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Feeling the Rhythm I have been looking forward to Brads book since he was first introduced The question of his sexuality has been mentioned throughout the series, and I was looking for answers Now they have been answered, and although I was a little disappointed in them, this book was still an enjoyable read to me Remy was such a sweet and caring character, to see him get his happy ever after made this worth my time reading.I have adored Jesse and Evan from the get go, and they are always a highlight for me when reading this series, and this book made me smile when we saw them together Still so in love and strong together is really heartwarming.I did jump a book to get to this one, and I will go back and read the missing book but I didn t miss anything in this storyline by not having read the previous book.I enjoy catching up with all the other couples, and although these book are a little like fairytales to me, with how everyone is so perfect and supporting of each other, I still enjoy them very much, and know that when I need an uplifting, easy read, I will turn to this series for a re read. Finally, the lone single guy from Conquest is revealing his own story and his journey to love isn t easier than the rest of his band mates Conquest laidback drummer Brad Delfini has had bad decisions in the past that he d rather forget and keep buried He was struggling and a call from Evan Arden brought him back to the spotlight with the famed rock band, Conquest Since then, he s got everything he s ever wanted but he s still yearning for that one thing.Remmy Laurent has been on the road with different bands for years since he graduated high school Now at the end of Conquest s world tour, he finally decided to call it quits and bring some normalcy back into his life Working with Conquest hasn t been that easy especially working close by Brad Delfini no matter how much he s in love with the guy, he knows that it s futile because Brad doesn t even know his existence.When Jesse surprised did a friendly intervention to get them together, both finally gave in to what they ve been feeling but Brad still need to make peace with his past before building a clean slate future with Remmy.My heart just totally bled for Brad when he was telling Remmy about his past That was just heartbreaking for the young Brad and totally devastating I m so glad that he was able to bounce back from his first love and first heartache.Brad has always been an interesting character since his arrival in the second book He was slick and very chill I was almost sure that he s straight and was glad to find out that there s something about him than meets the eye.Remmy on the other was pretty much likable in every sense of the word I mean this guy is ridiculously nice and pretty much a saint through and through I m glad that after the fiasco back in the third book, he finally got his own love story and had Brad as his man It was so ridiculously sweet to finally see him getting what he s been wishing for remember his conversation with Robbie.Now ending this book, I really have to say that this has been a solid journey for the author I was tickled to the bones when I found out that we will have Shunichi and Brandon s story next in line and I m hoping that we d get one for Tanner too Brad and Remmy s story like the rest of the series has so far exceeded my expectation These guys are all wonderful and I m glad that their story keeps on evolving Any fans of the series would definitely get a kick enjoying this installment immensely.Rating 5 out of 5 stars Is it just me that can t get enough of this series I like reading about rock stars in general and this book def falls into that catagory When the guys all get together your whole body just perks up and you can t turn the pages fast enough with wanting to know what s going to happen next or basically where the road is going to take them But I WILL say that there s one certain character that gets my goat and man I d like to see him get a tad taste of his own medicine snorts If you ve read or reading it you ll know which dude I m talking about Hmmm he needs a story of his own Hint Hint nudging SJ Two thumbs up Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I ve been waiting for Brad s book in the Conquest series for a long time now I even talked to SJ Frost about it, asking please would she write Brad s story too And while I really like Brad and Remmy is cute, something about this book just didn t click for me Brad Delphini, the drummer for the band Conquest, is straight or so everyone thinks The reality is that a combination of his family beliefs, a broken heart in the worst way possible and some bad decisions that plague him with guilt made him turn his back on his true feelings When he was forced to declare his feelings to Evan before he ever started playing with Conquest, he started the lie that has carried through all his years as their drummer, and kept his whole real family the band from ever knowing the real Brad.Those decisions weigh heavily on him, but never than when he finally allows himself to get to know Remmy, Conquest s Stage Manager But Brad doesn t find it easy to shed the past, which makes for a rocky start to their relationship And when Brad finally starts to straighten out his feelings, the past comes slamming back into his life, only to cause confusion.I really like Brad, and Remmy is adorable, but I think this story was a little underwhelming for me Though I didn t ever get to the point where I wanted to put this down and not pick it back up, the first 2 3 of the story seemed pretty ho hum to me There wasn t