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Fate Gabriella Carmichael Has Always Tried To Find Her Place In The World, But Being Raised As Half Human Half Vampire She Doesn T Quite Know Where She Fits In, Until She Meets Grayson Grayson Alexander Is One Of The Most Influential Men In New York When He Runs Head On Into Gabriella, He Doesn T Quite Know How That One Event Will Change His WorldGabriella Knows That Being Involved With A Human Is Strictly Forbidden, Even Though She S Part Human Herself, And Begins To Fear For Grayson S Safety Especially When The Head Of Her Nest, Anton, Makes A Play For Her Affections

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    FateThis is the first book in this series and oh how sweet it is This is how Gabby meets and falls in love with Grayson and how Anton becomes a nightmare for both of them I can t wait to read the next book and see how things turn out for these characters.

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    The Edge of Forever Series is about Gabriella and her struggle in both the vampire and the human world, where nothing is quite what it seems.

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    Fate The Edge of Forever 1 by D.C Gambel5 out of 5 starsMake plenty of time to read this book because you will not be able to put this one down Gambel has spun a tale of secrets, intrigue, drama, and passion that will suck you in and won t let you go The story centers on Gabriella, a rarity among her kind She s a half vampire half human combination without many weaknesses Unlike others like her, she

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    This book was a pleasant surprise and a rather refreshing take on the vampire world It was definitely a hit for me.Now when it comes to vampire books, it s usually the male lead that s the lovely bloodsucker, but it s not the case for this one Gabriella is a rare half human vampire mix, she is the only day walker that they know of , so she s able to be out in the sunlight and live a somewhat normal human

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    Fate lordy lordy where to begin with this review I mean this book had it all and I mean had it all I could not read it fast enough and hope the author gets this on Audible because I would play it over and over again Gaby is unique because she is half human and half vampire She has the ability to walk in the light and enjoy everything the humans have and the vampires have One day Gaby is out enjoying herself wh

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    OMG OMG I just finished it and holy crap, I can t wait for the next one This book takes a new spin on vampire novels Unlike with most vampire romance Gaby is our vampire and Grayson is human, and what a human he is He s any woman s ideal man Gaby is also unique amount her kind She can walk in the sun, and thank god she doesn t sparkle, not that I have anything against twilight Once I stared it, I couldn t put it do

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    I m not a fan of this genre but I did enjoy reading this book I had a very hard time accepting the fact that the main character s love interest so readily accepted all the unusual situations in the story It would have been a much better read if it included the conflict of the main character trying to get her soul mate to accept her Overall, it was an interesting story and I d recommend it to fans of the genre You won t

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    Unusual twist on vampire book.

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    Too jaded for this generic plot Sorry, it s not you it s me.Well, it s partially you it s mostly you.

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    This story should sound like any paranormal but it is much better I loved the characters and I m hoping to read the next book sooner than later

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