or even very religious and must emphasize straight away that this is a book anyone can enjoy It is an extremely well written story which brings the characters to life and the daily challenges they face in their work and their friendships I was so immersed in the book I read it in two sittings The author gives us lots to think about and question Highly recommended. This is an insightful tale, well written, with structure and integrity A flowing narrative and realistic dialogue are not always easy to achieve but Brian O Hare has managed to find the perfect balance Living as I do next to a seminary and while long lapsed, I grew up in a very Irish Catholic world so I was able to recognise so much that was familiar in this book The voice is so authentic and the themes are handled with great care and attention to detail This is a book inhabited by priests, Catholicism, guilt, grief and the turmoil of a life lived in a world that we rarely get to glimpse I ultimately found much of the book sad but that may just be my perspective and I thoroughly enjoyed it It is not a book I would automatically have picked up, but I was glad I did. Fallen Men Absolutely Brilliant To be perfectly honest, I would not have picked this book up to read It s simply not the type of story I read I don t enjoy reading stories with deep religion base to them But, I decided to keep an open mind as I began reading Fallen Men.And boy, was I in for a treat I absolutely loved this story The author is a fantastic writer and really takes the readers into the characters lives into their minds I could feel the pain, the depression, the confusion, the guilt As wrong as everything was, I couldn t help but hold my breath for the main character, wanting the best for him You see, the author does an amazing job showing all different sides of various situations As a reader, I could empathize with the different characters and their mistakes I m thankful that I decided to read this story I love controversial issues, and I love thought provoking topics even The world is not all black and white there s many shades of gray And this book definitely was able to portray this.Honestly, I got so intrigued by the characters, I almost wish there was a sequel something Perhaps a reunion between Ray and Maria ten years later would be an awesome story. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Fallen Men, by Brian O Hare, is a story about finding hope, despite failing time and time again The book is separated into three parts The first part, Ministry, introduces Father Ray, a priest who is struggling with the death of his beloved mother, along with his loneliness In the second part, Retribution, Ray finds himself at a moral crossroad, when a girl he is infatuated with becomes pregnant with his child Things further complicate when other colleagues find out about the pregnancy The final part, Redemption, Ray faces the crime he committed, and that, though the world is against him, he still faces his conviction proudly In this dark, yet touching story, Hare constructs a reality that reminds the reader that people can find redemption, even if they ve fallen To be honest, it s hard for me to blame any of the characters From Tony trying to protect his friend by covering up a potentially damaging scandal, to Dan endeavoring to follow his teachings, regardless of how anyone feels, to even Maria and Ray giving into one night of passion these characters do, in fact, fall victim to sins of their own heart Ambition, arrogance, loneliness these factors only serve to add to the complex dimensions that make up their own individual faith Needless to say, the one thing that stood out to me was the relationship between Maria and Ray It s clear they re both attracted to each other from the moment they saw each other They were both at fault for the scandal, no matter how anyone looks at it Maria for voluntarily giving herself to Ray, and Ray for going along with Father McGennity s suggestions of having Maria get an abortion The way they handled the situation was also horrific, so much so that they both ended up suffocating beneath their guilt They did try to make things right in the end, if not for themselves, but for other people Each character was beautifully written Hare shows that there are shades of grey in the world, all the while destroying the illusion of the absolute black and white we tend to believe in But despite this, the story in and of itself hauntingly reflects the realities of the Catholic Church As you may or may not know, Cardinal George Pell had recently been charged with multiple sexual assault cases Witnesses have come forward, many of whom were children when they alleged the Cardinal took advantage of them He, and other priests, were by no means holy men They contrasted sharply to Ray, who was willing to face the truth, to burn himself, if only for the chance of redemption Tony had almost fell into the pattern of covering up the case, but even so, he still stopped himself, and trusted Ray If there were priests like Ray, the Church might ve gotten a bit better when it came to sexual abuse Unfortunately, however, that s not the case This brings me to the theme of compassion Maria loved and hated Ray for putting through so much trauma Still, she did support him during his trial Dan had seen that, because of his harshness and relative cruelness, he kept pushing people away, kept shoving them in the wrong direction But even so, he did come back to Ray in the end, if only to see if he was alright Tony did try to protect Ray, but in the end saw that the kindest thing he could do was have faith in him, and allow him to do what s right Hare shows how difficult it was, for these people to care for others, rather than themselves It was a well written part of the book that I found quite enjoyable There were a few mistakes here and there, and the transitions from a character s thoughts to the actual paragraph itself could have also been clearer Nevertheless, it was a good book The characters, the ever fading boundary between right and wrong, and even the parallels between this world and the real one, were extraordinary Thus, I would give this book a rating of a 4.6 out of 5 stars, and would recommend it to those who love The Angel of a Madman by Ricky Dragoni and