very much plot other than a rather vanilla relationship progression It isn t that romance itself doesn t excite me any, but the story was so insular for so long, it would have been nice to have the love talk and sex that took up the middle 50% broken up by of the outside world When that finally did happen, I was glad, but found that most of the book was over.I think it must be very difficult to keep a series like this afloat Partly, I think this was the problem for me Even though I haven t ever read this series over back to back and didn t refresh myself with prior books before this one, I still remember them all quite well, especially the first three which directly relate to the other members of this band This is probably the least angsty book of the series I usually don t like angst, but I think I would have preferred a bit of it to breathe a little life into the story.So I think that the fact that I enjoyed the story as much as I did, even though I m rating it right in the middle, directly relates to the fact that I love the characters in this series and always will As far as this book goes, standing on it s own, I found it one of my least favorite and somewhat disappointing.Fans of the Conquest boys will definitely want to read this one, but hopefully they ll find it satisfying than I did. When I first started reading the Conquest series I really didn t know what to expect, other than it being gay erotic romance set in the music industry.That and the blurb of Conquest the first book was all I knew What I discovered quite early on, when I was reading Conquest, is that S.J Frost is a very talented writer It s very rare, that I find a book and in this case a complete series, that I instantly fall in love with What makes this series so exceptional are the amazing characters and Ms Frosts compelling writing.Back in July I even wrote an email telling Ms Frost my thoughts on the Conquest series This is part of what I wrote Once I started reading Conquest, I couldn t stop I stayed up till 3 in the morning to finish the book The same day after some much needed sleep I started reading No Fear.Half way through the book, I was extremely happy to be on vacation, because all my thoughts there monopolized by Conquest, especially Jesse and Evan.My social life came to halt, but it didn t matter, because I d started reading Keys to Love.I ve always loved music and when I read the lyrics in your books, I could almost hear Jesse and Evan singing and Julian, Kenny and Brad playing I was laughing with them, happy with them, excited with them, crying with them and I fell in love with them.Well, when I finished reading Feeling the Rhythm, my first thought was OH MY GOD and my second was She did it again.I was happy like a 3 year old on Christmas Eve, when I saw the news that Feeling the Rhythm would be released earlier.So I waited impatiently patience is actually quite overrated for the book to be available on.de.I bought the book yesterday morning and immediately started reading I didn t eat breakfast or lunch I even forgot afternoon coffee After the second distracting phone call, I turned the phone off I was practically inhaling the book I was sad, when I read about Brad s past The pain, the betrayal and the self denial It was so heart wrenching to see Brad struggle with who he was and who he wanted to be To see his fear of not being accepted and losing his friends and family.Then there was Remmy Shy and lovable, yet assertive and supportive He was just perfect for Brad I loved the way, the two of them there in sync and found their rhythm So again, I was excited with them, happy with them, laughing with them, falling in love with them and crying with them Even so, because of Jesse and Evan Because of their friendly intervention , their understanding and their support even if it meant to get violent, in order to help Brad.Feeling the Rhythm is a great book and I highly recommend reading it Not just because of the emotional and funny story, but because of Ms Frost s writing A writing that feels like the guys come alive and really are singing and making music Like they are real and you could see them passing on the street or go to one of their concerts.Thank you Ms Frost, for this early Christmas present I loved spending time with the guys from Conquest, Black Heart Down and Lions Rampant though I still don t like Tanner much. While this isn t the final book in the series it does wrap up our main storylines All the boys are settled now and I am happy to see them all in their happily ever afters Brad just had to go and be difficult and hold out on reaching for what he wants Luckily for him Remmy is incredibly patient and forgiving This has always been one of those series that I ve enjoyed but doesn t quite reach into my favorites list This story fit perfectly in that world I enjoyed Brad and Remmy figuring things out They re very cute together, but in reality there s not much tension once Brad decides to go for it The rest of the plot feels contrived to provide second half tension Sure it let everyone step up and for Brad to get closure but it was only plausible by the skin of its teeth Overall I still smiled while reading this and I forgive it its faults as I have really gotten to love all of these characters over the years it s taken me to read this series. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsFinally Brad s story The often secretive and sexy drummer from Conquest who has never been quite honest with his bandmates about who he really is When Remmy Laurent who is currently in charge of the backstage on Conquest s tour catches Brad s eye maybe all that is about to change especially when Jesse starts to interfere in his own understated way.Brad is a man with a difficult past that made him the man he is today When he first played for Evan Arden all those years ago Evan had no idea that he practically saved the man s life He had been lied to and misled and when he found out it took away everything he believed After a night that would haunt him for years to come he decides to live as his family want and goes back to dating girls.Remmy has been on the road with bands since his late teens and he is becoming tired He wants stability and he wants to spend some time living in the same place for than a few days at a time When he looks at the men in the band he is travelling with and sees the love they have for their partners he also wants that for himself but it appears to elude him He has one night stands or short affairs with the wrong people He always seems to crush on the wrong person first Jules who had already found Morgan and then Brad who was only interested in women.As Conquest plays its last concert of the tour Remmy takes the chance to approach Brad and is surprised by his reaction After agreeing to go for a beer at the end of the night Remmy is left heartbroken when Brad seems to forget and leaves the arena without him.With Jesse meddling as always Brad and Remmy get together after the tour but Brad has luggage than he feels able to cope with He has underestimated Remmy who he thinks of as shy and quiet Remmy has a backbone of steel, he is compassionate and understanding and is willing to help Brad and stand by the man in any way he needs.Great addition to the series as we watch Brad rid himself of the ghosts from his past and Remmy come out of his shell to show how strong he is and how perfect he is for Conquest s drummer Great to see all the other guys too as they prove what a strong and close group they have become once again. I generally like the Conquest universe and am sorry to say this book did not engage me like its previous instalments It might have been the very very slow start and Brad s hurtful action at least in my opinion view spoiler Remmy has just given him a thoughtful gift and Brad invites him out for a beer after the concert, only to leave by himself without telling Remmy anything very inconsiderate to put it mildly And since it was Remmy s last show as a manager, Brad would have been perfectly content to leave things that way and continue with the rather tiring woe is me attitude Still, Jesse intervenes and sets the two up for a meeting I m telling myself now Brad s going to at least apologise for leaving that night and maybe offer some sort of social lie in terms of explanation but no such thing happened and everything moved on I am not sure how other people feel about this, but I intensely disliked Brad right then rock star or not, acting like a jerk towards someone you ve known and worked with for a while is not acceptable behaviour, especially since Remmy is such a sweet and forgiving guy And I shall end my rant here hide spoiler I knew Brad and Remmy s story would be awesomeand it was Brad and Remmy are so much alike, both really good, kind, gentle souls and loving menand so perfect for each other It was good to finally get a look at Brad s past and find out why he suppressed who he is, and to see that his reasons were legit, and that the guys backed him up Remmy has been a favorite of mine since the beginning I was so glad that Brad didn t hurt himtoo badly There was really not a lot of angst or miscommunication, thankfully and I was thrilled, and a little shocked, when Brad came right out and told Remmy and the guys what was happening I did, however, feel horrible for Jacob But I completely related to Brad and Jacob having their talkit was needed and I don t foresee Jacob causing them any problems in the future How can you not forgive the guy when he truly did, and still does care for Brad.I love this series and love these guys, and I hope the series never endsbut I think we are running out of players.except maybe Tanner Brad Delfini Once Had The World In His Hands, But Misfortune And Bad Decisions Showed Him Just How Quickly The Spotlight Can Go Dark For Years, He Was Struggling To Get By, When A Fateful Phone Call Brought Him To Famed Rock Band, Conquest Since Becoming Their Drummer, He S Hit The Top Of Fame Again And He Has All He Could Ever Want Except For One Thing As Conquest S World Tour Draws To The Close, That Missed Chance Leaves Him Filled With RegretsRemmy Laurent Has Been A Roadie Since He Graduated High School, But Years Of Being On The Move Have Worn Him Down He Decides It S Time To Quit And Bring Some Stability Into His Life He Just Wanted To Finish Out This One Last Tour With His Favorite Band Conquest It Hasn T Been An Easy Tour, For Many Reasons, But Most Of All Because No Matter How Hard He Tried To Deny It, He Lost His Heart To A Man Who He Thinks Barely Knows He ExistsWhen The Last Concert Is Played, Brad And Remmy Both Believe They Ll Never See Each Other Again, But A Little Friendly Intervention Brings Them Together Once As They Begin To Know Each Other In A Whole New Way, Brad Must Somehow Make Peace With His Past If He And Remmy Are Going To Have A Future

About the Author: S.J. Frost

S.J Frost resides in Ohio with her family, pets, and horses Her short stories have been featured in several erotic and romance anthologies, and her novels are published through MLR Press Rock stars, vampires, fantasy heroes, and , she enjoys dabbling in many different sub genres in gay romance, but no matter what she writes, love and passion are the driving forces in every story.

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