PeopleFish by Medella Kingston. Fallen Men is a gripping and well written story I have enjoyed reading it and was hooked to it until the end The author covers subjects such as faith and priesthood At the same time he shows how priesthood sometimes can be lonely for the priests who are not allowed to marry These issues that author described are real They make you ponder and ask questions why Catholic priests are not allowed to create families as oppose to Orthodox priests The story reveals the inner world of the priests their faults as well as sinful behaviors that are not suitable to their vocation Father Tony is only thinking about his promotion His personality makes you wonder is job position valuable than the friendship and selfish service to God or humanity Father Dan adheres strictly to the religious rules forgetting to show compassion Consequently, an innocent life is taken away Are religious laws valuable than a human life or happiness Father Ray is haunted by memories suppressed since childhood when he had been abused With this event Brian has surprised me As I read about his memories I kept wondering who was abused and by whom up until in a crafty way Brian brought the needed information to the light However, the memories of abuse put Fr Ray s mind into turmoil leaving him vulnerable to the sexual charms of with a 16 year old girl Meeting this girl leads to the tragic events for the both the priest and the girl Is there hope for them you might wonder Brian O Hare s ability to turn something negative into something positive is amazing The events described in the book had an unexpected turn showing that even sinners can find redemption and forgiveness This is a very good story that gives a hope Do not hesitate to read it. When I embarked on the journey of reading the novel Fallen Men by Brian O Hare, I was uncertain of what to expect Was it a book on the Catholic religion A book about personal relationships A book on spirituality Psychology Faith God Sin What As I traveled down the labyrinth of this compelling novel, I found that it was all of that and so much O Hare, with both tender sensitivity and bold accusation, has created a story that is bound to touch the human spirit, a story you will not soon forget The narrative is about three young Catholic priests, each with a profound and abiding love for his God, a solemn dedication to his vocation his calling to the priesthood and a sincere desire to serve mankind But in spite of their deep devotion, each in his own fashion loses his step along the way One would not expect a story where three priests would become involved in selfish motivation, illicit sex, abortion, child abuse, and accusations of murder And yet O Hare, with both delicate finesse and explicit detail, explores the human element, the darkest secrets, of even the Catholic priesthood O Hare takes us inside the minds of these young men as they struggle to understand their actions, their motivations, their vulnerabilities, and the fiber of their faith Fallen Men is a lesson in human suffering, in weakness and uncertainty, in the testing of faith, in compassion, and, ultimately, in the steadfastness of God s love It is also a book of hope for if even men of God can find forgiveness for sin in His mercy, then surely there is hope for each of us If you begin the journey into Fallen Men, do not expect a quick read O Hare s exquisite style of writing demands that you relish each lyrical passage, that you immerse yourself in the pain of emotional upheaval, that you sense the emptiness of separation from God, that you feel the peace of merciful forgiveness Masterful writing Magnificent Book A must read for anyone with a human heart. I finished Fallen Men , by Brian O Hare yesterday, and really liked it.Even though it talks about three Catholic Priests, I don t believe it can be simply defined as religious fiction It s way than that.It s a study of how faith can both save or destroy you Of how morality and honesty are relative concepts depending on one s point of view or interests at the moment It s also a study of how depression can lead to unthinkable decisions.Brian O Hare has talent to describe people and situations without boring the reader He can also make you enter the characters thoughts so you are deeply into the situation with them And he creates real people, defected, sometimes weak, sometimes strong people Priests, lay people they are all real in a way you can relate to them here And about Father McGennity Boy, I know a Father really similar to him Well, the truth is, Fathers are men, and men come in all sizes and kinds O Hare presented it greatly in this story.I thought the way the forbidden relationship was presented was both tender and disturbing, which was perfect for the story The gray areas that can surround even a Father s life were very well described, even with Father Dan, and his black or white view of the world.As a Catholic myself, I must say that I can relate much to Father Dan than to Father Ray What Ray did was inexcusable to me and even though the surroundings internal and external might help explain in some level his actions, I still believe his mission as a priest was exactly to avoid temptations at all costs In my Parish we have amazing examples of Fathers so I may be too biased in my opinion But I still believe he should have been better I would prefer at all choices to be publicly accused as Father Dan, of following the Church s Laws to the end than as Ray.I may sound too harsh, but the priesthood path is not for the faint of heart It means an entire life of dedication to others and the Church The Parish is your family, and God must be in your thoughts at all moments Sure Priests sin too, but to an extent Mortal sins in a Father shake the Church s core I can understand some falls, but Ray fell too much for me.You see, O Hare s great skills as a writer are still making me think so passionately about Ray s story All the moral dilemmas stay with you long after finishing the reading And that s what makes me say this book is a must read It doesn t matter your religion or even if you believe in anything Fallen Men is an excellent, well written story that raises great questions and gives a lot of food for thought.

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